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Wilson Combat Tactical Adjustable Battlesight (TAB)

The Tactical Adjustable Battlesight for 1911’s makes quickly adjusting your 1911 pistol's elevation a simple task.  This streamlined, low-profile sight fits the standard Wilson Combat Battlesight dovetail and locks into place with two massive set screws. The machined steel blade pivots on a hardened slotted adjustment screw that easily moves your pistol’s point of impact with crisp, click adjustments.

The Tactical Adjustable Battlesight is solidly constructed of solid billet steel and black parkerized for rust resistance. Unlike many adjustable sights, The Tactical Adjustable Battlesight will easily stand up to the rigors of competition and tactical use.  The rear blade is the Wilson Battlesight design with serrated rear blade and low-glare, pocketed sight picture with a .140” deep and .160” wide U-Notch sighting aperture for excellent performance when speed shooting and even in low light. A rear shelf enables one-handed emergency slide manipulation. Windage is adjusted by drifting the sight body in the same fashion as a traditional fixed sight-NOTE-side hex “screws” are caps that cover and lock the sight’s main pin-it is not necessary to remove these cap screws.

  • Crisp, click adjustable elevation (.056” range of adjustment)
  • Drop-in installation on guns with proper 65° x.495" rear dovetail (Wilson 463/Novak Lo-Mount)
  • One click = (3/4” for compact) (5/8” for full size) at 25 yards
  • Turn elevation screw clockwise to move rear sight and point of impact UP, counterclockwise for DOWN.
  • Ideal sight picture for poorly lit shooting conditions, dynamic shooting situations or for those with aging eyesight
  • .160" wide and deeper U-notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions
  • Serrated 40 lpi for a non-glare surface in the brightest outdoor range conditions
  • Pyramid shaped rear occludes less of the target while shooting
  • External shelf enables easy one-hand cycling or malfunction clearance
  • All edges radiused for smooth, comfortable gun-handling
  • Black parkerized, hardened carbon steel for a lifetime of use


Fitting instructions for pistols with proper 65° x .495" dovetail cut in slide

If your gun already has a Wilson 463 or Novak Lo-Mount style 65° x .495" rear dovetail, fitting of the Tactical Adjustable Battlesight is simple.

  1. Remove slide from pistol and secure in padded vise to protect its finish.
  2. Remove old sight. Clean and degrease dovetail.
  3. Loosen sight T-10 Torx set-screws and ensure they are above the sight’s bottom dovetail surface.
  4. Test your fit by pushing rear sight in dovetail from right to left (Looking at top of slide).
  5. If sight doesn’t start in dovetail remove material from the front and back of the sight dovetail using a safe edge dovetail file until the sight will start in the slide dovetail ? of the way in *with hand pressure only*.  If sight is excessively loose in dovetail (indicating your dovetail is out of spec.) you may need to peen your sight for a better fit or add material to your dovetail.
  6. Tap sight into place with a non-marring (brass, aluminum) punch on the dovetail area.  Center in slide or adjust windage to your previous sights location and lock down T-10 torx set screws with firm hand pressure only.
  7. For a semi-permanent installation use blue loctite in the sight dovetail or on the sight set screw threads.

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Great quality as always
Sight seems very rugged adjustment clicks are very audible And as always nothing but quality from wilson combat
Tactical Adjustable Battlesight
I just finished installing the TAB on my Springfield Commander 1911, and was extremely impressed with the machining and finish of this sight. It installed smoothly without any filing or modification. I was totally impressed with that. Cudos to Wilson Combat quality products and precision machining.
In a word: "Robust"
For those of the opinion that adjustable sights are fragile: this ain't it. This rear sight is very robust and solid. It has about 26 clicks of adjustment in total. I paired this with a Dawson F/O front sight, .225" tall, and that put the adjustments right in the center (5" Government 9mm). I highly, highly recommend this sight for those who want adjustability without compromising strength. The sight picture is absolutely perfect. Buy with confidence.