1911 Magazine, .45 ACP, Full-Size, 8 Round, Standard Base Pad

1911 Magazine, .45 ACP, Full-Size, 8 Round, Standard Base Pad
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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Detailed Description

Our legendary magazines are so inherently reliable they'll make virtually ANY 1911 pistol function EVERYTIME, including YOURS!

  • Increases Reliability in ALL 1911 Pistols
  • Aircraft Grade Certified Stainless Steel Tube Resists Corrosion
  • .025" Tube Walls - Thickest In The Industry
  • Tubes are Heat Treated for Maximum Durability and Service Life
  • Fiber-Fill Nylon Self-Lubricating Follower Provides Smooth Round Feeding
  • Maximum Tensile Strength Heavy-Duty Spring for Long Service Life, Enhanced Feeding and Positive Slide Stop Operation
  • Removable .350" Plastic Base Pad for Easy Maintenance and Versatility with Different Base Pad Options
  • No Other Magazine on the Market Can Compare for Proven Inherent Reliability, Durability and the Ability to Remain Loaded for Long Periods of Time Without Damage
  • No-Risk Service Policy - If It Breaks from Normal Use, We Replace It!

Wilson Combat® has been supplying serious shooters and professionals with the worlds' most reliable and durable .45 auto magazines for the past 30 years. They are used by the worlds' most Elite U.S. Army SPEC OPS unit, FBI SWAT, Thunder Ranch and professionals worldwide. NO other .45 magazine on the market can compare for proven inherent reliability, durability and the ability to remain fully loaded for long periods of time without damage. Our magazine springs are specially fabricated from the highest tensile strength heavy duty spring wire for long service life enhanced feeding and positive slide stop operations. Our magazine bodies are manufactured from .025" (the thickest in the industry) aircraft grade certified 17-7 PH stainless steel and heat treated for maximum durability and service life. Our dimensional tolerances are held so close that you will never encounter a Wilson magazine that doesn't drop free from your pistol or that your rounds are tight inside the tube as long as your pistol and ammo are close to proper specifications.

"Back in 1980, Bill Wilson asked me to test some of his new Wilson-Rogers .45 magazines. He explained that he felt they had solved the problem of cracked feed lips and that their new magazines fed much more reliably than any others on the market. Well, it's 30 years later now and I'm still using some of those original 6 prototype magazines that Bill sent me… Through the years they have proven without a doubt to be the most reliable and durable 1911 magazines on the market. I have personally used specimens from various production runs through the years and have yet to see any quality variation or have one let me down in any way. They are my first and only choice as well as the choice of the elite special forces units I train. I trust my life to a Wilson Combat® pistol and 8-round Wilson magazines; so can you…"


Ken Hackathorn- Tactical Shooting Instructor, Gun Writer, IPSC & IDPA Founder


Disassembly / Maintenance Instructions


Our magazine tubes have a lifetime satisfaction policy. Wilson Combat will replace any magazine tube that spreads, cracks or becomes unusable during normal use. Wilson Combat magazine springs and followers are considered consumable items and may require replacing after extensive use. Polymer baseplates can break if you drop a loaded magazine on a hard surface. We recommend metal baseplates for hard use.

Wondering which of our magazines will fit your gun? Click here to view our magazine compatibility document.

We have 2 basic sizes of 1911 magazines- Full Size and Compact.

Full Size Magazines

Full size is the traditional USGI 1911 frame size. Most 1911 pistols are "full size". This includes all of our Full Size models listed here http://wilsoncombat.com/new/custom-gun-models.asp in addition to most standard, 5" and Commander length 1911 pistols.

Full size grips have a measurement of 3.0625" of center-to-center between the grip screws.

Compact Magazines

Compact denotes a smaller frame similar in size to Wilson Compact, Colt Officers ACP or Kimber Compact / Ultra Series. This includes all of our Compact models listed here http://wilsoncombat.com/new/custom-gun-models.asp in addition to most standard Officer's length 1911 pistols.

Compact grips have a measurement of 2.6875" center to center.


