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Wilson Combat® Ultima-Lube II is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants specially formulated to insure optimal performance of any firearm and inhibit wear.

Ultima-Lube II Universal

  • All Purpose Lube for All Firearms
  • Stays Put Under Extreme Conditions
  • Recommended Lube for Wilson Combat® Handguns
  • 40° to 350° F Temperature Range
  • Recommended for Service Pistols/Revolvers and Broken-In Custom Handguns, Long Guns of All Action Types, AR Style Rifles in the 20° to 50° F Temperature Range

Wilson Combat® Ultima-Lube II is a blend of petroleum and synthetic lubricants specially formulated to insure optimal performance of any firearm and inhibit wear. The unique blend of lubricating fluids has proven ideal for today's high-tech semi-auto weapons, whether manufactured of conventional steels, aluminum alloys or stainless steel. In addition, we have found nothing superior to Ultima-Lube II for the proper lubrication and protection of the hand-fit custom firearms that Wilson Combat® is known for.

Ultima-Lube II is Available in Four Formulations:


Ultima-Lube II Lite Oil - Very low viscosity. Ideal for extreme cold weather use. Recommended Uses: Tightly fitted handguns of minor caliber.

Ultima-Lube II Oil - Thin viscosity penetrates hard to get to areas. Ideal for cold weather use, 10° to 350° F temperature range. Recommended Uses: Tightly fitted handguns of all types.

Ultima-Lube II Universal - All purpose lube for all types of firearms. Stays put under extreme conditions, 40° to 350° F temperature range. Recommended Uses: Service pistols/revolvers and broken-in custom handguns, Long guns of all action types, AR style rifles in the 20° to 50° F temperature range.

Ultima-Lube II Grease - Ideal for heavy wear areas. Stays put under extreme conditions, 40° to 350° F temperature range. Recommended Uses: Full and Semi-Auto rifles and carbines, Optimal in AR style rifles at temperatures above 50° F.

General Recommendations on Lubricating Firearms:

  • ALWAYS wear safety glasses when disassembling or reassembling any firearm!
  • Do NOT over lube!!!
  • Once your firearm is broken in, lube only those areas where you see visible wear, lubricating areas that don't have contact will only attract debris and fouling.
  • After lubrication and re-assembly, cycle the firearm several times and wipe off any excess lubricant that may seep out. If you have lubed properly this should be minimal.
  • For firearms that will be used at constant temperatures below 10° F, we recommend you use a very light coat of a very thin lubricant like Break Free CLP or FP-10.

