Wilson Combat 1911 Auto Maintenance Manual by Bill Wilson

Wilson Combat 1911 Auto Maintenance Manual by Bill Wilson
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In this informative technical manual, Bill Wilson shares many of the little tricks he's learned over the past 25 years on proper maintenance of the 1911 Auto.

  • Complete Disassembly / Re-Assembly, How to Check for Proper Extractor Adjustment, How to Check Major Components for Proper Fit and Function, Proper Lubrication and Other Useful Information for the 1911 Owner
  • 65 Pages
  • Full Color

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Great book to a great price 9/7/2012
Easy to read, clear language, color pictures - and this all for a great price. You cannot be wrong with this book.
- Jorge Estrada, OK
Required Reading for 1911 Operators 2/24/2011
My husband ordered this booklet for me when I bought my first 1911. The instructions are very clearly written and it contains plenty of supporting photos for clarification. You will learn the parts of the 1911, how to field strip it, how to completely disassemble it, and how to clean, inspect, and reassemble it. If you are looking for help deciding which products to buy - Bill names names. I found the maintenance schedule and spare parts recommendations to be particularly helpful. I only wish the troubleshooting section was a little more robust - it tells you what to check, but you will need another book/DVD/expert to figure out HOW to check it.
- Cynthia R, NC
Destined to Become a Classic, Get This Great Booklet Today. 12/19/2010
If you dont have one of these great manuals, youre reading from the wrong page. Bill Wilsons 1911 Maintenance Manual is an absolute necessity for any 1911 owner, which is why he includes a copy with each pistol. If you have not yet moved up to the pinnacle of magnificence, a Wilson Combat pistol, no worries. You can buy a copy of this great manual direct from them and apply Bills years of experience and words of wisdom to any 1911. If you are fishing for a manual that will tell you all you need to know about your 1911 and it does not say Wilson Combat, throw it back. His disassembly/assembly DVD makes a perfect companion to this highly informative and detailed booklet.
- Kevin Hutchison, IL