Click Here to View Our 1911 Magazine Troubleshooting Guide


Basepad Guide

Click Here to View Our Basepad Guide

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Fixed Nosedive 3/18/2020
Bought this mag locally to see if I could get my STI Spartan to feed reliably. The mags I had were ACT brand mags and no matter what I tried, the rounds would nosedive so bad it wouldn’t feed. Tried this mag today and it feeds 230 gr ball and 185 gr flat points every time I cycled the gun.
- Darin, TX
1911 runs like a CHAMP! 3/10/2020
I bought two of the 47d 8 Round magazines to see if they would help solve the problems I had been having with my Remington R1 1911. My R1 with stock magazines was constantly not feeding properly causing a jam, and sometimes would strip the round from the stock mag but the slide would lock to the rear leaving the round just sitting there. I noticed a remarkable difference once I switched to the 47d magazines I have only had one round mis-feed, after using my stock mags prior to trying them out. I have not had any malfunctions since then, I have ran about 300 rounds through both new mags. I noticed when I have the stock magazines in and the slide is locked to the rear there is a noticeable gap from where the end of the magazine feed ramp is located to the chamber, the 47d magazines almost eliminates this gap completely allowing the round to be fed and chambered properly.
- Andrew, OH
The solution to my 1911 feeding problems 3/10/2020
For years I have had unreliable feeding issues with my Colt Combat Commander and Colt Officers Models. I ordered my first full size 47D Magazine to try, which made my Commander feed flawlessly. I immediately ordered two more full-size, and three Officers size mags. Since then both of my 1911’s have performed flawlessly without fail. If you have a 1911 you need these mags. Period.
- Terry Bush, OR
Best 1911 Mags available 1/14/2020
I run these in a Kimber Pro Carry II. Out of the box I loaded these up and ran a 400 round break in for the pistol at the range. Not the first hiccup, which included feeding it four different types of hollow points besides the 230 grain FMJ's. They feed flawlessly and fit perfectly. I wouldn't run anything else in my 1911. Wilson Combat perfection!!!
- Daniel Wilson, TN
Old 1911 Guy 8/3/2019
Started shooting 1911’s in IPSC, in 1984. Invested in Wilson-Rogers mags in 1986, still use those same mags, one of the best equipment decisions I’ve ever made. Bob
- Bob Allen, TX
Wilson always works! 8/23/2018
Purchased a Wilson Tactical Elite and 6 47D magazines. The weapon and the magazines function flawlessly. The workmanship is obvious and the quality of build is self evident. Have cycled 4,000 rounds through this platform and magazines with no issues at all. I feel confident that these magazines will not fail me.
- Hans AuBuchon, NC
These are the ones 8/4/2017
My Kimber came with a magazine. I didnt even bother with it; its in the case my gun came with. These Wilson mags are the ones you want. 1911s can be finicky and sometimes FTE, FTF or other malfunctions. Often, a crummy mag is the cause. Just dont fool around. Buy the Wilsons.
- R Baker, CA
If you have ever had feed problems or wonder why your 1911 doesnt stay locked after the last round, most of the time its your factory mag. I buy these with every 1911 I get. They are easy to maintain too.
- Riser, LA
On a Para X 1911 LTC 10/15/2016
At first, the magazine was not allowing me to 8+1. After 2 weeks, I am able fully insert a full magazine with a round in the chamber. No feeding issues on a Para-Ordnance X 1911 LTC.
- Kevin, CA
BEST MAGS EVERRRR!!!!!! 9/12/2016
My Para BlackOps would not feed with its supplied mags out of the box, not even with CMC 10rders. So as a last resort I bought the Wilson 47D mags which I should have done that in the first place. Not a single misfeed or malfunction of any kind. I plan to buy at least 2 more and 2 10rders from Wilson. Thanks for a great product.!!
- Mike G, MI
AWESOME 4/16/2016
I have 5 of these for my Springfield Armory Range Officer. I also have 2 of the ss 10 rd mags & 3 of the 10 rd black ss mags. All work as you expect from Wilson Combat. A reliable 1911 deserves reliable magazines. BUY THEM, YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!
- L Carter, OK
Never turning back..... 2/8/2016
I bought a 1911 that came with one magazine, I had misfeed after misfeed........ Immediately I knew it was the magazine that came with the weapon system so I got two Wilson Combat mags and I can feel the tension in the magazine as I load the mags with hollow points. Went to the range, and not a single misfeed, misfire or fte! Just goes to show you, its not always the pistol the malfunctions weapon magazines make all the difference........
D Ilion
Simply the best 9/21/2015
These magazines have really made every 1911 Ive owned more reliable. Amazing quality and reliability. Order plenty and know your gun is going to work every time.
- Adam Hanson, MN
Top of line 1911 mags 9/9/2015
I bought 3 of these mags and they are like everything else with the Wilson Combat name on it.... AWSOME.. They function flawlessly. I will be picking up 3 of the 10 round mags next.
1911 Magazine 7/9/2015
These mags are the highest quality. After working through numerous failure to feed issues with a new Springfield Range Officer these Mags resolved the issue. Sold on Wilson Combat.
- MT, FL
Smooth as silk! 5/20/2015
I own a total of 26 Wilson 1911 mags, best on the market, smooth as silk!
Fixed my Sig Scorpion! 7/8/2014
I bought a used Sig Scorpion full size 1911 and immediately had a lot of failure to feed issues... I replaced the mags with these new Wilson Combat mags and have not had a single issue since.... I will be buying more soon!!!
- Christopher B, TN
Great mags 6/9/2014
I ordered a few of these for my Springfield loaded 1911. They fit great, function great, and look great. Top of the line magazines!
- Vince, DE
Best mag for any 1911 4/22/2014
