Wilson Combat Short Reach Steel Trigger | Beretta 92/96

Wilson Combat Short Reach Steel Trigger | Beretta 92/96
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The addition of the Wilson Combat short reach trigger is an upgrade to the current factory standard polymer trigger and reduces trigger reach. Ideal for shooters of all hand sizes.

  • CNC machined from 4140 heat treated steel
  • Machined to close tolerances for a drop-in fit
  • Shorter trigger reach is ideal for shooters of all hand sizes
  • Black Armor-Tuff finish

NOTE: These will fit the standard 92 and 96 pistols, 92 and 96 A1 and the 90-TWO, 92/96 Centurions, Compact L's and Compact Type M's.

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Great Trigger
The trigger was easy to install. Combined with WC new style trigger spring, deluxe hammer and upgraded spring, the pull is perfect
A must for medium sized hands
When I first got my Beretta I immediately noticed how large it was. So much so shooting without a direct support hand greatly lowered my accuracy. With the addition of the #16 D-spring, the short reach trigger, and the ultra thin grips my support hand becomes just that, a support hand. The double action trigger pull was a pain and the semi trigger pull left a little to be desired. With the lower tension and the improved grip I my accuracy has improved ten-fold.
Excellent improvement
If you think the triggers are identical, turn them 90 degrees and look again. The short reach trigger has a longer slot in the top. Trigger travel with this mod is the same in double action which is a safety feature but _much_ shorter in single action. Performs exactly as expected, and for a low price. Only difficult part of installation was wrangling the trigger bar spring. I ended up using a dental pick to get the end in place.
Not sure what Wilson means by Short Reach.
I have the factory polymer trigger, the factory metal trigger, and bought the Short Reach trigger due to my small hands. If you pin the 3 triggers together, they have the same geometry and dimensions. I called Wilson once about their metal magazine release and they said it is the Beretta factory part. If you bought the metal upgrade kit from Beretta, you all ready have this part.
I got this short reach trigger to replace a polymer trigger on my Elite II, along with the ultra thin WC grips...all I can say is the difference is like night & day ! An upgrade worth the time and money.
Great trigger
Very high quality trigger easy install highly recommend over the polymer oem trigger
Short reach trigger
I did this upgrade to replace the oem trigger , the trigger is in a more comfortable position for me now, it did require some very minor gun smithing with a file to remove a few burs around the edge, I installed along with the reduced power trigger control unit, and 16# hammer spring , what a difference!
Terrific 92FS upgrade!
I installed this trigger upgrade in a new 92FS Brigadier. I was used to the original trigger, but this unit makes the pistol so much more comfortable. The Brigadier fits my hand much better, and I highly recommend it!
Dream Beretta trigger
This trigger is the sweet spot! What a dreamy trigger after double action!
Great Upgrade
Great upgrade for your M9. Change is subtle, but noticeable. Easy install.
Short Reach Steel Trigger
I recently purchased a Beretta M9. The 90 series Beretta 9mm is a great firearm,but have notoriously rough trigger pulls. I looked at the reviews for the short reach trigger and decided to give it a try. I installed it in conjunction with the Wilson trigger bar spring kit. I lubricated the new parts and the results are better than GREAT! I cant hardly wait to put in some quality range time with my smooth pistol.
Ive got small hands.
My 92A1 feels a lot more comfortable in my hand with this trigger, and its edges feel a lot more comfortable than the stock trigger. I mostly got this to go with the reduced trigger weight spring, but it feels like a pretty good upgrade on its own, too.
Greatly, Easy Upgrade
Well built trigger, brings the trigger back into a more comfortable firing position. Most noticeably, double action is smoother.
Great Trigger
Easy to install and feels great. It makes a great gun better. Thanks Wilson Combat.
Short Reach Trigger
This is an upgrade that everyone should consider. Has both cosmetic and functional attributes. The set back is just enough, and the look and feel of the trigger is quality all the way. The install is quite easy and the results are worth the cost in money and time. Wilson Combat and Beretta....as good as it gets
Wilson 92 trigger
Set trigger back just enough to get a better grip, installed with trigger conversion spring. Both parts worked out well with fit, finish and function perfect.
Great Trigger from a great company
Bought this trigger for a Taurus PT101P Pistol. Now I knew it was going to need some minor modifications to fit, dealing with the length of it. I had to remove 1/4 off from the bottom to fit into my Taurus housing. And I could not be happier with my pistol. This Trigger has reduced the length of pull so that my medium sized hands can comfortably pull the trigger back. WOuld highly Recommend this product to anyone that needs a short pull trigger for a Beretta, or a Taurus mind you some minor modifications will be needed
A must buy for Beretta 92fs owners!
