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The Wilson CombatŪ upper case will accommodate scoped or un-scoped AR-style uppers up to 36" overall length.

  • Accommodates Scoped or Un-Scoped AR-Style Uppers Up to 36" Overall Length
  • Manufactured of Nylon
  • Thick Padding, Soft Inside Lining
  • Black with Wilson CombatŪ Logo
  • 36" Long by 10 1/2" Tall
  • One Piece Wrap-Around Handles
  • Nylon Zipper
  • Lockable

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Big enough for a 16" rifle
Glad I decided to buy this absolutely love Wilson Combat product's, and this is no different wanted something slim with good padding. From a distance it has a little discreteness to it. Hard cases people automatically know it's a gun case, and I will get the $60.00 true rifle case WC has to offer but you can tell it's a rifle case has the magazine pouches on the front are a dead give away so these are nice back up if you want to lay low more while traveling or going to the range. You will have to wiggle your rifle around a little to zip it up fully but not a big deal. As for an upper case of course it's great for that because it was made just for uppers was made to do exactly that. 2 uppers will fit good in it, if you break down your rifle into a lower and upper your rifle will fit a lot better and almost perfect for that versus the uppers or a full assembled rifle.