Vickers Elite Snag Free Front Sight for H&K, Tritium

Vickers Elite Snag Free Front Sight for H&K, Tritium
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Snag Free Front Sight, Green Fiber Optic, Vickers Elite for H&K® .225”

  • .225” height
  • .140" wide
  • Green Tritium
  • H&K® Vickers Elite replacement front sight for 45, 45C, P30 9mm, P30 40 S&W, P30L 9mm, P30L 40 S&W, P30SK, VP9
  • Black Parkerized finish

NOTE: Because of factory variances, sights may require minor fitting and may not be returned after installation.

Front Sight Installation FAQ

With the slide in a padded vise, remove front sight from left to right with non-marring punch on the flat part of the dovetail base.  Do not impact the sight blade. Reinstall Vickers front sight from right to left.  If sight will not start at least 30% of the way in the slide dovetail you may need to remove some material from the bottom of the sight. Tap in with non-marring punch on the base of the front sight until centered.

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Bravo Wilson Combat! 2/20/2017
I recently acquired a HK VP9. LAV seems to love these H&Ks, so I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. Although it had the Meprolight Night Sights installed from the factory, I did not like covering the target to get a solid hit. After a few range outings with the VC9 , I was ready to sell it until I saw this sight. I ordered it and combined with the Tritium rear Battlesight offered by Wilson, I now have a very familiar and usable sight on the H&K. It is becoming one of my favorite Tupperware guns! I also run these sights on my Glocks. Bravo Wilson and Vickers
- Mike Fragala, VA