Been using Wilson mags in all my 1911s for years now. Ive tried a few others but keep coming back to Wilson. No matter the 1911 brand, a Wilson mag makes it better. Dont forget to keep plenty of Wilson mag springs in your parts bag, as well.
- Bill, NV
Great product, service 4/13/2014
Bought six of these for starters to replace the junk mags that came with my springfield operator. Couldnt have made a better choice. Quality made, reliable, affordable. Unlike other companies, wilson combat has delivered in every way, with great service, prompt shipping, and genuine interest in your satisfaction.
Chad T
Best 1911 Magazine 4/11/2014
Quality, quality and did I mention quality, these magazines work flawlessly and with any type of ammo. The price of these magazines is small compared to knowing they will function correctly every time!
- Phillip, GA
The Best 1911 Mag EVER! 4/4/2014
Wilson Combat 47D magazines are the best EVER! They work every time, with every 1911 I have ever shot, and with every type of ammo. No Exceptions!
- Henry Kadoch, TX
Even great mags need proper post-maintenance assembly. 3/16/2014
I have two 8 round mags with standard baseplate. These are the best most reliable magazines I have used at any price. Even Dads old 1911 made in 1917 loves them. Imagine my surprise when one magazine stopped functioning flawlessly. The cause? After cleaning, I had reassembled the spring upside-down and backwards. See the video. The spring has a top and front that fits inside the follower a certain way to keep the follower properly aligned. PROPERLY assembled the mags work right every time.
- Henry Moore, VA
Factory magazines make great paperweights 2/15/2014
I CCW three 1911s -a Kimber, a SIG, and a Colt. All three pistols came with so-so magazines that FTFd after about 200-300rds. A friend recommended Wilsons and now I own about 40 of them, 7, 8, & 10rds; never an issue with any of them -even the six i accidentaly left full for over a year shame on me! Will never put anything else but a Wilson up the mag well of my 45s! Excellent product!
- D H, CA
47D Magazines 2/1/2014
These are the best magazines Ive used for my 1911. No jamming and incredibly reliable. Aside from the magazines quality, the customer service at Wilson Combat is unbelievable. I ordered 2 of the 7 round mags and they were too short. They wouldnt lock and I was unable to load a round in the chamber. I got in touch with the folks at Wilson Combat and they went above and beyond to help me. They had me ship the magazines back and exchanged them for 2 of the 8 round magazines. Wilson Combat was highly recommended by a friend when I first bought my 1911. Its safe to say that after this particular dealing with them, I will be a customer for life. Thank you Wilson Combat!
The Standard for .45 ACP Mags 1/24/2014
This is the standard that all .45 ACP mags should be compared to. Reliable. Best I have found for my Kimber.
- Harry Salyer, TN
Best 1911 magazines on the market 1/20/2014
I tried many types of magazines when I first purchased my 1911. Out of all the magazines I tried, the Wilson Combat 47D magazines are by far the best. I have since sold all of my magazines that were not Wilson Combat 47Ds. Pros: easy to load, follower does not bind, very smooth function, never fails to feed. Cons: higher price but worth it. I recommend these magazines to every 1911 owner I come across.
- Jim, CA
47D 1911 magazine 1/16/2014
If you shoot a 1911, I have two words for you...WILSON COMBAT!!! Wilsons are, simply put, the best 1911 mags on the market. Period. IMHO. While at the USPSA Nationals in St George, Utah, I saw a guy with a whole bunch of Wilson 10 round 1911 mags. I asked him is there any other magazine on the market that compares? In his thick German accent he simply said, Not really. Then he proceeds to shoot one of the cleanest stages I have ever seen. If the Germans say theyre the best.....hey. They fit, they function, they last. End of story.
- Kent Forbush, UT
Best Mags Ive owned 12/31/2013
The only Mags I use, makes all 1911s run better, never a failure, just bought four more for my Kimber at a great price. Thanks Wilson Combat.
Val Hicks
Perfect 12/26/2013
Read all the reviews looking for suitable magazines for my Kimber. The 47D is just what I was looking for. Beautiful fit and finish and trouble free performance. Will be buying more soon
- Jason, PA
Best Darned 1911 Mags Ive Ever Used. 12/8/2013
I have 2 Kimber 1911s, and after trying the Wilson 47D, threw the stock mags away. I CCW every day, and carry 2 extras in a dbl holster. Bought 10 so far.
- John S, PA
Wilson 47d mags 11/29/2013
I own 6 wilson 47ds they are the best mags out there they greatly improved my springfield 1911 feed problem.I highly recomend them you cant go wrong
- Art LaBelle, NH
Just Plain Super 11/19/2013
I just purchased three magazines for some of my 1911s and after 50 years of shooting I have found the perfect mags. I have used many different mags over the years with some being bad and some being good. These Wilson mags are just pure perfection. Try these and all your other mags will find there way to your junk drawer.
- john lowe, IA
Excellent! 11/19/2013
Have not had that long, love the feel, well made and seem very tough and strong. Seem to cycle great and very smooth also. Purchased for my Remington 1911R1 GI
Wison 47 D 1911 45 caliber magazines 11/8/2013
Purchased two Wilson magazines for a LLama Max I 45, flawless performance, do not use the original magazine.
Mike Petrovic
Another amazing product by Wilson 10/22/2013
This is another incredible example of what Wilson Combat does best, make the best 1911s and accessories for them. I have a Colt 100 Years of Service pistol, and decided, upon recommendation from other 1911 owners, to get an extra magazine for the gun. Wow! After using the 47D just a few times, I was so impressed that I went out and bought 5 more 47D magazines! Look no further if you want another magazine, or 5, for your 1911!
- T Roberts, NY
wilson 47d 8rd mags 10/11/2013
I have a springfield std i have 6 47d mags and they work great! these are the best mags i have ever used. never had a problem with them. keep up the good work.
