Bolt Release, AR-10, Bullet Proof®

Bolt Release, AR-10, Bullet Proof®
Item Number: TR-BPBS-10
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Decades of building hard-use AR rifles have shown us the need to build an absolutely unbreakable AR bolt release!
Full-auto, suppressed, pistol caliber and especially large-caliber AR-pattern rifles with heavy bolts and action springs put excessive stresses on the standard cast or molded USGI bolt catch and that part will sometimes break, often damaging your receiver in the process.
This fully-machined bolt catch will fit all USGI forged and most billet AR receivers.  It is fully machined of S7 tool steel, hardened to Rc 47-51 and double tempered for incredible strength.  It has a revised paddle for enhanced manipulations and is guaranteed not to break from use!
Note: In some billet receivers, this slightly oversize part will require fitting to your receiver slot for the perfect fit but will drop-in to most forged lowers on the market.

  • Machined S-7 tool steel, double tempered (Rc 47-51)
  • Black Melonite finish
  • Compatible with all forged and most billet lower receivers