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This lightweight and compact vertical grip will easily attach to any picatinny rail system.  It is lighter than many polymer foregrips and has a small, compact footprint that offers enhanced grip but doesn’t get in your way.

  • Mounts Directly To A Picatinny Rail
  • Machined From 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Mil-Spec Hard Anodized Black Finish
  • 3" Long x 1 1/4" Diameter
  • 1.9 oz.


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This is an ideal pistol grip for AR-style rifles. It's well made and strong. It is super easy to attach and is very compact yet comfortable. I have large hands and my small finger has no place to go, but it does not need one. When gripping, one's small finger generally has no practical value, and it stays in line with the other fingers. The bottom line here is that this is a really nice grip and the price is far less than other big-name brands. You can spend more on a grip, but anything other than this one is wasted money.
Locks up nicely!!
Ive had this grip for over a year now, and have just ordered another for my recent build. The grip is simple and has no wiggle at all when tightened down. The grip doesnt have any storage, but they are very light. These grips are mounted on Daniel Defense RIS II MK18 rails. I was worried that they may get too warm with extended shooting, but that hasnt been a problem. I wish Wilson Combat made these in other colors, but that isnt anything spray paint cant fix. I definitely recommend this grip if you are looking for a very solid lightweight short grip.
Its Awesome
Great Grip, Period.
wilson does it again
this is the best vertical grip I have ever used strong light and not too bulky like most cant say enough about it or Wilson combat in general
Loving it!
Bought this for one of my 4 ars. I have 4 different vertical grips, 1 on each. Of all, this is now my favorite. It is lighter that the famous plastic makers railed version and also about half the circumfrence. It is cheaper than most other well known plastic or aluminum grips. It is NOT a full size grip. Think the grip size on a subcompact pistol and that is about how this is, just a touch longer. Ergonomics are great and liking the flare to help keep a firm grip. I think that this is going to replace all my others less 1 and will go on any future build. Those with large hands may not like it as it will feel like a big hand stop versus dedicated grip, but I absolutely love the size and feel of it! Will definately buy again. As for quality, its wilson, nuff said.
Small and Sturdy
I wanted a quality vertical grip and look no further than this. I originally was going to get a la rue tactical vertical grip, but it was so over priced. The others arent very impressive magpul, etc.. Anyhow this has a very durable finish and doesnt scatch easily. Pros-rock solid, durable finish, takes up smaller space on your rail than most, price is a steal. Cons-maybe too short for some, but perfect for myself and others. Nothing else comes to mind.
Best Mini Fore Grip, PERIOD!
This unit is small, 3 fingers, incredibly light, adds virtually no weight to your rail. The mount is rock solid. Perfect for people who have lots of add ons on their rifles. The contour of the grip is comfortable and sits well in the palm of your hand. This unit is a bargain and exceeded all my expectations. Hats off to Wilson Combat!
Incredible Value
I ordered this last week for my AR after seeing it in the Whats New list. I received it a few days later and I couldnt be any more impressed. It is rock solid but also light. It is comfortable while remaining handsome. Similarly made CNC aluminum vertigrips go for over twice the price of what Wilson is asking--and many are not any nicer. Definitely worth the price!

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