- Art, NH
Fantastic! 9/30/2013
Using three of these when I carry my Sig Sauer Scorpion carry. Purchased them because after 500+ rounds my Sig mags were already having feeding issues. Fantastic design. Highly recommended.
Kimber pro carry II 9/22/2013
Bought 3 of these. They work great in my kimber. They are excellently made very tough
Lee Schultz
47D duty Tac mags 9/12/2013
These are by far the very best, fit and functioning magazines that I have purchased so far. When your life depends on your equipment you have to demand the very best in reliability and function. These mags live up to that in every type of environment, there are no better mags out there!
Flawless function. 8/31/2013
Ordered 4 of the 47D mags for my Sig Sauer 1911 T-45-TME and they fit and function perfectly.Have shot over 500 rounds of 230 gr.FMJ and JHP and not 1 FTF or FTE.Wilson quality is a sure winner.
- Mike Smith, NM
47D for Kimber Pro Carry 7/16/2013
Perfect in every way. Fit, function, quality all outstanding. I will be buying many more.
Matt K
Best 1911 Mags..Period! 7/12/2013
Wilson Combat. The name says it all. Great Customer Service and very prompt shipping. The 47d and ETM mags run flawlessly, everytime! I trade or give away my factory 1911 mags that come with whatever gun I buy. The only magazine that locks in my magwells are Wilson Combat.
- T. McCain, AL
!!!!!THE BEST MAGS BY FAR!!!!!!!! 7/11/2013
Hands down the most reliable mags i have ever used. Had issues with my Sig Sauer Scorpion Stock Mags, and Bought a Few Wilson Combat Mags and boy, do they make a difference. Best on the market for sure. Never had a jam yet with the Wilson Mags. !!!!!THERE AWESOME!!!!!
- Chris Sherman, MO
Came back for more...again 6/5/2013
Every 1911 I own has an additional 10 magazines for ease of range use and a few for extra load protection. I want the best so I come to Wilson for them all. Top grade and never a problem. Quality = Wilson Combat.
- S Mark Christmas, TX
Wilson Mags replace 30 yr old mags 5/21/2013
Bought six to start replacing the managerire of mags I had acquired over the last thirty years. These have worked perfectly in the 4 different 1911s I own. Thanks Wilson
10mm mags 5/10/2013
After having many ftf with a new pistol that company told me that I needed a 200 round break in, the only thing was that I had many more rounds through the pistol already. instead of doing anything with them I went and bought Wilson Combat 10 mm mags after that all the problems went away. I sold the pistol and I still have mags. thank you for making some of the best products in the market. I still use those mags in other 10mm pistols.
Best mags ever made !!! 5/9/2013
I now own 7 of these mags and and gotta be the best out there.easy to load and use.top of the line. will be buying a lot more from Wilson Combat.
- Mike Moran, OH
Simply the best 5/4/2013
These mags have become the standard for 1911 lovers. Ive also gotta plug Wilsons customer service for holding true to the old saying, the customer is always right.
- J B, AR
Best mag hands down 4/27/2013
I have a kimber pro carry II and had many issues with not only the factory magazine but with mags of another name brand manufacturer. Once I replaced them with the Wilson Combat mags I have had zero issues. These are the only magazines I will use in my 1911s.
- Craig, AZ
47Ds 4/11/2013
Replacements for my Kimber Pro Carry II. Well built, good looking, and absolutely zero FTF/FTE. Highly recommended.
Paul Gersbach
The only 1911 mag there is! 4/11/2013
Purchased 4 for my Sig Extreme. Wilson Combat mags are flawless. Wont consider any other.
- Paul Walczuk, FL
No brainer 4/2/2013
Wilson Combat is one of the last few companies that still value their customers. Their products are legendary and their customer service is outstanding. Its simply a no brainer. Whenever you need 1911 parts Wilson Combat is the way to go.
- phil so, CA
awsome mags 3/29/2013
Omg these things are so awsome! Quality is there and relibility is top notch will buy some more and I will buy the 10rd
- Reniel Aguilon, CA
None better 3/28/2013
If you need a dependable magazine for your 1911, there is no better magazine on the market.
best damn magazines on the market 3/21/2013
Use your mags in both my TRP operator and my Sig Scorpion never have an issue Awsome product.
- Michael Long, GA
47D magazine works great in Ruger SR1911 3/1/2013
I bought 3 Wilson Combat Mags for my Ruger SR1911. They are at least the same quality as the Ruger factory mags at about the same price. They functioned great with 4 different kinds of ammo including FMJ and JHP with brass, aluminum and steel cases. I would recommend these magazines. I had one jam after over 100 rounds but the barrel was getting pretty dirty.
- Michael Strapason, OK
what a diffrence. 2/16/2013
I had been having FTF problems with my TRP and Operator. No longer!!!! Bought a 47-D and after 500 rounds no probkems at all. Now for a Wilson Combat 1911.
47d mags 2/2/2013
Love these mags, my springfield 1911 would missfeed and have failure to feeds all the time after using these mags all of those problems have been eliminated. Couldnt be more happy with them.
47d mags 2/2/2013
Love these mags, my springfield 1911 would missfeed and have failure to feeds all the time after using these mags all of those problems have been eliminated. Couldnt be more happy with them.
- Jonathan suhr, NY
47D 1/23/2013
I just walked in the front door from getting off work seen my brand new mag sitting on the kitchen table on owned the package grabbed 8 rounds stepped outside emptied the clip and never had one problem Wilson Combat has my business absoultey flawless products
Wilson 47D magazine 1/18/2013
This magazine lives up to its promise. Ive used them in my Wilson Classic and Les Baer Premier II without any problems. Ive tried others, but this is the best!
- Alan Woodard, CA
First Rate 1/12/2013
