Wilson Combat Oversize Steel Magazine Release | Beretta 92/96

Wilson Combat Oversize Steel Magazine Release | Beretta 92/96
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Wilson Combat Beretta® 92/96 Oversize Magazine Release

Our oversize Beretta® 92/96 magazine release makes it easy to depress your magazine button under stress. Useful for shooters with all hand sizes. No fitting required on most Beretta models. Minor fitting may be required on some.

  • Allows shooters with all hand sizes to release the magazine with little or no shift in grip.
  • CNC machined from 4140 heat treated steel.
  • Oversize pad.
  • Black Armor Tuff finish.
  • Not ambidextrous, for right hand shooter on left side of pistol.

NOTE: Does not include bushings and spring. Requires re-use of your bushings and spring.


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Doesnt fit 92G-SD 2/3/2018
I have early 90s 9mm and .40 G-SDs and it doesnt fit either one. I spent hours trying to install it but it was so tight that I couldnt depress the mag release a millimeter even drenched with oil. I thought I was doing something wrong but realized it didnt fit after 6 hours of installation. Maybe this fits the newer Berettas but not the older ones? Great product though and the Wilson Combat logo looks cool on the mag release.
- Stan Mak, CA
Great drop in item, tough to install 12/8/2016
Took a little finesse, but finally it seated right. They dont lie when they say these parts are manufactured to strict tolerances. Great feel in the hand and added to the function of the gun. I like the logo, some may prefer a the knurled for a better grip. Wilson combat makes another great part.
- matthew conelly, UT
A good looking addition to my M9A3 10/14/2016
Easy to fit, just watch the various youtube videos first to get an idea of how it all goes together. While the stock release on the A3 is very functional, adding a WC logo makes good even better.
- Greg Palliser, INT
Tight Fit 3/21/2016
Had a hard time installing but when it was over a little oil and it looks and works perfectly. Very Happy!!!!!! Thanks, Wilson/Combat
- Maurice, ME
If I Had To Recommend One Upgrade... 2/25/2016
This is the first upgrade I didnt on my 92A1. The only really complaint I had with the stock pistol was the mag release and this brings it to a very comfortable place.
- Steven Meeks, KY
Another Win for Wilson Combat 2/23/2016
This safety is awesome. It has a great feel and compliments the gun.
- Steve, SC
I love this Mag release, but was VERY difficult to install! 10/15/2015
I bought this because I didnt like the feel of the plastic mag release that came with my Beretta 92fs. Getting out the old mag release was easy, but getting in the new one was surprisingly difficult! Im not kidding, I spent about 2 hours trying to get the new steel mag release installed! You first have to remove the springs from the old mag release and put them onto the Wilson Combat Mag release. This was fairly easy to do. The tough part was getting it into the grooves to where the spring and metal clips would hold the Mag release in place. It was pretty easy to get the right side in place. However getting the left side was nearly impossible! I pushed down on the left side the side with the Wilson Combat logo but just couldnt apply enough force to get it to lock into place. I thought about getting something to pry it into place but didnt want to scratch the gun or the Magazine release. So what I ended up doing was finding a set of vice grips with rubber handles. I put one side of the vice grips handle inside of the gun and gave it some force. Since they were rubber handles, I didnt have to worry about it scratching anything! Any way with some force applied, it eventually popped into place. I love the feel of the magazine release but be warned that the button release does stick out from the gun slightly. Some may not like the feel of this. It does not seem to effect my shooting though! Overall I am satisfied, but am surprised how hard this was to install! I highly encourage you to watch some You Tube videos on this prior to attempting this install!
Jason A.
Awesome 6/29/2015
Words cannot explain what a difference the oversized mag release makes. I prefer this one over the checkered pattern as it feels better to the thumb.
- James, TX
Oversized magazine release 5/2/2015
This product is an excellent upgrade. It is non intrusive and gives you a faster, easier, and positive magazine release. This is a nice upgrade. I highly recommend this magazine release. Nothing but high quality from Wilson Combat.
Smooth 4/24/2015
I originally had the circle checkered Wilson mag release on my gun. It worked perfectly, but I changed my grips to the beretta aluminum grips. The aluminum grips are a bit thinner. This made the aggressive checkering on the mag release start irritating my skin while in the holster. The checkering is very aggressive and will tear you up, so decided to get the smooth mag release. I had to send back the first smooth release because it was sticking and would stick open. This would prevent the magazine from clicking in place after releasing the mag. I would go to put a new one in and it would just fall back out. I called customer service and they promptly swapped it out. The second one fit in great. I noticed on the Wilson combat mag releases that once you put them in you need to put a drop or so of oil in the grip on the backside of the release once its in place. Work the release a bit allowing the oil to seep in around. Wipe it up afterwards and try it out. Should work like a charm. My first smooth one had an issue, but this trick worked with the other two circle checkered and smooth releases. When they first go in even lubed up a bit, they seem to stick some. If you place a few drops on the back of it after install and work it some, it will smooth out quickly and work perfectly from then on. Great release and doesnt tear up my side anymore. I can now carry with comfort.
Perfect fit 1/6/2015
Installed this in about 3 minutes. Was a drop in fit with not modification needed. I was worried after reading the other review but on my 92 and m9a1 both with the factory plastics grips there was NO modification needed. Looks great and function is good. Makes mag changes easy and you do not need to change your grip. I went with this release due to aesthetics but functions well.
- Nicholas Demeis, MA
some fitting needed 11/16/2014
I have a 92 with basic plastic grips. I had to trim the tab that fits into the magazine when the mag is fully in. There is a little more meat on the Wilson release than the original plastic one from Beretta. Also needed to trim the left grip around the mag release button hole. Looks great and now functions great. Would be 5 stars if it truely was a drop in part.
- Tim, NH