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The high profile Vickers Elite Battlesight rear has a .145” wide, deep U-Notch for optimum sighting in low-light, dynamic range conditions and is a perfect match to our .125” wide front sights. The concave non-reflective rear blade is serrated 40 lines per inch, while the notch area is recessed into a semi-circular pocket for a crisp, protected sight picture. Two hardened set-screws ensure this sight will never shoot loose under the most demanding conditions.

This snag-free rear sight also has a shelf shape that enables one-hand slide cycling or malfunction clearance and a rugged, non-reflective matte black parkerized finish.

The Vickers Elite Battlesight is available with single dot Tritium and plain black serrated rear blades and your choice of black serrated, green/red fiber optic, tritium and genuine, never dulling gold bead front sight styles. The high profile of the Vickers Elite Battlesight allows the use of a taller front sight and deeper rear notch for better sight tracking during high speed shooting situations.

Once you try this sight system you will be convinced that the Vickers Elite Battlesight is the best performance upgrade you can make to your Glock® pistol!

Larry Vickers is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. Find out more about Larry Vickers on his website

NOTE: Sights may require minor fitting and may not be returned after installation. The Vickers Elite Glock® Sight set requires the use of a .245”tall front sight for all caliber Glock® pistols except for .45 ACP and 10mm which will typically require the .230” front sight. Sights may require minor fitting and may not be returned after installation. These front sights are taller than factory Glock® and not compatible with standard factory rear sights without adjusting the sight height.

  • Overall Sight Height .325
  • Rear Blade Height .245


Wilson Combat Vickers Glock® rear sights are not compatible with factory Glock® MOS (Modular Optic System) slide models due to the rearward relocation of the sight dovetail position.

Glock Rear Sight Installation FAQ


Remove the magazine and make sure your pistol is unloaded. Remove and Field strip slide assembly and secure the slide in a padded vise. Remove existing rear sight with hammer and punch.  Clean rear sight dovetail and press in new rear sight from right to left.  If rear sight will not start into approximately 50% of the dovetail you may need to remove very small amounts of material from the bottom and sides of the dovetail portion of the rear sight-usually just a few light passes will do.  A safe sided dovetail file, small diamond hone or sanding stick are good tools for this. Go slowly and check your fit. Once you are able to get 50% of the sight base into the dovetail attempt to tap the sight in place with a hammer and non marring punch/dowel (wood, polymer, aluminum) or appropriate sight pusher. If using a steel or brass punch protect the sight/punch with several layers of duct tape. Fine adjust your windage with a rear sight armorers tool or non marring punch.  After you fine adjust rear sight windage install dual locking screws with a threadlocking compound like Loctite on the threads.  

Note-if the rear sight is loose in the dovetail your dovetail is cut oversize and the new rear sight may require peening on the edges of the dovetail for a proper fit.


