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Wilson Combat Beretta® 92/96 Lo-Profile Safety/De-cocking Lever

  • CNC machined from 4140 heat treated steel.
  • Drop-in fit.
  • Low profile left side only lever ideal for tactical or concealed carry use.
  • No right side lever to catch on clothing or get accidentally activated.
  • Black Melonite Finish.

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Great fit.
This was easy to install, as stated in previous reviews using a freezer bag to avoid losing springs helps out. This is low profile and was too low profile for me I couldn’t put the lever back up with my thumb. I think this works best for G Models where the lever springs back up to de-cock only. I have ordered the standard profile single lever and think that will work better for me. It did fit and work well, just too slim for me. Not a problem with the product.
Worked for my 92x Compact
I have a 92x Compact G series decock only. I have had F series Berettas but never a G. So upon researching, no one could really tell me if I could have a single sided or single lo profile lever. According to WC the standard single side lever will not work to maintain the G function without machining on the 92x. So I figured I try to reverse engineer with the lo profile lever, and it worked as an F, with decock & safety. But I did have to use a 92fs safety detent to allow it to operate as an F series. My other Berettas operate with the safety/decock function so I'm used to it. I was hoping to retain the decock only somehow with a single sided lever but cannot confirm anything with work with the 92x series pistols.
Not plug and play for 92x
If you buy this for a 92 set up as a G model, your factory safety plunger will not work with this Wilson part as the diameter is too large for the lo profile lever. Had to buy an FS standard plunger from Brownells to make it work.
Good Low Profile Lever, Better Hammer-Striker Profile
I wish Wilson Combat would mention how this safety helps with your firing pin strikes. Not only does this safety lever help prevent accidental safety engagement, but it helps make sure your gun goes bang with lighter hammer springs or even the stock hammer spring. If you look at the stock safety, you will see that the firing pin striker piece that goes inside the safety barely protrudes. With this Wilson safety, my firing pin striker sticks out much more, giving it a more positive hammer engagement surface. I'm actually more surprised that the Beretta unit even worked with how it barely would have the firing pin striker stick out. Even the Official Beretta G conversion units have this problem, with the firing pin striker barely sticking out.
Best on the market
***Pros: - does what it claims - solid steel - makes the handgun slimmer and easier to carry - delivered on reasonable timeframe ***Cons: - not easy to install. If you're not careful you could lose a pin or a spring like I did and I had to look around the garage for a couple of hours (no fault of Wilson combat). - the right hand side of the safety selector is not very low profile when the safety is engaged. I understand the purpose of the low profile safety selector is to (keep) the safety disengaged but if you choose to put it on safe then it sticks out. - the finish on the part is a little rough. Compared to the nice Beretta slide finish. I was worried the slide is not going to be as nice as the Wilson combat finish, but it was the opposite. ***Overall: I love it. I recommend it as long as you have the right tools.
Easy, but some fitting required
Its not a hard upgrade. They say use 1/16 punches to knock out the pins, but if you do youre gonna have to pull them out with channel locks. I took mine down a tad with a Dremel and they popped right out. The firing pin striker that goes back in the new safety would not sink for anything! I had to lightly take off material from the tip of the shaft and then it fell right in. Other than that was easy. Looks better, feels better. Went ahead and changed the rear sight with a universal pusher instead of that $200 Beretta pushet when the safety was off. Now its a perfect zero using a combat sight picture. Buy it. And if youre worried about losing springs pull the safety out in a plastic bag.
Just installed this upgrade on my Beretta M9, and I have to say that I love the new addition. This completes my Wilson Combat Beretta upgrades and my M9 has never been better. Thank You Wilson Combat !!!
Great Product
If you do nothing else to your beretta, do this. What an improvement, especially over the stock plastic safety. Another great product from WC.
beretta safety
This is a great upgrade for the beretta 92fs. If you dont want or need the ambi safety/decocker this is way to go. The fit is perfect and the install is easy. Thanks to wilson combat for producing great parts for the beretta 92 pistols.
I love Wilson Combat Parts They make my gun look like a Museum Piece. The secret to installing this part yourself is when reassembling use a nail set to install the plungers. I made one out of wood and it worked excellent. My Beretta keeps getting better and better. THANKS W/C
Night and Day
If you can only afford to buy one thing for your Beretta, choose this. This low profile safety/de-cocker is awesome. You will no longer accidently engage the safety while racking the slide. I takes a few minutes of practice to get used to it. For installation, there are a couple of videos on Youtube to walk you through it. I had two to install. The first one was a bit slow going but the second was a breaze!
Excellent Upgrade
I ordered and installed this Lo-Profile Safety/De-cocker with no problem. It was a perfect fit and lowered the profile of my M-9 Significantly. I was concerned about the reviews stating it was difficult to engage/disengage. After I installed it, I lubed it and after about 5 minutes of playing with it I now have no problem engaging or disengaging it.
Low Profile Safety / Decocker
I was one of those people who would accidentally engage the Over-sized factory safety when I would work the slide power stroke on a re-load. This part fixed that problem. This is a must have on a carry weapon or competition gun IMHO.
