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A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job.

  • CNC Machined from Solid Stainless Steel, R/C 48-52
  • .020" Hammer Hooks with 8 RMS Ground Finish
  • Narrow Half-Cock Notch to Prevent Sear Nose Damage
  • Precise Strut Pin Hole Location to Aid in Obtaining a Light Trigger Pull
  • Enhances Reliability and the Ability to Consistently Produce a Crisp, Yet Safe Trigger Pull
  • Narrowed to Provide Adequate Slide/Hammer Clearance
  • Skeletonized to Improve Lock Time


A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job. That is why Wilson Combat® hammers are manufactured from the best quality steel to keep that clean crisp trigger pull shot after shot.

Considerable attention has been paid to the geometry of our hammers, particularly to the location of the strut pin hole which has been re-located to aid in obtaining a light trigger pull. Experience has shown that our advanced hammer design enhances reliability and the ability to consistently produce a crisp, yet safe trigger pull.

All Wilson hammers have been narrowed to provide adequate slide/hammer clearance and some are skeletonized to improve lock time.

It is worth noting that skeletonizing a hammer improves the speed that it travels, which in turn reduces lock time. It does not effect the trigger pull. When you build as many custom pistols as we do, you learn the value of a quality hammer.

You can count on Wilson Combat® hammers.

The Skeletonized Ultralight Hammer is fully CNC machined from solid stainless steel bar stock and heat treated to R/C 48-52 to produce the finest 1911 hammer on the market. This hammer features a skeletonized spur for minimum weight and fastest possible lock time, hammer hooks cut to .020" with 8 RMS ground finish and narrow half-cock notch to prevent sear nose damage.

Combine with our Ultralight Trigger (#190) and Deluxe Sear (#314) for the ultimate trigger job.

Minor fitting required.


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Excellent quality part
Replacing all the MIM parts in my SW 1911 E Series one part at a time. Latest upgrade was this Bulletproof hammer along with the 314 Bulletproof sear, I was prepared to have to fit these parts however they dropped in without having to modify them or any part of the gun and they work flawlessly. I'm very pleased with the quality of Wilson parts and I look forward to having all the stock MIM parts in my SW1911 replaced with Wilson Bulletproof parts
Appreciate the quality
Decided to upgrade some parts in one of my 1911s and as always..first stop was Mr Wilsons website. Ordered several items including this bulletproof hammer along with the bulletproof sear. A few days package was on my doorstep. The craftsmanship in this hammer is impeccable.. with .020 hammer hooks and a near mirror finish on the flat. The sear was the same quality and the primary angle was perfectly cut and shiny. There was no secondary cut on it though, but a few strokes on my white stone took care of that lil issue. Trigger feel now is as perfect as I could ask for which I set at 4.25 lbs my carry gun. Bottom line... Im a happy camper. Thanks Mr Wilson!
Awesome trigger, highly recommend!
I just got the Bullet Proof Hammer and Wow was I Pleased. Very High Quality, almost no work required. Ill be putting this in my other 1911 soon.
I had a quality hammer in my gun by another company but it was 15 years old. So I decided to put a new one in. This hammer is not only good looking but it works flawlessly. It even lowered my trigger pull by 1/2 pound.
Best components that you can get.Love the stainless hammer and sear for my carry. Wish I could get diamond square cut G10,grips. SOME DAY. THANKS, PAUL S MARRS. GUNS-N-REPAIR
Tank Proof
not bullet proof, but really TANK PROOF for life!!!
Amazing results!
I replaced all my trigger components in my S&W with Bullet Proof parts and set the trigger to 3.25 lbs. Factory pull was about 4.75 and had a clean break. I was speechless after I got my gun back from my local gunsmith Clint at Coyote Creek in Rochester MN. These parts are amazing! I had a knowledgeable customer next to me give it a few pulls and he said “Wow, now thats an amazing trigger. . . WOW”. Only issue, if you can call it that, is that the hammer had a few sharp edges that I had knock off. Great parts!
Great Product
I use the WC on three guns now, its become my standard hammer when upgrading. Be prepared to stone the hammer hooks though, theyre very very close but for a fine trigger job its needs just a very little work.
its ok...
i just got the hammer and had to file down my thumb safty that was all stock on my auto-ordenance corp worcester,ma model 1911a1 u.s. army for it to lock correctly after installing this hammer....im not very happy,its a exspensive hammer and should of had more material around the front end of the hammer for my thumb safty to be able and ingage...:
Great hammer
I just installed hammer, sear, and disconnector. All hardcore . Along with a new trigger I now know the meaning of breaks like a glass rod I sent hammer to be Jeweled before in stalling along with barrel and trigger So I now have a great trigger and a little Bing on my Defender.
High quality Hammer
High quality grade Hammer, excellent finish and looks really cool too. I installed this on my Springfield Loaded M1911-A1 along with Deluxe Sear A-2 and the trigger pull is a lot more crisp and smooth. I highly recommend this to anyone whos planning to install a new / replacement hammer to their 1911. You will not regret this as long as you know what youre doing... this is A MUST HAVE...
Perfect replacement !
Replaced the stock Colt hammer on my Commander with this, and with the Wilson Trigger.....all I can say is WOW ! So crisp and fast now !
I was amazed at the easy installation and perfect fit of this hammer on my Auto Ordnance 1911. Looks great and easy installation. Perfect