Simple, elegant, refined... I picked up a couple of these after doing a little homework. My original Kimber magazines are ok, but these are clearly more solid, and appear to be more durable. The follower and edges are smooth - no snags or scratches! I think Ill pick up a couple more in my next order.
- Tim F., CA
The standard 1/12/2013
I have recently gotten 2 of these mags and all I can say is that they are better than my Chip McCormick or original Kimber mags!
- Thilo N, OR
Gives a Newbie Confidence 1/10/2013
I have just started handgunning but already own a couple of NON Wilson Combat 1911s. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Gun A did not like Gun Bs magazines ...and vice versa. Wilson Combat to the rescue! The 47D 1911 Magazine works flawlessly in BOTH of my pistols ...maybe even better than the mags that came with the pistols! I have quickly learned that Wilson Combat only sells me things that work well.
- Jim Child, ME
Absolute Magazine Perfection 1/10/2013
These mags fit and function perfectly, and that is just to say the least. Flawless feeding with any round I have tested. The base pad is very durable and adds a clean look to the 1911. Wilson you have set the standard for 1911 magazines with the 47D.
- Hollis Taylor, MS
Top Notch magazines 12/21/2012
I have been using the 47D mags for 8 years now and NEVER had a failure to feed in my Springfield SS 1911. They are quality, awesome magazines, and work well with occasional cleaning and care. I trust my life with them.
- Alaska Paul, AK
Should be everyones standard mag 12/20/2012
I have been using Wilson Mags for all my 1911s for nearly 20yrs now. I have never had a single magazine related problem in 100s of 1000s of rounds sent downrange. It doesnt matter if they are loaded with defensive hollow points, standard ball, or even lead SWCs, they just work. It doesnt matter if I am using them in my carry gun or one of my competition guns I know I can count on Wilsons 100% reliability.
- Joddy, NC
AWESOME MAGS 12/15/2012
I have never had a smoother mag.The fit and finish are top notch american made quality.I will be ordering more of these mags to replace all my 1911 mags. AWESOME PRODUCT PERIOD no need to look at any other mags these are the ones to use.
- mike banks, OH
47Ds are the THE Standard 12/9/2012
I had 6 47Ds, Just bought 8 more, and retired the ones that came with my 99 year old Colt military 1911, stainless Springfield, and Baer premier 11. Like Forrest said, One less thing to worry about. Now if I can only get Santa to bring me one like Mr Wilson carries.
Glenn Miller
A Must Have 11/30/2012
Wilson products are the best in the market. Works Flawlessly every time. I would recommend this to everyone
- Phuong Nguyen, LA
Great Mag 11/12/2012
I have tried numerous non-factory Mags and its not surprise the WC mags are always the best. Smoothest loading and cycling, I have never had a problem with WC mags. spring retention and smooth following are trademarks of WC mags, perfect.
- Sean Brady, SD
Real quality 8/10/2012
Splurged on a new Kimber Super Pro Carry .45ACP recently. Bought one spare 47D at the gun store, then immediately ordered three more directly from Wilson Combat on-line. Finally went to the range today - the 47D magazines were much easier and even to load than the one that came with the gun. I have a number of different semi-automatics, but was really impressed with the 47D. Shot 150 rounds through the brand-new gun with zero problems. The magazine is a standout - real quality you can see and feel. Highly recommend.
- Dan, FL
The only choice for me! 6/6/2012
Of the half a dozen 1911s that I own, Wilson Mags work in all of them without flaw. Other competitors ask me why I keep winning the local combat pistol matches? I tell them that I do not skimp on my magazines which is why I do not have any equipment issues and can focus on my shooting skills. When your life depends on your tools going bang each and every time, Wilson Magazines are a must have. Practice, train, and you too will see why these magazines are the only ones Ill use in my 1911s, regardless of manufacture. Thx for a great product.
- LtCol USMC Ret., CA
Have used Wilson Magazines for Decades 5/6/2012
I have a Colt Series 70 .45 acp that was Wilson- modified with the then-available full bore package. Work was done in 1988. I have some 10 Wilson magazines that have functioned flawlessly through this pistol.
- Steve Martin, FL
The Best on the Market. 4/4/2012
I have 3 Kimber Pistols that I have bought in the past. Each time I purchased one, the first thing I did was throw away the Kimber Mag and replace it with a Wilson Combat P/N 47DOX. I have shot thousand rounds and so far have not had any problems. Thank You
- Dwight, TX
If you choose Wilson, clearly you choose Perfection! 2/25/2012
I am a 1911 guy who has purchased many mags and these are by far the best. Reliability is key to all shooters either for sport or protection and these mags are in the gun next to my bed and in my range bag. I ordered one for a friend and now he is loading up too. I will never buy another brand. Thanks Wilson!
- Michael, TX
Best magazine for 1911. 2/12/2012
I love these magazines. They are my preference in 1911 magazines by far.
- Benjamin Baham, LA
A must have 12/7/2011
Every 1911 owner should be running these mags. I have four of these magazines so far and they are without a doubt the most consistent feeding and durable magazines I have used. After switching over to running these mags in my Range Officer I have had zero rounds fail to feed. These are carried on me in my concealed carry so yes, I would bet my life on the reliability of them!
- Killian Eckert, FL
Great except for the followers. 11/9/2011
I have two 1911s, both from quality companies, but neither is a Colt or Wilson. Neither will lock back on empty reliably with the 47Ds. I have never had a failure to lock back in either with four OTHER brands of quality magazines. Im sure these work fine in Wilson 1911s, but they dont always work with other brands.
- Thomas Cox, NC
The Kimber FIX Wilson 47D 8round. 10/8/2011