Installation and Overview YouTube Video Courtsey of nsz85




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Works Well With Gen 5 Glocks
Initially I was hesitant to purchase these sights since they fit Gen 4 and 5 Glocks. Most other manufacturers have different specs for different generations. Luckily it works and is accurate. The U-Notch makes shooting easier and precision shots quicker. Plus it’s a sleek look. Highly recommended
Best sites for a Glock
These are great, durable, look great, work better. Worth every penny.
SRT Officer review..
As an avid shooter and SRT officer I constantly look for aftermarket options that make my Glock 21 and Off duty Glock 19 a precision piece. I paired my 19 with the .230 front fiber optic front sight and a Wilson combat barrel. I can literally put a Round where I want it with these sights. Great product, made to duty standards and the customer service by Wilson is second to none.
Best Glock Rear Sight Ever!
Simple, strong and solid, great sight picture. Screws tend to work loose and fall out. Once sighted, a small drop of blue Loc-Tite on each screws thread will prevent this. Outstanding sights and very reasonably priced.
Great sight, but recommended front sight height may be off...
Love the Vickers sight combo, simple clear sight picture and great workmanship. I cant speak for 9mms, but both my Glock 22 and Glock 27 shoot MUCH closer to point of aim with the shorter .230 front sight recommended for the 45/10mm, than with the recommended .245 I first purchased.
Good sights
Installed a plain rear sight with gold bead front on gen4 g34 and liked it enough to buy a tritium rear with tritium front on gen4 g19. Pros - definitely improvement over factory sights; different color rear, white, and front, green, tritium sights; inclusion of front sight tool. Cons - both rear sights took a bit of filing work; both guns required the lower front sight, not the recommended height, which you only find out after buying and trying the recommended front sight.
The best all steel sights I have ever used!!!.............
On Jan 17, 2015 - I just installed a set of Vickers Elite Battlesight for Glock w/front sight tritium on my G22 Gen4 FDE. Wow!! What a difference!! This is the most accurate, durable, all steel sight system I have ever used by far. It is sooo accurate you almost don`t have to aim - just point and shoot. That`s all. The deep, U-shaped rear notch does it`s job and because of it`s rounded edges and matte finish, keeps your eye focused on the front sight, right where it needs to be. Very, very easy to level off the front sight and squeeze. If you don`t hit where you are aiming each time, you need a new pair of eyes. Great to use a product that ACTUALLY works as designed by someone with Larry`s level of experience and training. I completely trust everything that Larry says about weapons, especially trigger control. Hats off to Larry Vickers.....again!
great sights for glock 41
I was on the market for some replacement sights for my glock 41 and was very hesitant on deciding which set would be the right choice for me being that there are so many options out there. I finally decide to go with these in the all black rear and green F.O. Front combo.I must say that I am very pleased with my decision. The sight picture is really nice and clean.The accuracy at about 15 to 20 yards increased greatly for me with better/tighter grouping compared to the stock sights.The POA and POI was more accurate as well.Im glad I did alot of research before I made final decision on these. Im sure with more practice I will be able to get better shots.You will not be disappointed if you purchase a set. :
The G19 has never been better.
I picked up a G19 many years ago for all the inherent advantages to be gained over a 1911. Heresy, I know. I have tried every sight out there these werent available then and have been left sorely disappointed every time. I paired these with the gold dot front sight .230 rather than the recommended .245. I cant even begin to communicate how elated I am with these sights. Extremely fast target acquisition, POI at POA with precision, sight picture matching my Wilsons and all the practical advantages of a ledge sight. The G19 is now an absolute joy to shoot. Thank you Wilson for bringing my old polymer back into rotation.
G19 use review
The Vickers Elite Battlesight is a robust, effective, and welcome addition to a G19 for CCW use. The rear sight is easy to install with little filing required. The 1/8 inch set screws are welcome over the usual 0.6mm set screws used in other sights. The rear sight is robust for one hand manipulations. Hardy for real use in various environments, and the notch depth and width are perfect for rapid and accurate sight picture. I have experimented with the different front sights; tritium, red fiber optic, and gold bead. All function well on a well-lit daylight range. I personally had the best front sight picture, acquisition time, and accuracy with the gold bead in varied backgrounds of dense forest foliage and distracting urban colors and geometry. Depending on your environment and age or your eyes you will need the select the front sight best for you. Durable and very effective. Highly recommended.
Perfect on a G17
I installed the rear sight and green fiber optic front sight in about a half hour. I was concerned that the pistol would not shoot POA/POI. My concern was misplaced. My pistol is dead on with these sights and acquisition of the front sight when shooting outdoors is very fast. Great product. Ill be buying more sets of these sights.
Great Sight for my G19
I purchased the Battlesight because I love the sights on my WC Ultralight Carry and wanted the same sight picture on my Glock. Its a perfect heavy duty combat sight and comes with just enough oversized dovetail to make fitting simple but solid. I would highly recommend it. Thanks WC!
Glock 41 sights
Spent a lot of time looking for the right G41 sight combo. There is very little out there since its so new. Sight picture, one hand manipulation, and install was awesome. Used the .230 front sight as recommended and its on the money. Front sight slightly loose in the slide but snugged up nicely. Rear sight took a bit of filing maybe 5 minutes. Thats a good thing. I want my rear sight real tight since it will be running through one handed drills. These are the first sights Ive installed on my own, and the first review Ive ever written about a product. Oh dont forget Wilson gives you the front sight tool. Other folks like to hit you for another 5 bucks or so. Hope this helps other folks. Wilson and LAV thanks for killer fast and rock solid sights.
I first learned about these mid-2013. Contacted LV for more information. He was gracious enough to respond to my several inquiries over the next few months. When I got the email they were available from WC, I jumped. Literally. And may have been the first order! LOL I love the battlesight on my Wilsons. Even put a battlesight on my target model with the adjustable sight. Yes... they sell the blade! I have been running another sight combo on my Glocks that was close, but this was what I was waiting for. So.... Ordered on May 2nd, 2014. Had two sanctioned matches and was not able to make the change until just last week. Switched them out on Friday and shot Saturday to check them. Sunday, shot a big local match and did pretty well. Let’s just say; best in that match to-date. Love Them... Love Them... Love Them!!! I am running them on a G35 and POA = POI. May be different on a shorter slide, as another reviewer mentioned. FAST sight picture... Period. Try them... You will not be disappointed. Thank you WC and LV.
Worth the wait.
Finaly found them in stock and ordered them along with the front sight. Put them on and went to the range. Point of impact was low. I let a buddy try and he had the same problem. I put the original Glock front sight back on and shot perfect. I got around to finaly reading the directions and Vickers recomends .125 front sight I bought the .245 front sight as that was the one suggested. So lesson learned. I dont see a .125 sight for sale on the website so Ill hit up a local gun store as I also found I love the green dot. In summary Rear sight is excellent as expected from the collaberation of Wilson and Vickers.