Ultima Lube II Universal MSDS

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including petroleum products, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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5 Star Products
Hands down the last lube you will ever buy. If you dont like it, email me and Ill BUY IT FROM YOU! There isnt another manufacture on the market that makes anything close to this and after trying EVERYTHING available, nothing but WILSON COMBAT will touch my firearms. ALL OF THEM. PERIOD. There will not be a doubt in your mind after you clean, lube and shoot your firearms with their products. ESPECIALLY this. Stop reading this review and add to cart already! what are you waiting for? Seriously, STOP READING AND START BUYING!
This is the best stuff I have ever used on my hand guns and love it. It makes the action soooooo much smoother and slicker that its hard to believe. I had been using some of the Slip 2000 Extreme Weapons Grease I got from Amazon and thought it was working very well at least until I tried this stuff. Its like the metal on metal parts are sliding on ice. I cleaned all my guns and replaced the slip 2000 with the Wilson Grease. They have a video on YouTube where they did the grinder test on metal bearings with 5lbs of downward force for 5 seconds and used several different oils and lubes that are available. The grinder ruined all the bearings except the one treated with the Wilson grease. Check it out-do a You Tube search for the Wilson Combat Grease test.
Fantastic Company
Your Universal Lube is great. I would buy again and recommend it to friends and all gun owners. Especially like the applicator tip making use easy. Stays where put. Also like the very prompt service!
Great gun lube and dispensing tip
Great gun lube for my 1911s. Smoother action than I had before on the slides. Thanks also for putting a nice narrow dispensing tip on the bottle as well!
ultima lube II universal
Bought this lube to use on my new shotgun if its good as everyone is saying I should be able to enjoy my gun for several years!
Incredible lube. Way beyond expectations.
I dont generally leave product reviews, but this lube is just amazing. Ive used several types of lubrication for my Kimber. Ive spent a little more for high-end products too, and I was just convinced that one lube really wasnt much better than the next... just the price was different. I cleaned and lubed my Kimber last night and used this for the first time, and I was blown away by the difference. The action of the slide is so smooth now. I feel absolutely no resistance and dont notice any hint of metal-on-metal feeling. I was so impressed that I continued to rack the slide over and over and just say Wow! The Ultima-Lube II makes a huge difference. I will recommend it to friends and anyone who will listen. This will now be used along with the Ultima-Lube II Grease on my AR.
I Tried it,...I LOVE IT!!!
Saw the reviews and wanted to give it a try. Lubed my 1911 just the way the video shows and man,.. is that smooth!! All my weapons will get this treatment.
Believe the hype!
After trying several other lubricants, I purchased the Universal Ultima-Lube and immediately noticed the smoother action on my 1911 slide. Its not hype. It is head and shoulders above the competition. I wont use anything else.
Great lube
I was given a bottle of this lube at a Larry Vickers 1911 class recently. This stuff is great. It doesnt disappear like most other lubes do. I can use some of the other companies lube product and within a couple of months the lube just disappears. This stuff stays put. Use it on my duty weapon. When this bottle runs out Ill be buying more.
Gotta get some...
I never do reviews on products, but I have to tell you, this stuff is by far the best lubricant I have ever seen and Im an old guy! Extremely slick, stays put, and with the applicator tip you dont waste any. You might not think you need a change from what you currently use, but you need to give it a try. Great product!
the best lube available
I use the ultima-lube II on all my semi auto pistols and my Wilson combat AR15. It does everything I need and never evaporates. I am impressed. Thanks Wilson Combat for making this product available.
Good Stuff!
This is amazing lube. A bit less viscous than the grease but light enough for general use. After lubing and greasing all my guns, suddenly my wife can rack the slide of my .380 and use the .38 spl revolver in double action mode. My 1911 is smooth as silk and just everything is easier and smoother. I am glad I took a risk to try this stuff out. It was worth it. Its going to last a long time as you only use just a few drops here and there. The smaller bottle will last you quite a while.
The BEST ever!
This is the BEST weapon lube I have ever use, hands down! I got the Universal Ultima-Lube II and my MC Operator 1911, AR-15 and other weapons stays lubed! It doesnt dry out, even after shooting a couple hundreds of rounds through my weapons, it still looks like it just got lubed. I will never use any other weapon lube except this one. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Great stuff
Ive had different gun lubicrants and this one is awesome. The applicator tip is nice so that you dont over lube the firearm.
A+ gun lube
I had been using CLP for a long time and was very happy with its performance...until I tried Wilson Combat Ultima Lube. This stuff is slippery but doesnt seem to seep out of the weapon, it stays put...where I intended it to be.
Crazy lube!
Excellent adhesion to the bearing surfaces where I placed it. Could tell an immediate difference in the action when I cycled the slide after first application. Tested in 106 degree heat an it did not migrate from the treated lube points. Wicked slick lube. Thanks Matt and WC.
excellent lube
Its super slick and stays where you put it.on top of that customer service is top of the line.
It stays where you put it and it works
Just like the title says, it works. It is the first product I have tried that lubricates and does not run off the gun.
Slick Stuff
This stuff is super slick and stays where you put it. I also like the fact that you can cut the tip exactly how you want it. That helps to get just a little in those hard to reach places.
This Lube is Slick!
Ive been using Wilsons Ultima-Lube Universal in the small syringe applicator for some time and am very pleased that it now comes in four-ounce bottles. This stuff is awesome. While it was designed for heavy wear areas such as frame/slide rails and barrels, it is equally effective on light duty areas too. Although Wilson offers Ultima-Lube in a couple different variations, I found that for me the Universal is absolutely perfect. My firearms deserve the best care possible; so do yours. Dont waste your money with other products.
This Stuff is Awesome! SLICK!!!!!
I dont know whats in this stuff, but it is very Slick! I put a tiny drop on my finger tips and rubbed them together for as long as I could. It remained slippery and wouldnt come off. Nice consistency, cool color. I plan to order more!!! Very good job of packaging & the bottle has a needle point type tip for easy application on those areas like inside slide rails.
I hope they have it soon!
Ill be very glad to review this. As soon as its available! Ill give 5 stars for now! Got a bottle on backorder now. Wilson Combat makes THE BEST Firearms in the indusry! Their Customer Service is equally THE BEST! TOP NOTCH!!!