Makes a great gun compatible with 21st century training
I installed one of these on my M9A1 and instantly my single complaint about the 92/M9 vanished. No amount of overhand slide racking or malfunction drills will activate the safety or cut my hand. Find a good YouTube video to help with installation and be sure to work in a large Ziplock bag. Well done Wilson Combat. Ill be ordering another for my M9.
Add a little grip tape and its perfect
Like the other review, it was almost perfect as installed. However, it is difficult to disengage the safety quickly - it really takes some practice and even after a lot of practice on the draw and I would still miss it sometimes and be left pointing a non-functional gun - not good. If they had serrations on the underside of the safety it might not be necessary. The serrations on top make it easy to engage, but none on the face or underside make it very hard to disengage. Grip tape on all three sides - necessary because it will peel off otherwise - does the trick. I took some of that GT5000 grip tape, followed the instructions to the letter covered those three sides of the lever portion of the safety with grip tape. It now flicks off quickly and easily with just my inside edge of my right thumb without changing my grip - every time.
Well worth it.
I ordered this safety to replace the polymer safety on my 92 fs. When I tried to install it I found that the detent shaft would not pass thru the hole in the safety. I called Wilson combat and they quickly sent me a replacement. I realize every once in a while a bad part will get thru. The customer service was awesome. They want to make sure their customers are completely happy with their purchases. The replacement was a perfect fit. Slid right into place and has a positive click from safe to fire, but pretty much flush with the rest of the slide. You have to want to switch it from fire to safe or vise versa. It is smooth and operates how a quality safety lever should. Its a great product.
Almost a perfect solution
Ive been carrying my 92FS for some time now in TX, the safety has always been a concern for me, more than once the safety has been inadvertently disengaged. I had been looking for a slimmed down single lever version for some time I was happy when I found the Wilson Combat safety. Installation was quick and easy at about 15 minutes. I noticed several things right away: 1 The safety was much tighter than my old one, not surprising given the 22 years Ive had the firearm; this is both good and bad. Good that its more difficult to accidentally disengage but bad for the same reason, see below. 2 The safety is much harder to disengage now, where I used to be able pull from my IWB holster and disengage the safety while drawing, I can no longer do so. The slim profile is perhaps a bit TOO slim, and the smooth face of the safety lever provides no grip for the side of my thumb to manipulate the lever. I now must use my left hand to disengage the safety in a two-handed grip. Not ideal for me. For me personally, a checkered lever would be very helpful, and perhaps an extra half millimeter of height on the lever or perhaps a slightly angled lever that would provide a bit more bite for a right-handed thumb to disengage the lever. The smoothness of the lever causes the thumb to slide, this is even worse in the TX heat when everything is wet with sweat. I cycled the safety a couple hundred times since install and it has become slightly better, but still very stiff. 3 I also noted that the right barrel of the safety has a very sharp hook when safe, the detent cutout, which points directly up while holstered. This sharp hook started grabbing my shirts and started to bite into my office chair and the seat in my vehicle. This was simple to fix with a rasp and some 1000 grit paper to polish, I simply rounded this area off and polished with no adverse effect to the detent area. This might be a good suggestion, to round or taper the sharp hook area of the right safety barrel. For me personally, this may not be the safety I stick with due to the problem making ready to fire. But thats just me, I found this to be a very well made, easy to install, quality product; if this were not my EDC Id be very happy to keep it on the 92. I took one star off for the sharp hook over the right detent.
Low profile decocker
just got my safety lever let me tell you guys it is so awsome easy to install and feels great I highly recommend thank you wilson combat you guys make a great product
The fit was perfect, the finish matched perfectly. 100% eliminated the slide bite when rapidly working the action. This is a must for this gun.
Perfection Improved
Greatly enhances slide manipulation drills, no more accidently engaging the safety. Had to refer to Berettas Armorer Manual to refresh how to change out safety. Very easy, good fit.
Lo-Profile Safety
Bought this safety for a Beretta 90-two. The cylinder section of the 92/96 safety is identical to the safety of the 90-two, had to hand file and sand the lever and plate to mate a perfect fit to the slide. Price well paid get a single side safety. Took to the range and worked flawlessly. I dont recommend buying parts that have to be machined out of the box, but if you are desperate with a 90-two and have some mechanical ability, it can be done. Another great Wilson product.
A must have for the 92FS
One of the few valid criticisms of the Beretta 90 series pistols concerns inadvertent engagement of the safety lever during slide manipulation. This low profile lever pretty well mitigates that concern. It installed easily on my pistol, but heed the advice of placing the slide in a plastic bag during the work. I did and was glad for it. The lever was very stiff at first but worked in quickly. Unless youre left handed I consider this part a must have. If your 92FS is anything other than a range gun this modification will eliminate a chief concern over the design.
Works great!
I just installed this low profile safety and I really like it. It was a little tricky to install because I did so without removing the firing pin block. You should put your slide in a clear ziplock when its time to press the detents and springs back in. I had the left side literally shoot across the room and cant believe I found the post and spring. I use my thumb to sweep forward and flip the safety off with the knuckle of my thumb. Its tougher with the low profile but I can still do it. Well worth getting used to!! It took me about a half hour to install including looking for the spring and detent.