Wilson Combat® Whiskey Rocks Glass, 13.5 oz.

Wilson Combat® Whiskey Rocks Glass, 13.5 oz.
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Detailed Description

  • 13.5 oz. Capacity
  • 4 1/8" H x 3 1/4" W
  • Cylindrical Glass Design
  • Thick Heavy Base for a Balanced Grip
  • Non-Metallic Imprint Logo

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Mine's bigger than yours 11/11/2019
Definitely holds a larger amount of joy juice than the average glass. Nice and heavy, too.
These glasses kick --- 11/10/2019
Excellent whiskey glasses, bigger than the norm, they go over and beyond the call
- Brian Ruffier, WA
MANS GLASS 3/14/2013
This here is a mans drankin glass! Holds my alcohol better than any of the rest! Although I have noticed that it prefers rum over the other options. The logo on the front is perfectly centered and doesnt appear that it will fade with use. I opted to get two because ya never know when there may be a need for a spare. One last comment/complaint I have is that when I open the cabinet, a bright heavenly light shines out and ocasionally angels can be heard singing. keeps me up all hours of the night Anyways it is definitely a good product and serves me well!
- Mr. Heath, AR

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