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Wilson Combat® Handgun Cleaning Kit

For decades, customers have been asking us for our advice on a practical cleaning kit with everything you need in one place to properly clean your handgun without harming it in the process.  After a few years of trying various different combinations of “off-the shelf” cleaning kits, Bill Wilson himself has developed this comprehensive kit.

The Wilson Combat Handgun Cleaning Kit comes complete with rod, brushes, patches and jags for 9mm/.40 and .45 caliber. This kit also comes with Wilson Combat Ultima Lube II oil and Universal Bore Cleaner.  Each kit contains specially selected tools like a 1911 bushing wrench and polymer channel cleaning tool designed to clean the slide/frame grooves and crevices of your pistol. The perfectly sized chamber, magwell, and a combination firing pin tunnel/extractor tunnel brush are also been provided and are essential to keeping pistols running smoothly, even after high round count range sessions.

Packed in a handy clear storage case, the Wilson Combat Handgun Cleaning kit will quickly earn a spot on your bench and makes a great gift for shooters of calibers from .380 to .45 ACP. This kit is perfect for everyone-- from the novice to the seasoned competitor-- since all shooters know you can’t have enough quality cleaning products.

Pro Tip- For best results soak fouled areas with Wilson Combat Universal Bore Cleaner to start to remove bullet and powder fouling from your bore and caked-on areas.  After a 3-5 minute soak using a mop on the inside of your bore, on your breech, slide tunnel and inside your pistol’s recesses use nylon bore brushes and other supplied brushes along with the channel tool and patches to lift and wipe off the heaviest fouling. Finish with dry cotton patches on the slotted rod tip in your bore to wipe out the excess cleaner.  Use the supplied Ultima lube II oil for final lubrication of all wear areas.

Your goal when cleaning is not to get your handgun surgically clean, but clean enough to maintain perfect reliability.  We have seen many guns sent in by customers over the years that have been harmed by overzealous cleaning.

Handgun Cleaning Kit

Handgun kit contents:

  • 1911 nylon bushing wrench
  • Universal handle (works with rod & chamber brush)
  • Brass rod
  • Bore brush 9mm/.40 (nylon)
  • Bore brush .45 (nylon)
  • Chamber brush 9mm/.40 (nylon)
  • Chamber brush .45 (nylon)
  • 1911 extractor/firing pinhole brush
  • Magazine well brush
  • Bore mop 9mm/.40
  • Bore mop .45
  • Cleaning patch slotted tip
  • Channel tool
  • Universal toothbrush
  • 2oz Ultima-Lube oil
  • 2oz Ultima-Lube Universal Bore Cleaner
  • 30 cotton patches
  • Packaged in plastic divider box


WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including petroleum products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Excellent kit
I found this kit to meet my needs. I regularly clean everything from the wife's .380 to my 1911s. Have also used this product on a Buckmark .22 with ease. My only complaint would be the solvent and oil bottles are prone to leakage after opening. I use a little plastic wrap under the caps before I snug them down to prevent leakage. All the tools and brushes are top notch. The carry case is durable. I have had mine for about a year.
Best of the best
I just wish I had a cleaning kit like this one 30 years ago when I served in uniform. Some products back then are still in use today. This handgun cleaning kit is not only versatile but also complete. From the soft nylon brushes to Ultima gun lube/universal bore solvent to the highest quality cleaning patches in existence. Tools that reach into tight spaces and are also of high quality make the chore of weapons maintenance a labor of love, no joke. This represent time and money well spent, if not yourself, then for someone who takes caring for their weapons seriously. Enjoy and trust in Wilson Combat to deliver top notch products that are meant to be used.
Great kit for all around handgun cleaning.
This kit has everything needed to clean a 1911 in one small container. The patches are top quality and are much better than any others I have tried. Being able to consolidate all my calibers to one kit is a huge bonus. My only wish is that the brushes and mops were labeled for caliber. After a few uses the mops look too similar in size to my midlife eyes. Great product none the less. Plus who doesnt love the sticker they send with every purchase. Wilson Combat is awesome.