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The Wilson Combat Beretta® 92/96 steel fluted guide rod is a practical and handsome addition to your full size Beretta® pistol. Drops in with no modifications to your handgun.

  • Drop in recoil spring guide rod for full-size Beretta®handguns. Unique spiral flute design holds lubrication and traps grit ensuring smooth spring travel. Non-captured
  • CNC machined from 4140 heat-treated steel with a corrosion resistant and attractive black Melonite finish.
  • Fits all Beretta® full sized series 90 pistols, 92X. Will retrofit to 92A1/96A1 and the 90-TWO with new 92 recoil spring sold separately.
  • Will not fit Compact, Centurion, or Compact Type M pistols

Note: For Berettas that have a "captured spring" recoil system, you will need to purchase a standard recoil spring for use with this guide rod.

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Upgraded from plastic to this guide rod
The Beretta M9 comes with a plastic guide rod, which is cheap and light, but I decided to upgrade to this metal rod for durability and reliability. Ok so it is a few grams heavier, but worth it!
"Hardens" the look. Must more trustworthy than the plastic captured guide rod. I actually prefer this to the flatwire kit as the skinny guide rod detracts from the feel of durability.
Beretta 92S
The part is high quality but am having intermittent failure to feed last round of non 1981 vintage oem magazines. The after market beretta and mecgar mags have the ftf intermittently with wc fluted guide rod and wc 11.5, 13, and 14# recoil springs. With the oem worn guide rod and old or new 13# recoil spring there are no failure to feeds? I have been trying to solve this issue for the last 9 months but have not found the answer on why the ftf only happens with the wilson combat fluted guide rod? I would not recommend for a 92S but would recommend for a newer model beretta 92 series. I trust wilson combat parts, just having headaches with this one part?
Perfect For M9
I bought this to replace the plastic guide rod my M9 came with. The fit was perfect and it looks cool. The plastic one is in the garbage where it belongs.
Upgrade your form AND function.
Lets face it, we get guns like 1911s and the Berettas because we want steel instead of plastic. The strength and reliability that is in the design of those pistols should also be reflected in its materials, and this guide rod rights the wrongs of the plastic factory guide rod. I installed it in my new M9A3 and it dropped right in. No tools or fitting, just a simple disassemble and part swap. The aesthetics are beautiful in a Keep It Simple Stupid kind of way and it is a functional improvement as well, the spiral design makes it harder for grit to get deeper into the frame, unlike the straight back grooves of the factory guide rod. I also recommend the 14# Flat Wire Recoil Spring to go along with this as well to get the most out of your guide rod upgrade. Good luck and happy shooting.
Guide rod
Another great product from Wilson combat! Fits perfect on my 92a1 with no complaints at all. Used 645fs-13 like someone else that reviewed and fits great. Gives me peace of mind knowing I dont have to use the polymer guide rod. The polymer one will be in the gun box collecting dust where it belongs
Fits and functions perfectly in my M9A3, Much more appealing than the factory guide rod.
Great Part
Outstanding workmanship and compliments the gun. Another win for Wilson Combat.
Steel Guide Rod, Fluted
Dropped right into my Beretta 96FS. Easy to install.
direct replacement
Is a direct replacement and only takes a few seconds for an easy upgrade from the factory plastic guide. Nothing was wrong with my factory guide, just makes sense to have a metal guide handling routine recoil stress. Looks better, too.
a must have for hardcore 92,96,and M9 users that want steel
After many deployments and loads of M9 use and training it is my go to pistol. Im now a retired Vet with more Berettas than any other pistol. full, compact, you name it I pack it, even WCs model. While I dont always give WC Beretta parts a thumbs up due, This guide rod is in every Beretta that I use. Id give it a 6 star if i could.
Lubrication Stays In the Spiral Fluting
I bought this just for the fluting and durability. A great product that I would recommend to a friend. A Wilson Combat logo engraved into the muzzle end would be an awesome addition if the engraving could be done on such a small area. Id pay a few more dollars for a rod like that.
Looks great
I didnt like the fact that my pistol had a polymer guide rod. I decided to purchase this guide rod to remedy that. You can buy a metal guide rod from beretta, but I would rather have a Wilson combat part in its place. Not to mention it has fluting which does help hold lubrication. This guide rod is probably the easiest upgrade anyone can do. It is worth putting into your gun. Not only does my gun cycle smoothly, but it also looks nice when the slide is locked back.
The Steel Rod matched perfect with the Beretta plastic rod that came with the 92. Great Quality!
All the advantages
As I understand it, Berettas plastic guide rod was designed with reliefs cut lengthwise to shed sand and grit. Wilsons guide rod has spiral fluting to shed sand and grit, yet theres is made from high quality steel. Its the best of both worlds.
Works great with the 92A1
I bought the combination of this guide rod and spring 645FS-13 for my 92A1. Id been wanting to replace the seemingly-cheap plastic guide rod for a while. I took the 92A1 to the range yesterday. I started by shooting 15 rounds with the standard guide rod and spring. Then I field stripped the gun and installed the new guide rod and spring. I then proceeded to shoot 50 rounds of 124-grain FMJ. Zero problems. The range doesnt allow rapid fire such that I was only able to shoot a round about every 1-2 seconds. I did feel that I was able to keep the 92A1 on target a tad bit more easily with the new guide rod and spring. So, for approximately $30 I think it is a worthwhile upgrade to the 92A1.
WC Guide Rod
Firstly, I do have a 92A1 and true to the description, it does fit perfectly. Complete drop in, no washers, or additional parts required. From an aesthetics level alone, its very nice. It has spiral fluting, which not only is visually appealing, but also holds lube on the surface of the rod better, and makes the spring slide smoother. And speaking of smoother, its like butter to pull the slide compared to the stock captured guide rod. The springs that are available to go with it here are great, and my only possible regret is not getting an XP spring. Lastly, it also gives me, personally, peace of mind that Ive got a metal rod in there instead of the polymer one. While Ive read plenty of people say that the polymer ones hold up just fine, I just cant believe it when I already see the old rod bowing in place when installed. And some have reported breakages in the polymer ones. The new one from WC isnt going anywhere. I havent trotted it out to the range yet, but so far, for $30 for spring and rod, this is a completely worthwhile upgrade.