Wilson Combat Battlesight, Square Notch, Serrated Blade, .270" | Beretta 92FS/96FS

Wilson Combat Battlesight, Square Notch, Serrated Blade, .270
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Developed by Bill Wilson specifically to meet the needs of the Beretta 92/96 shooter, this Beretta Battlesight tactical rear sight has a .150” wide, rear Square Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions. The concave rear blade is serrated 40 lpi, while the notch area is recessed into a semi-circular pocket for a crisp, protected sight picture. Drop-in, fit on Beretta 92/96 models with rock solid set screw retention. Machined external front shelf enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance.

The new Beretta Battlesight presents the ideal sight picture for poorly lit shooting conditions, dynamic shooting events or for those with aging eyesight.

NOTE: For Beretta 92/96 models with front sights integral to the slide select different rear heights to modify your pistol’s point of impact. Raising the height of your rear sight by .010” will raise your point of impact approximately 1.7” at 20 yards. 

Standard factory replacement rear height is .270" with a solid post front sight.  

  • 150” Wide and Square Notch for Optimum Sighting in Low-Light, Dynamic Range Conditions
  • Serrated 40 lpi for a Non-Glare Surface in Even the Brightest Outdoor Range Conditions
  • The Pyramid Shaped Rear Obstructs Less of the Target While Shooting
  • External Shelf Enables Easy One-Hand Slide Cycling or Malfunction Clearance in a Pinch
  • Drop-in fit for most guns-may require light fitting

Click here if you need help determining the correct sight height for your gun.

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Absolutely one of the best rear sights available
Changing the rear sight on my 92FS to the Wilson Battlesight made the gun so much easier to get on target and my accuracy improved immediately. Too bad I cannot upload a target to show. Very tight group right on or right by Bullseye at 30 yards - hand held. I also painted my front dot florescent orange, the combo is great.