Wilson Combat Mag Guide | Beretta 92/96

Wilson Combat Mag Guide | Beretta 92/96
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Wilson Combat Mag Guide for Beretta 92/96

The Wilson Combat Beretta® 92/96 mag guide is a practical addition to your full size Beretta® pistol by allowing smoother magazine changes. Drops in with no modifications to your handgun.

  • Allows smoother magazine changes.
  • Drop in mag guide for full-size Beretta®handguns.
  • CNC machined from 12L14 heat-treated steel with a corrosion resistant and attractive black Melonite finish.
  • Fits all Beretta® full sized series 90 and Centurion pistols.
  • Will not fit Compact or Compact Type M pistols.

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M9A3 1/10/2019
Installed on my M9A3 quality product works excellent!
Christopher Gerbasi
Installed on a M9A3 9/19/2018
I installed this WC Mag Guide on my M9A3 using Mec-Gar 20 round mags. Super easy installation and mags insert and extract flawlessly.
- David Purcell, WA
Adds some function if you do not use a lanyard. 3/27/2018
This Mag guide works, plain and simple. Its made from a solid hunk of metal and is very easy to install. All you need is a punch to take out the lanyard pin and a screw driver to remove the grips and you are good to go. Considering I never used the plastic lanyard loop that came with my M9A3, this upgrade without a doubt added functionality to my pistol where there was nothing before. It is a bit pricey, 5 bucks less wouldnt hurt, but after using it and seeing/feeling the quality and weight and how well it improves reloading a mag I still say its worth it. Oh, its also pretty sexy too. Nice finish and logo engraved without being gaudy. Definitely sexier than that plastic lanyard loop, this with the Wilson Combat guide rod and the WC grips means my M9A3 now has all metal parts which to me is also a plus.
Functional add on ! 8/30/2017
I got this Mag Guide for my Elite II which comes standard with a beveled mag well. I was a bit concerned that it would not fit because of the bevelling, but to my surprise it couldnt fit any better even if it came from the Beretta Factory. Looks good, fits flush, works great, Im very pleased.
Mag guide 3/26/2017
I love the look of the mag guide helps continue the curves of the back strap. Does what the title says, fit was perfect , very easy to install, I did this install along with 16# hammer spring and new hammer from WC. My only gripe would be kinda pricey for a unique fixer upper but I feel it was worth it.
- R W, MI
Mag guide 2/28/2017
This is a must have for the 92a1. Fit perfect and very easy to install. The only flaw I have found is my 30 round mag didnt fit with the plastic bottom piece. Once I removed that which was also easy to do it fit like it should. Again great product. Will be buying much more from Wilson combat
- Chris, AR
Wilson Combat Mag Guide 9/28/2016
This mag guide is by far more functional than the factory lanyard loop attachment. The guide is steel whereas the lanyard loop is polymer. Aside from guiding the magazines into place,this will also help to protect the mag-well from damage. This was an easy install and greatly improves the pistols function and appearance.
Essential 4/28/2016
Fantastic part. Easy to install. Great functionality. Looks great too. Minus one star on rating because it is way overpriced.
Easy upgrade 2/15/2016
Remove the grips and punch out one pin. Thats all it takes to replace the lanyard pin with this guide which is much more functional.
- Mark Orr, WA
Mag Guide 1/20/2016
Easy to install and it looks better than the lanyard loop. Installed this on my Beretta 96FS and it works great!]
- DB, CA
You need this for your Beretta 92 series gun! 10/15/2015
I kept having trouble getting ammo magazines into the the gun. It was downright frustrating at times. So I decided to buy the Wilson Combat Mag Guide. I cannot tell you what a HUGE difference this makes! You really dont have to think about loading the mags anymore. You just put the mag in the general area and as you push the mag in, the Mag guide is curved in such a way that your mag finds the gun every time. I went ahead and bought a reduced power hammer spring Item# 641 - which also is fantastic - since installing the mag guide involves removing a pin at the bottom of the gun that holds the original plastic piece that keeps the hammer spring in place. This was really about a 5 minute job. Just push the hammer pin with a small screw driver or punch. Make sure you keep you hand over the bottom of the gun. The spring is under a lot of pressure and will go flying out. Pop in the new hammer spring and Mag guide. Then with one hand push hard upwards on the mag guide and with the other, push the hammer pin back in place. I had to kind of wiggle it back in. It was a fairly easy job overall!
Jason A.
Great Product! 9/28/2015
I agree with the one other reviewer about the 20-round Beretta mags--my favorite Beretta mags if concealment doesnt matter. But I am planning to use my Dremel tool to remove a little material from the sleeve on mags right where it runs into this part and I think that will solve things.
- Frank Richmond, FL
Looks Pretty Good 8/13/2015
Easy to Install and looks far better than the Lanyard Loop looks beside the Magazine. It Is a little easier to load a Magazine with this part installed. Nice addition!
Great add on part 8/1/2015
I really like the quality and the fit. I would recommend this to all Beretta fans.
- Gregory Jones, NC
Great add-on 6/29/2015
This is a great add-on. My reload times improved. However, I agree with another reviewer in that the piece should have the lines so it can match the back strap.
- James, TX
Improved Reload Times 4/2/2015
Immediately improved my reload times. Really smooth when the magazine was gliding into the magwell. Great finish that is very similar to the Beretta finish. Simple installation. My only gripe about the piece is that it doesnt have the vertical grooves to match the back strap grooves. This makes the part stand out to the eye versus flowing with the design of the weapon. It makes it look like an add on part. Just my opinion. I buy parts for functionality anyway, so it really doesnt matter. Still an excellent addition to my weapon and very innovative.
- Mike, FL
Perfect 2/28/2015
Ive been using the Mec Gar 20 round mags in my Wilson/Beretta 92 G Tactical with this mag guide installed with no issue whatsoever. They seat just fine. Very easy to install and cleans up the lines of the pistol perfectly. This is a very worthwhile purchase.
- Dave Krhovsky, MI
Almost perfect 1/18/2015
Changing the lanyard loop for the mag guide was simple enough. Why its 4 stars and not 5 is because the beretta brand 20 round mags wont seat properly. I havent tested with other extended mags in that I have no other types. Still a great product.
- mark palmer, CO