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Wilson Combat "EAGLE" by Les George
Framelock Tactical Folder with Trigger Flipper

Only from Wilson Combat in collaboration with acclaimed Custom Knifemaker Les George. A Wilson Combat exclusive, the EAGLE is a rugged, framelock flipper design with the Wilson Combat signature Starburst Titanium handle pattern and Carpenter XHP “Super Steel” stainless tool steel recurve blade for the ultimate in edge holding and corrosion resistance. The EAGLE is one of the fastest opening manual tactical folders on the market. The trigger finger flipper is lightning fast into action and easy to operate with or without gloves. The light weight and slim profile will ensure the EAGLE will spend a lot of time riding shotgun in your pocket every day. The handle of the EAGLE is precision machined and smooth tumble blasted lightweight Titanium with a robust integral framelock, chamfered lanyard hole and Titanium deep-pocket clip that can be positioned for blade tip up or down opening. The rugged open-frame construction makes it easy to clean trapped dirt and lint. Unlike many other tactical folders that are blocky and overweight, the EAGLE has been designed to be slim and easy to carry without sacrificing any strength or performance. The precision ground and finished 3.6" blade of the EAGLE is a high performance tactical clip point profile with a slight recurve for impressive cutting power. The Carpenter CTS XHP powdered alloy steel has all the strength and edge retention of the best tool steels with superior corrosion resistance. The hand sharpened blade is polished to a smooth, non-reflective high luster for easy maintenance and rides on pure Teflon bearings for a lifetime of glassy smooth operation. 

For every day carry for utility or defense, the EAGLE will meet any folding knife challenge.

The EAGLE is made in small quantities by Les George and only limited numbers are available.


 Blade Steel  Carpenter CTS XHP Stainless - RC 60
 Blade Length  3.6"
 Blade Thickness  .125"
 Handle Material  Titanium with Starburst Pattern
 Handle Length  4.8"
 Overall Length  8.5"
 Weight  4.8 oz.

Les George  

"I began making knives in 1992 and have been fortunate enough to have worked with and learned from some of the best knife makers in the world. The maker most responsible for my progression is Stan Fujisaka of Kaneohe, Hawaii. I had been making knives for several years before I met Stan, but he opened the door to a new level of knife making for me and shared his considerable knowledge with me freely. I will continue to refine my craft and to build on all that I have learned so far.

I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1997 and spent over 10 years in its service. I served as a heavy equipment mechanic, an Embassy Guard in foreign lands and a Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in many of the world’s garden spots.

I have trained in Explosive Dynamic Entry, Advanced Access and Disablement, Improvised Explosives and Devices, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Close Quarters Combat and many other technical and tactical skills.

I have deployed to, lived and worked in Laos, Thailand, North and South Korea, Peru, Mozambique, South Africa, Iraq and many other places in between. Since my departure from the Marines I have worked as an Unexploded Ordnance Technician clearing unexploded munitions, from projectiles to land mines from old training areas.

As an EOD Team leader in Iraq, I oversaw over 300 EOD responses and over 100 Improvised Explosive Devices where rendered safe. All of these experiences have given me a unique view of how I think knives."

More information about Les George and his rugged tactical style knives can be found on his website www.georgeknives.com