I Have had a Kimber SIS pro for the last two years. I bought it NIB. It had failer to feed, failure to eject and failure to battery forward. I had my gunsmith put in a new wolf guide rod spring, polished the feed ramp,throat the barrel and tune it. That fixed 85% of it.I just got a 47D mag and it now runs flawless! I am now saving for my next 1911. It will be a WILSON!!!
- Bret, IA
Wilson will always be in my carry piece. 9/28/2011
I just got my Wilson Combat mag a little less than a week ago and right out of the package I could feel how sturdy it was and how smooth it inserted and dropped out. I had no trouble loading it, not even the last round. Ive had feeding troubles with my other magazines in my picky springfield gi model, but this fed every last round just right all the time. I would feel more than confident to carry this in my pistol with me. The only issue I had was upon inserting the magazine, it snagged on the magazine release. Ive noticed on other magazines there is an identation or bevel to help slide past this. I have to put a considerable amount of force into it to get past my mag release. I dont know if its my release or the magazine, but it should be a simple fix for me. 5 stars because I dont need to insert the magazine before using it in a hurry. Its already in and I know its going to work as intended. Thanks WC.
Great magazine 9/20/2011
I just got this magazine in the mail today and ran it through my regular mag tests. checked for wobble while inserted, slide lock, chambering on full It passed my tests. It sits very solidly in the well with very little movement, operates the slide lock flawlessly and had no problems feeding rounds which is a problem I have been having with my 1911 where the round nose dives and gets caught My only complaint would be that it did take longer to get here than I had expected. However, the quality of Wilson Combat I think is worth waiting for. All in all Im very pleased with it.
Matt H
Your Life. Wilson Combat. 8/20/2011
I always hear people talk about how Wilson Combat magazines are expensive. I dont consider these expensive at all, because you are not just buying a name. You are buying trust in your firearm, you are buying reliability, you are buying those few extra second when other inferior magazines would cause a jamb, and quite possibly you might be buying your life with it. You are buying Wilson Combat. I would rather spend the extra ten bucks and know my pistol WILL WORK when I need it to. And not trust in a inferior product hanging on the hope that it continues to work right for me. Sure other mags may work right now, but do you really trust them to continue to work in less than optimal conditions, when you really need them, when your life depends on them? Probably not. Buy Wilson Combat, your life is worth it.
- Justin Gossett, GA
47D Works Flawlessly in My 1911 Pistols 8/18/2011
I just picked up four more 47D magazines for my 1911 pistols. I have found these magazines work flawlessly in both my CQB ,as they should, and in my Colt Lightweight Commander. It is great to use one magazine in both pistols. The magazines are made of high quality stainless steel and they are a breeze to clean. The 47D is the easiest 1911 magazine I have ever maintained. The spring life is great but when it is time to change them out the process is fast and easy. I use the 47D for both my range work and for my carry weapon. I have found the 47D to be dependable and they handle every type and style of bullet from hardball to wad semi wad-cutters without problems. Since my Colt has an alloy frame I look for magazines with non-metalic followers, as some metal followers can damage the feed ramp, the 47D fits the bill. If your gun cabinet holds a 1911 pistol or several 1911 pistols you can not go wrong with the Wilson Combat 47D magazine.
- Bruce Grafton, IL
SIG + Wilson = Perfection 8/15/2011
These magazines are just as good as the factory supplied ones that came with my new SIG 1911 Tactical Operations pistol. I replaced all of the standard size base pads with Wilson’s extended pads because of some seating problems due to the SIG’s thick, oversized and beveled magazine well. I now carry the items in a Tuff Products 8 In-Line pouch with the SIG in a SERPA CQC holster. This system is as good as it gets!
Jhonnie Blayvine
Wilson Mags 8/10/2011
These are the finest magazines I have used in my 1911, would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Round after round consistency. Thanks for the awesome mags WC!
- Bo Tay, CA
WOW 7/18/2011
I just wanted to drop you all a note about your 47D Mag. I have a Kimber series 1. I was having feeding problems. I put new springs in and the problem persisted. I took it to a gun smith and he looked at it and told me it would be two months before he could look at it. I told him I did not want to wait that long. I was so frustrated. I looked over the 1911 forums. The cure according to the internet community was buying a Wilson Combat 47D mag. I was skeptical, I really was. I went to the store and got one. I really cant tell you how happy I am with your product! It fixed ALL my feeding problems. Thank you for taking the time to make a perfect mag.
High Quality 7/15/2011
I keep coming back for more. I have 10 of these. Well worth the money.
Info 6/19/2011
I have a carried Kimbers warrior, tactical, cdp on duty for years and the only magazine that she likes is the Wilson. I still have mags from 2003 that work. When your life depends on it, I only use Wilson.
- Bryan, CO
Top Quality Magazines 4/25/2011
The factory mags that came with my SA Loaded 1911 were terrible. They operated fine, but were difficult to load. These WC mags not only operated beautifully but are buttery smooth and easy to load! I will certainly be purchasing more.
- Eric Pasch, VA
Wilson 7 round mags 4/20/2011
