Wilson Combat Trigger Conversion Unit, Standard Power | Beretta 92/96

Wilson Combat Trigger Conversion Unit, Standard Power | Beretta 92/96
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Easily upgrade your carry and target gun reliability by virtually eliminating trigger return spring breakage. This drop-in replacement for steel Beretta® 92/96 triggers also improves trigger feel by reducing spring stacking.

  • Drop-in replacement for original trigger return spring
  • Fits Beretta® 92/92 with metal triggers only
  • Cam and Pin Coated with Robar NP3 for improved lubricity

Drop-in installation/FAQ


NOTE: Will not function in Beretta 92A1 or any model 92/96 with polymer trigger.

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Nice quality product
Great quality product only reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because you have to sand down the sides of the cam so it fits inside the trigger smoothly other than that it seems like a very nice upgrade over the oem trigger spring
92 trigger spring
Way better design than factory spring, fit and function perfect. Truly should last forever.
I installed one of these and it worked excellent and far outperformed the stock spring. But from Watching U Tube Videos I learned that if you polish the two sides of the Trigger end of this piece it gets even smoother and the Trigger feel becomes velvety smooth. However you must have a steel trigger to use this part.
Trigger spring Upgrade
One of the best and necessary upgrades you can get, your life may depend on it. I had one of my original springs break on me and that was the end of my practice shooting till I got a new one, the gun is useless without it. I bought another stock spring and just kept pulling the trigger to see how long it would take to break the new one. It took just over 100 minutes of constantly pulling the trigger to break the new spring. I then bought one of these upgrade springs. I tried and tried but it just wont Break. This trigger spring is much smoother and helps you shoot more accurately and you can count on it. This part is a must have. I would never go back to the stock spring. Very important.
Great replacement trigger spring
I purchased this replacement spring for my metal trigger. It is extremely easy to install. Probably easier than replacing the stock spring. I kept with the stock strength, because I didnt really want to change the trigger feel a lot. I do have to say that my trigger feels butter smooth. If you buy the metal trigger, this is a must have upgrade as well.
A Reliable Part
I used to have a Beretta 92G SD. I ordered a steel trigger for it specifically so I could use this part. I have two more steel triggers that I intend to use on the next Berettas I buy. I used the extra-power one in my SD, but I will probably use the standard version next time around. No reliability problems, and more robust than the factory setup.