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Perfection in your pocket 1/18/2020
I received the Eagle as a gift and it is incredible. Super high quality, razor sharp, and is a real joy to carry. I don't see how you could do better than this. Love it!
- Jason W, CA
BEST OF THE BEST! 1/4/2020
I've owned many knives over the years including some high-end models but my all-time favorite is the WC/George Eagle. The quality and craftsmanship sits atop the highest mountain looking down at all the rest. This is one massively solid knife but it still remains slim, trim, and easy to carry. The blade steel is premier grade and the comfortable titanium handle made with Wilson's starburst pattern is second to none. This functional work of art opens easily with a simply flick of the finger and locks up bank vault tight. Les George is a Marine Corps veteran who truly knows what it takes to make a knife that you can bet your life on and want to have with you everyday. There are a lot of good knives on the market but the Eagle has no peers. It soars above all the rest. It's worth every penny.
Eagle Flipper for the Win!!!! 7/11/2019
Wow!!!! I had been window shopping this knife for a while prior to purchasing. Not sure if I really wanted to drop the $$$ or not. Well I did and I’m happy to say that I’d do it again. It’s a robust tool, excellently made with percussion. The flipping action is smooth and swift. It’s an EDC piece for sure and welcome companion to my TCP!!!!
- kp_church, GA
So good, I bought a second one! 8/6/2018
I bought my first Eagle three years ago and after carrying it for six months, I decided I never wanted to go without one again. So I bought a second one, just In case they were ever discontinued. I collect knives, including six Chris Reeves, six Hinderers, seven Benchmades - over 70 in all. I carry my Eagles more than any other knife. The thinness and lightness of them make them so easy to carry, while sturdiness and durability is retained and right there with my other mentioned knives. They take a back seat to no one, and carry better than those mentioned. Seriously. I could literally sell all my other folding knives, and these two would do me just fine for the rest of my life. One tip: if you find your blade sticking at first when new when you try to close it; with the blade closed, use a pencil, stick the lead between the slabs and coat the portion of the blade where it comes into contact with the locking bar. It is the bottom half only. That will lubricate the contact point somewhat but it will not rub off onto your pants or fingers. Continue to use the pencil lead until the contact area seats itself and then it will no longer be necessary. You can use WD-40 and a q-tip to clean it off occasionally, see if it no longer sticks and if it does, just reapply more pencil lead again. It will eventually quit and you’ll have a knife you’ll never want to lose - or be without ever again!
- Johnny Mac, OH
My Favorite Carry 2/24/2017
This knife is my EDC. It reeks of quality and blade holds an edge better than any Ive ever carried. Worth every penny and then some!
- Brad Toliver, OK
Best Folder Ever! 11/26/2016
This is an ultra high-end folding knife. Its made from the highest quality materials with the finest manufacturing techniques. Without question, this is the best folder I have ever had. The only problem with this knife is that if you get one, you will want a second.
Scary Nice 3/10/2016
Just received this knife, its the first high end knife Ive ever bought. Ive got a lot of other $100.00 to $150.00 knives, but nothing like this! Its expensive, but take the chance. You wont be disappointed. This is the new daily carry, and it goes well with my Ultralight Carry Compact!
- Donnie Waddle, MN
Great Collectable & Everyday Carrier 8/4/2015
Ive collected knives for years & carried a Spyderco as a police officer for years & after purchasing one of Bill Wilsons handguns I decided to give his collaboration with Les George a shot & all I can say is the Spyderco now seats in a drawer... Wicked Knife!!
Rick Lovett
Arguably my favorite knife 8/7/2014
I collect knives, have numerous mid-tech units and I must say that I carry toy Eagle more than anything else. I love the thinness, I carry it IWB every day in dress pants and no one even knows its there. Highly recommended!
- Johnny Mac, OH
Wilson Combat/ Les George Flipper 6/26/2014
What can I say, just what you would expect from a great custom knife maker like Les George. This thing walks and talks as it should. New batch has George CTS-XHP on lock side of blade!! Skull head lanyard was a nice surprise!!
- David, KY
Great Wilson/Gearge Flipper 3/17/2014
I had my heart set on a Les George VECP but could not find one available. A buddy of mine told me to check out the Wilson/George Eagle. I love it. I think I made a great choice with this knife. Im no longer looking for the VECP. The Eagle is a better choice.
- Randy Howell, SC
The best knife I own 7/29/2013
This is an amazing knife and it is one of the coolest pieces of my EDC. The quality is exactly what you would expect from Wilson Combat and Les George.
- Josh, MN
Wilson Combat Eagle by Les George 6/4/2013
This is an excellent knife both in design and steel choice - Carpenter CTS XHP. I am tempted to get a second. It is highly likely that this will be my primary EDC.
- Matt, AR
Get this knife 5/27/2013
Awesome knife easily as good or better than most of my customs. Nice stonewashed blade and frame, titanium standoffs and clip so anodizing is an option. Action lockup disengagement all perfect. Instantly my favorite EDC. Price is right when you consider this is basically a Les George custom
- Bill, SC
Simply awesome!! 2/14/2013
Awesome design and superb quality! definitely better than hinderers XM-18 and CRKs umnumzaan.
Love it 2/14/2013
Simply awesome! this knife easily put XM-18 and Zaan to shame.
- razrr, CA
Very thin knife, easy to carry. 2/14/2013
Awesome knife. Opens really quickly. I almost returned it out of guilt, but when I received it, I knew it was a keeper. I needed a knife to compliment my Supergrade, and this is it.
Hai Nguyen
Wilson Combat Eagle 2/11/2013
My first high end knife! Outstanding quality! Flips open with authority! ORAH!
- Ed, NY
Tunemans Review 2/7/2013
The Wilson Combat Eagle/Les George collaboration is truly a great knife. This is my 2nd knife from Wilson, along with a Wilson Combat AR trigger and I have to admit, theyre all very well designed, function great, and cosmetically pleasing. The first knife I bought was a Rapid Response Folder with Cocobolo inserts.
- Darrin Tune, MO
les george tactical eagle 1/27/2013
This knife is as good as my Hinderer XM 24 in lock up and shapness !!
Wilsons Eagle 1/5/2013
I collect knives. This is the most beautiful knive I have seen in a long,long time!
- Paul Marrs, TX
Simple Perfection 11/30/2012
I received my knife in the mail about a week ago: It has not left my side since. This is a solid piece of equipment that is brilliant because of its spartan design and high quality components. There is no wasted motion here. The slim, lightweight design fits nicely in ones pocket as well.
- Jay F., TX

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