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A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job. That is why Wilson Combat® hammers are manufactured from the best quality steel to keep that clean crisp trigger pull shot after shot.

Considerable attention has been paid to the geometry of our hammers, particularly to the location of the strut pin hole which has been re-located to aid in obtaining a light trigger pull.

Experience has shown that our advanced hammer design enhances reliability and the ability to consistently produce a crisp, yet safe trigger pull.

All Wilson hammers have been narrowed to provide adequate slide/hammer clearance and some are skeletonized to improve lock time. It is worth noting that skeletonizing a hammer improves the speed that it travels, which in turn reduces lock time. It does not effect the trigger pull.

When you build as many custom pistols as we do, you learn the value of a quality hammer.

You can count on Wilson Combat® hammers.

Our Value Line Speed Hammer offers you a reliable performance at a very affordable price. With cosmetics basically identical to our deluxe fully machined #337B Ultralight hammer, it has a real custom look too.

They're manufactured using the MIM (metal injection molding) process which produces a quality product at a much lower price than possible with conventional manufacturing methods.

Note: For best results, we recommend using this Hammer in conjunction with #314C Value Line Sear.

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One piece of the pie
I like these hammers. I spent about 30-45 minutes polishing the circular sides on the hammer, very light/minor stone work to clean up the hooks and true/polish them out. This hammer combined with the value line sear, sear spring, and 21# hammer spring brought the trigger pull down to 4 pounds. I'm sure there are other hammers by WC that require less work but I enjoy it.
Great trigger
I recently installed a Value Line Hammer, Sear and Drop In Beavertail Grip Safety in my Rock Island 1911A1. With the original parts, the pistol had a nice trigger pull and averaged about 4.75 to 5 pounds trigger pull. After installation of the new parts, the pistol retained that nice trigger pull, with a very consistent 4.25 pound trugger pull. Installation was drop in and easy.
Great Hammer. Buy It!
No problem getting it my commander Desert Eagle. If you are looking for replacement parts to rebuild, these function well.
Rock Island Armory M1911 A1-FS
Looks great but unfortunately I have one of those RIA that just had one be picky. Not a drop-in in for my Rock that I bought in 2016. Minor fitting required. I was able to use my stock sear. Works flawlessly!
Exellent hammer
I added this hammer with my Wilson drop in beavertail safety fits very nice and works great. Only disappointment is the value line sear to go with it was not in stock, my original sear seems to work ok for now. As others have said buy a new Wilson hammer strut and pin they are very cheap compared to the frustration and time of removing them from your old hammer.
High quality ,inexpensive , drop in part . Looks fantastic . Just buy it ! Wilson Combat youve done it again .
Installed this great hammer in my 1911 full size GI RIA pistol with out issues. 10 minute upgrade. Lifetime value!
Excellent piece, just buy a strut and pin too!
Works very well with only minor fitting may be necessary. I strongly suggest you also purchase a new strut and pin, since its next to impossible to remove the items from the old hammer
Great product as usual! Only way Wilson makes stuff!!
Installed this hammer when I put in the skeletonized match grade trigger and replaced the grip safety with a Wilson beavertail.
RIA 1911 A1 Mid Size
This hammer dropped right into my RIA Midsize. Great fit! Great Look! Very smooth action. Installed along with Value Line Sear 314C and Beaver tail Grip Safety 429BG.
RIA 1911
Perfect drop in on my 1911 A1 done work myself with no problems great products
ria 1911
did this value line hammer and strut springs and beavertail on my 1911. perfect drop in. no fitting required. looks and shoots better than ever.
very good hammer
this hammer is a very good product. I am very pleased with it,but I want to upgrade to the 337s hammer. thank you.
Cant go wrong
I bought this hammer along with the value line sear for my Colt 1991a1 compact. Dropped right in and looks great. Trigger pull is crisp and much nicer than factory. Great value. Wilson makes great parts.
RIA FS Govt. 9mm upgrades
Drop in! Absolutely no fitting required with 429SG and 314C.
I dropped this along with a value line sear and a beavertail into my rock island and it is now the best shooting gun I think I have ever had. perfect trigger, light, predictable and smooth.
Used this hammer to update my 1911
I dropped this hammer in and it worked flawlessly.
Thank you Wilson Combat
I purchased the 455b hammer for mi RIA FS. It was a breeze to install and looks great.
Great parts
Its true that you get what you pay for. Excellent quality and great fit at a fair price.
Fits ATI commander size
Dropped in very easily in my ATI commander size 1911. Swapped out old springs with Wilsons spring kit and hammer is super crisp to pull and drop.
value & quality
i was surprised,, i wanted the ultra light hammer, but they were out, so i got this value hammer, and im glad i did, i saved money on a quality product, and purchased a sear with the money i saved
Para Upgrade
I purchased this for my Para GI Expert ESP. It looked great and took all of about 4 minutes to install, also added the matching WC trigger.
this hammer fits perfectly and goes great with the drop in grip safety. just drop in and go. i will never make the mistake of buying from anyone but wilson combat again.
Superior Hammer at a GREAT price A++++++++
100 percent like description. reduced trigger pull from 7-8 pounds to at least 3.5 to 4 pounds. drop in fit on mine. Thanks Wilson
what i would expect from wilson
installed in a taurus pt1911, drop in fit, great hammer, the primary firing notch DOES NOT look like the picture, mine required some stoning to ensure it would get caught by the sear, but that being said paired with a cylinder and slide match grade sear and disconnector, i have a crisp, consistent break at 2.4 lbs.
True drop in
Got this hammer to match your Value Line beavertail grip safety. The person who took my order was very helpful in making sure I got the part I wanted and having it Parkerized. I installed it in a 1943 Ithaca Goverment 1911A1 and it dropped right in and mated to the sear without having to do anything to it. Very crisp clean release at 3 1/2 lbs. Never would have beleaved for a value type part to fit so well. Thanks for carrying a well made part for a value price.
Great product, I installed this hammer in my Para Ordenace 1911 no modification nessisary and works with stock sear
A true drop in part
I installed this along w/ the value line sear into my Rock Island GI model. The sear came w/ the relief cut already done. hammer and sear lined up perfectly and fit into frame w/ NO fitting at all. Wonderful part thanks Wilson!!!

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