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A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job.

  • CNC Machined from Solid Tool Steel, R/C 48-52
  • .020" Hammer Hooks with 8 RMS Ground Finish
  • Narrow Half-Cock Notch to Prevent Sear Nose Damage
  • Precise Strut Pin Hole Location to Aid in Obtaining a Light Trigger Pull
  • Enhances Reliability and the Ability to Consistently Produce a Crisp, Yet Safe Trigger Pull
  • Narrowed to Provide Adequate Slide/Hammer Clearance
  • Skeletonized to Improve Lock Time


A quality hammer is an essential component of a fine trigger job. That is why Wilson Combat® hammers are manufactured from the best quality steel to keep that clean crisp trigger pull shot after shot.

Considerable attention has been paid to the geometry of our hammers, particularly to the location of the strut pin hole which has been re-located to aid in obtaining a light trigger pull. Experience has shown that our advanced hammer design enhances reliability and the ability to consistently produce a crisp, yet safe trigger pull.

All Wilson hammers have been narrowed to provide adequate slide/hammer clearance and some are skeletonized to improve lock time.

It is worth noting that skeletonizing a hammer improves the speed that it travels, which in turn reduces lock time. It does not effect the trigger pull. When you build as many custom pistols as we do, you learn the value of a quality hammer.

You can count on Wilson Combat® hammers.

The Skeletonized Ultralight Hammer is fully CNC machined from solid tool steel bar stock and heat treated to R/C 48-52 to produce the finest 1911 hammer on the market. This hammer features a skeletonized spur for minimum weight and fastest possible lock time, hammer hooks cut to .020" with 8 RMS ground finish and narrow half-cock notch to prevent sear nose damage.

Combine with our Ultralight Trigger (#190) and Deluxe Sear (#314) for the ultimate trigger job.

Minor fitting required.

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Dropped right in my RIA ultra fs 10mm
Great product , high quality machine and finish work .
Bullet Proof Perfection
Installed this hammer on my mc operator. Precise location of the hammer strut hole aids in easy cocking of the hammer and elimates the possibility of overcock as well. Additionally it will prolong the life of your trigger job. As advertised, being bullet proof, it will last a lifetime of hard use. Wilson Combat is my one stop shop for everything 1911!
Did the Complete Trigger Job -Excellent
I have a Sig Sauer 1911 Nitron Rail. Ordered WC Bulletproof Sear, Bulletproof Hammer, Hammer Strut, 190B Ultralight Match Long Black Trigger. Thankfully every part dropped in with no fitting required. Also polished the trigger rails with a trigger rail stone Brownells. Trigger pull went from 5.75 lbs to 3.5 lbs. Trigger pull is crisp and with no creep. I will soon be ordering same parts for my 1911 Sig Sauer Reverse 2 Tone. I would recommend ordering all these parts and do the complete trigger job. You wont be disappointed. Absolutely please with the quality of the WC parts.
Put This Hammer in a Ruger SR1911 Commander
With this hammer and other Wilson parts, disco, strut, sear my Ruger runs great.
SA Mil. Spec.
Great looking part, I was going to try to stick with the original grip safety, as thats what Ive been used to this is my primary home defense weapon but after installing this hammer, I found it will not work with the factory SA Mil Spec grip safety. Im am purchasing a beavertail and I will just have to get used to it but this is a top notch product and I would expect no less from Wilson. Superlative should be define as, simply, Wilson Combat,
great hammer in my ria 1911!!
I used my arbor press and reused the part and pin off my ria 1911 in this hammer. I have replaced all the internal parts in my ria 1911 with Wilson combat now. the only thing I had to do was hand fit the safety after putting this hammer in. this pistol was a good shooter before, but when I replaced all the internals and got the trigger down to around 2.5 pounds, it has really come into a world of its own. as shooters we know a good trigger can make or brake a pistol.
Bullet proof hammer/sear install
I purchased a hammer and sear together from Wilson for my Kimber. When I got them out of the package I was impressed. Looking at both items under magnification the polished surfaces were nearly mirror smooth. Install was not a big problem. Due to minor differnces in the shape of the hammer I had to file just a dab off the engaging part of the thumb saftey. After that lil bit of work I now have an extemely crisp 5 lb trigger on my carry gun. I am impressed. Ive swapped out several parts of my Kimber with Mr Wilsons parts.. Now its offical a Wilber..
Hammer, Ultralight Skeletonized Bullet Proof,Blue
Fit my Para Expert like a glove no fitting required.Great product,good price,fast shipping.As usual, Wilson Combat Delivers!
drops in SA TRP
Dropped right into my TRP Operator. Be sure to get a new hammer strut and pin to make installation a breeze
Works well!
Good product, had to open up the hole a little to get it to fit but it actually made my Remington R1 a little more smooth.
brilliant hammer
dropped right into my pt1911 looks great. for me it makes it easier to cock the hammer when im gripping the pistol so it was a great addition.
Great as usual
This hammer hits the nail on the head, pun intended. Fit and finish were excellent out of the box. Dropped into a high standard 1911 with no fitting required. Performs well, easy to grip, and improves the overall aesthetics of the gun. Note: every Wilson part Ive bought dropped straight in. I highly recommend this part/company.
Outstanding Hammer - will buy many more
I purchased this hammer for a Springfield Loaded that had a horrible trigger pull. Along with a Wilson trigger & sear, the trigger feel now is a thing of beauty. This hammer fit without needing any further work, and the contact surfaces were highly polished and properly cut. Very high quality work. Wilson will also support you and answer any questions you may have.
Great combination with the A-2 sear
The hammer is easily installed and required no fitting with my Springfield Trophy Match. Combined with the WC A-2 sear, the trigger breaks without any creep at 2 1/2 - 3 pounds. Im all smiles. Highly recommendable.
Drop in for me
This was drop in for my Kimber Ultra CDP II, did my own trigger job with a new sear, disconnect, hammer, hammer strut, sear spring, main spring, and trigger all from Wilson Combat. Results was a 3 lb trigger pull with zero play vertical or horizontal. Everything was drop in except the trigger which I had to shave a little off the top. Put 100 rounds through it with no problems. The light trigger with zero play improved my accuracy. I am a amateur with gun smithing and with an understanding of the inner workings of a 1911 this project was pretty simple.
Took a bit of work to fit
Wasnt exactly a drop in part for my Springfield Milspec. Had to do quite a bit of fitting work to get it and the Deluxe Sear to fit properly with the drop in beavertail.
Great drop in product
Looks awesome. Runs great.
Perfect fit
Both this and the beavertail dropped right into my 1944 Ithica. Fit and function is perfect