I bought 4 of the wilson 7 round 1911 magazines for a Thunder Ranch class. Ill be honest at first I was aprehensive about using the mags because I shoot a Springfield 1911 Operator. After 3 days of intense Clint Smith drills the mags perfermed flawlessly. Magazines are one of those things you dont think about unless something is going horribly wrong, I was more than impressed, not 1 issue the entire time. I dopped them several times in dirt, snow, and mud, Id quickly wipe them down and go back at it. Im sold on the mags and cant wait to buy other products, especially a Wilson 1911 when I can afford it.
- josh walker, TX
Sig Tact Oper 1911 4/9/2011
These mags do what Wilson says they will do. Perform and function, period. I ran 200 rounds through the 4 mags I purchased from my Sig Tact Oper 1911, no problems at all. Solid buy.
- Christopher Howard, VA
Cured FTF on my Kimber Eclipse Custom II 4/2/2011
Used the new Wilson mags today...had no ftf which was a consistant problem with the Kimber mags. Would recommend these mags to anyone that may be experiencing ftf, or just wants a quality magazine.
- Mike P, NJ
Great mags!! 3/16/2011
I own several of these mags and they have never failed to function... Period. Even after long fully loaded storage times months.
Donnie Montgomery
Works great in Kimber CDP II Pro Carry 3/10/2011
This works great in my Kimber CDP II Pro. The reason I went with Wilson Combat instead of the Kimber factory mags is the nylon follower instead of metal and the extra round capacity. They do stick down below the handle but I use the 8 round mags at the range and the 7 for ccw.
- Mark, TX
Best Magazines Available! 3/2/2011
Theres a reason whenever you buy a 1911 the first thing you do is buy some of these, only magazines that wont fail on you when you need them! These are the only ones I trust with my life.
- Erik, OR
47-D, an instant reliability package. 2/26/2011
Ive been shooting 1911s for 5 years using nothing but these magazines for the most part. Theyve never failed me. In fact, they made a gun that had previously not wanted to feed reliably with the factory magazines it came with into one of the most reliable 1911s Ive ever shot. I went for over 5,000 rounds without a single malfunction using 47-Ds. I have the utmost confidence in this product and have no qualms about recommending it to others when asked about quality magazines for the 1911 platform. Wilson makes one hell of a product. Reliable, high quality magazines are an absolute must and these fit the bill perfectly. Do yourself a favor and pick some up, you wont regret it.
- Paul Q, CA
47D the very best 2/16/2011
WC 47Ds, the only Mag I have that works in all my 1911s. Never any problems. I wont buy anything else.
Steve Hermann
47D the only magazine in our range bag. 2/11/2011
2 seasons shooting IDPA about every weekend and these mags are still going strong, getting ready for season 3!!! My husband & I both use them w/o a glitch in our Colt pistols. Well worth every penny when reliability is crucial. Thank you for such a fine product.
- Kristy R, PA
47D 2/10/2011
These magazines are great. Much better than the factory mags that came with my Kimber. I have never had any fedding issues with these mags. I plan on buying many more of these as my 1911 collection grows.
Highly Recommend 1/26/2011
bought one of these for my Para Gi expert and just blew my factory mags away in performance
- Matt, TX
Wilson Combat 47D magazines 1/3/2011
Over the years I have had my share of magazine disasters. I have purchased knock-off magazines that fell apart the first time they hit the deck while doing a combat reload and I have had others that failed to feed reliably. A good friend put me onto Wilson Combat magazines, the 47D to be specific, and now I will never use any others. They fit perfectly, feed reliably, and their follower will not score the feed ramp of my alloy framed Commander. Should the spring ever weaken, I assume it may some day, it can easily be replaced. The added round is just icing on the cake. In my honest opinion Wilsons magazines are the best available and a wise choice. Dont settle for second best for either range work or for self defense, put Wilson Combat on your side.
- Bruce Grafton, IL
Elite Tactical Magazine P/N 500 12/20/2010
I have been shooting a 1911 since the vietnam days of my early Navy Career. I have been using the Wilson Combat Tactical in all five of my 1911s. just received my recent order of an additional Four More 45ACP 8Rd, ETM Base magazines. cant get enough!
- Bruce Johnson, TX
Worlds Best Magazines 12/10/2010
Ive been shooting 1911 pistols for 25 years and believe these magazines are without a doubt the worlds best. Even before I owned a Wilson, I used these mags in other makes of 1911s with magnificent results. I own probably a dozen of these mags and would never consider anyyhing else. If your pistol does not function with these mags, there is something seriously wrong with your pistol. Stock up on these beauties; youll be glad you did.
- K Hutchison, IL
Make Your 1911 Reliable! 11/28/2010
I have been using these magazines for years, stored loaded most of the time and they make my 1911 run like a Glock in terms of reliability. I have had to replace the springs twice in the seven years that I have had mine stored loaded and at the ready and with that, these things couldnt fail if you tried to make them. Everyone is using modern-style magazines, Wilsons in particular, for a very good reason: they work. See for yourself why and you will be happy.
- Lee H, VA
47d Mag. 11/18/2010
Its the one I have in all my 1911 defense guns. How can I say more I trust my life with them!
- Joe Weinsteiger, CO
Wilson 47D 11/18/2010
These are the best 1911 magazines that I have ever used. Every single 1911 I own runs Wilson 47Ds. Ive never had a magazine related failure with Wilsons.
THE Standard for 8 Round Magazines 11/3/2010
