Vickers Elite Battlesight for H&K, Tritium

Vickers Elite Battlesight for H&K, Tritium
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The high profile Vickers Elite Battlesight rear has a .165” wide, deep U-Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions and is a perfect match to our .140” wide front sights. The concave non-reflective rear blade is serrated 40 lines per inch, while the notch area is recessed into a semi-circular pocket for a crisp, protected sight picture. Two hardened set-screws ensure this sight will never shoot loose under the most demanding conditions.

This snag-free rear sight also has a shelf shape that enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance and a rugged, non-reflective matte black parkerized finish.

The Vickers Elite Battlesight is available with two dot Tritium and plain black serrated rear blades and your choice of black serrated, green/red fiber optic, tritium and genuine, never dulling gold bead front sight styles. The high profile of the Vickers Elite Battlesight allows the use of a taller front sight and deeper rear notch for better sight tracking during high speed shooting situations.

Once you try this sight system you will be convinced that the Vickers Elite Battlesight is the best performance upgrade you can make to your H&K pistol!

Larry Vickers is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. Find out more about Larry Vickers on his website

Note: These sights fit all calibers of the following models VP9, P30SK, P30L, P30, HK45, HK45C, and HK45C Tactical. They Will NOT fit the P2000, USP, or older H&K models.  These sights will retain the VP9 polymer slide charging supports.

Rear Sight Installation FAQ

Remove the magazine and make sure your pistol is unloaded. Remove and Field strip slide assembly and secure the slide in a padded vise. Remove existing rear sight with hammer and punch.  Clean rear sight dovetail and press in new rear sight from right to left.  If rear sight will not start into approximately 50% of the dovetail you may need to remove very small amounts of material from the bottom and sides of the dovetail portion of the rear sight-usually just a few light passes will do.  A safe sided dovetail file, small diamond hone or sanding stick are good tools for this. Go slowly and check your fit. Once you are able to get 50% of the sight base into the dovetail attempt to tap the sight in place with a hammer and non marring punch/dowel (wood, polymer, aluminum) or appropriate sight pusher. If using a steel or brass punch protect the sight/punch with several layers of duct tape. Fine adjust your windage with a rear sight armorers tool or non marring punch.  After you fine adjust rear sight windage install dual locking screws with a threadlocking compound like Loctite on the threads. 

Note-if the rear sight is loose in the dovetail your dovetail is cut oversize and the new rear sight may require peening on the edges of the dovetail for a proper fit.

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Excellent Sight Picture 2/20/2017
I recently acquired a HK VP9. LAV seems to love these H&Ks, so I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. Although it had the Meprolight Night Sights installed from the factory, I did not like covering the target to get a solid hit. ALL my 1911s, Wilson and others, have the WC Battlesight rear with either Gold Bead, Fiber Optic or Tritium front, for an even picture regardless of what I am shooting or carrying. After a few range outings with the VC9 , I was ready to sell it until I saw this sight. I ordered it and combined with the Tritium front offered by Wilson, I now have a very familiar and usable sight on the H&K. It is becoming one of my favorite Tupperware guns! I also run these sights on my Glocks. Bravo Wilson and Vickers
- Mike Fragala, VA