Out of the box, my Beretta 92fs was hard to shoot! It was accurate! but just uncomfortable to shoot. I also did not like the feel of the Polymer trigger. For as much as Beretta charges for this gun, they should use steel triggers! So I decided to buy the Wilson Combat Short Reach Steel trigger. You will also need to buy the Wilson Combat Trigger Conversion unit, as this trigger will not work with the factory stock spring. I opted for the Reduced Power Trigger Conversion spring - Item# 643. I cannot be more pleased with my purchase! Just replacing those two parts feels like made the trigger pull several pounds lighter. I then later added the Reduced Power Hammer Spring #13 - Item 641 - for an even lighter pull! Be forewarned, this job was a little tough. However, I found some excellent You Tube videos that navigated me through the whole process. Also, the Wilson Combat Trigger Conversion unit does not fit into the the gun right out of the box. I took my wifes nail file and just filed slightly at the widest points of the unit. Just a slight bit of filing, and the spring fit in perfectly! There are some excellent You Tube videos on this as well! I highly recommend these products! It really make a big difference in the feel of the gun! The trigger just feels good, and with the conversion spring, it is as smoothe as butter to pull!
The way it should be.
This trigger is awesome. I liked the feel of the stock trigger and didnt think it could feel any better than it did. I just didnt really like the fact that it was a polymer trigger. Im kind of partial to full metal guns. I replaced the trigger and instantly noticed that the ergonomics of this trigger were far superior. The trigger just fits the finger how it shouldve from the factory. This trigger makes the trigger pull seem so much smoother. I will only replace parts for my 92 fs with Wilson combat parts. They are quality parts that are nice looking and improve your pistol more than you can ever imagine.
Superb when combined w reduced power springs
My stock 92FS was no pleasure to shoot, even in single action. I installed a factory Beretta rear target sight and the following Wilson Combat items: steel trigger, lowest power hammer spring, lowest power trigger return spring. For around $130, its now a far better gun and my groups have shrunk in half with no more tendency down and to the left. Single action is really nice and crisp, too.
A must Have
Just installed, In all honesty it was the first time I broke my Beretta all the way down. Installation is not to bad. Wilson combat quality is superb and you really can never go wrong with their products! This trigger is a must if you have a 92-A1 or a model with a plastic trigger.
The trigger the 92 should have come with
Installing the trigger takes a little patience - nothing particularly tricky, no gunsmiths required - just watch out for those little springs. Once installed though, this trigger is a dream. This is how a quality firearm should be from the factory. Oh - and for cryin out loud - get the WC steel guide rod too.
Better by Far than Stock Trigger
I bought this trigger simply to replace the polymer coated metal trigger that came stock on my Beretta. I didnt expect the significant improvement I found. I have XL hands and never had a problem with the Berettas size, yet this short reach trigger seems so much more ergonomic than the original. By comparison the original trigger just seems slightly wrong and like it should have already been changed. I feel more confident in my first DA shot and that is what matters.
short reach trigger
i purchased this since i cant find the screw adjusting type triggers. This doesnt dissapoint at all. While i can reach the standard trigger, other shooters can handle my 80s beretta quite well. I highly recommend this trigger to anyone breathing new life in a beretta.
A good addition, but no major change in reach.
The reach on the standard 92 trigger wasnt a problem for me, but replacing the stock polymer trigger was necessary to install the new trigger spring conversion unit so I chose the Wilson trigger. The change in reach is minor, but the addition did take another half pound off the double action pull. This is a quality part and a good choice if trigger replacement is needed, just dont expect a major reduction in trigger reach.
Wilson Combat, Beretta Model 92 Short reach trigger
I Purchased one of these for my Beretta 92FS. The reach is a little shorter than stock in the double action mode, but after that, the single action pull is great.
Less reach, more hits
Easy install and just enough reduction in reach. The shorter reach allowed me to make more first round hits. No more struggling with the double action when shooting one handed. I added the wolf trigger spring and 16# mainspring as well and I am impressed.
Great trigger, great fit.
Purchased a few of these for my Beretta platform sidearms. They do take a little less reach then the stock trigger. However the geometry is the same as a stock metal trigger. It seems like they just milled a little metal from the front and back then refinished it. Still a nice trigger never the less.
Shorter reach, smoother feeling trigger pull
Bought on of these for my Beretta 92 Compact Inox with Rail. I was looking to replace the standard polymer part and the shorter reach would be a bonus as I have relatively small hands. Once installed, not only was the reach noticeably shorter, but the trigger pull - which wasnt that bad to start with had become quite a bit smoother. This will be a standard upgrade for any additional Berteea 92s I might buy.