If you are familiar with the 1911, you are surely familiar with this magazine. It is often considered the gold standard by which others are compared. A magazine is the heart of any semiautomatic handgun. If they dont function reliably, you may find yourself with a 38oz paperweight in your hand, when you need a gun. These magazines work like the heart of an Olympic athlete! Lightweight, exceptionally durable aluminum, excellent finishing. The spring is strong and the follower is durable. Be aware, these followers lack the dimple often seen on 7 rounders. They are also plastic, which can wear over time. Inspect them for wear and replace might as well replace the spring as well if the slide does not lock back on the last round. You can order replacements here. I have noted very minimal wear on mine after 4 years of use. Do yourself a favor and order a few of these. You can never have enough handgun magazines! Carry them, along with your CQB in the Wilson nylon pistol bag, and you will have the ultimate pistol-magazine-case trifecta.
- Brian M, NC
Every 1911 owner should have at least 3 of these! 11/3/2010
 If you are familiar with the 1911, you are surely familiar with this magazine.  It is often considered the gold standard by which others are compared.  A magazine is the heart of any semiautomatic handgun. If they dont function reliably, you may find yourself with a 38oz paperweight in your hand, when you need a gun. These magazines work like the heart of an Olympic athlete! Lightweight, exceptionally durable aluminum, excellent finishing. They have always fed FMJ and hollow point ammunition reliably.  The spring is strong and the follower is durable.  Be aware, these followers lack the dimple often seen on 7 rounders. They are also plastic, which can wear over time.  Inspect them for wear and replace might as well replace the spring as well if the slide does not lock back on the last round.  You can order replacements here. I have noted very minimal wear on mine after 4 years of use.  Do yourself a favor and order a few of these. You can never have enough handgun magazines!  Carry them, along with your CQB in the Wilson nylon pistol bag, and you will have the ultimate pistol-magazine-case trifecta.  I wouldnt hesitate to carry these magazines in my pistol off-duty to protect myself and my family.  I hope to try their ETM magazines soon.
- Brian M, NC
Perfection 10/7/2010
What can you say about these that hasnt been said a million times? These are high quality and dependable mags. I cant seem to break them, no matter what and I feel comforted knowing my Wilson gun, has a rock solid Wilson magazine with Wilson ammo. Get a few and then some more--theyll make great heirlooms for the kids :-
- Dan Boldo, WA
Makes my RIA Tactical 100% reliable. 10/6/2010
I had odd malfunction while taking my CCW class in my new RIA Tactical. My CCW instructor thought it was due to the factory magazine that came with it and recommended I get some Wilson Combat magazines. I followed his advice and 6 months later have not been sorry. My budged priced 1911 from the Philippines now operates with 100% reliability. The claims on the website about making any 1911 function all the time are 100% true.
- Michael Michalski, UT
Best 1911 magazines I have used 9/29/2010
I never have had a single feed problem with any of my Wilson 47D magazines. The 47D spring and shell are of a higher quality then the magazines I received with my 1911 and of my other non-Wilson magazines, which all have had feeding problems in the past. I will only use Wilson magazines in the future because of this reliability. Thank you.
These magazines are amazing! 8/29/2010
I just recently bought a 1911 loaded target from Springfield Armory, it came stock with two stainless 7 round magazines with no base pads at all. A friend gave me a few other magazines from various manufacturers i have never heard of, but when i tried them i could never shoot through an entire magazine without feeding issues and jams. When i got tired of all of the hassles i purchased one of these magazines and when i tried it i fell in love, no issues whatsoever with loading and theyre made of durable materials so i dont have to worry about bending the tube when i change magazines during competition. Buying and testing out that first magazine made me force myself to buy four more of them...and Im still loving them all just as much
Wilson Combat 47D Magazine Review 8/12/2010
My 1911 had difficulty with failure to feed issues. After purchasing several magazines on the market, I finally bought a Wilson Combat 47D. The 47D is now all I run. Flawless performance every single time. Simply holding the magazine you can see and feel the immense quality and engineering. I have never been so impressed with the performance, quality and attention to detail from a magazine before. After using a Wilson Combat product it was obvious, I need to own one of their pistols. It will absolutely be my next 1911.
- Drew, AZ
What a difference!! 7/31/2010
This Mag as well as a few other parts, breathed new life into my old Colt Govt. The expert advise that I got from the Wilson staff was right on target. I received my parts within two days! Why do business anywhere else!!!
- clyde, AL
Best 1911 Magazine Hands Down 6/10/2010
Regardless of what brand name is on your 1911, you want the best available magazine to feed your thirsty blaster. The Wilson Combat 47D is the best magazine made for the 1911. I have tested all of the brands and used them in all configurations and the 47D Wilson Combat is the best and the first I will always reach for to feed ANY fullsize 1911. If you are having failure to feed issues this Wilson Combat 47D Magazine will go a long way into curing your feeding problems. The overall quality of the build, and the metallurgy are perfect. The placement, size, and attachment of the base pad are second to none. The spring and follower are probably the best on the market. Though I shoot over 2000 rounds per week, yes thats per week I pay specific attention to the performance and wear of my tactical gear. The polymer follower on the 47D is self lubricating and functions perfectly. If you are looking for the best in terms of looks, function, and performance, look no further than Wilson Combat. I have put over 10000 rounds on a single magazine with no cleaning, and it still performed flawlessly.
- Kevin Cash, TX

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