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Adding some weight to your WCP320 polymer grip module can enhance your recoil control and improve the balance and handling of your handgun.

These solid tungsten slide-in weights are non-magnetic, corrosion resistant and have a drop-in fit to your Wilson Combat WCP320 grip module or factory SIG SAUER X-Compact grips.

  • Three solid tungsten rod weights for WCP320 module that total 42g/1.5 ounces
  •  Drop-in fit compatible with Wilson Combat WCP320, WCP365 or SIG SAUER 320 X-Compact grip module


NOTEBecause these weights are a drop-in fit, apply a dab of heavy grease to prevent any potential rattle with some frames. For a more permanent installation, silicone caulk adhesive is a great choice.

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Simple, easy and impactful mod
No need for adhesives, glue etc imo.. Used 3/4” blue painters tape as mentioned below. Wrapped top end 3 times and used my thumb to push them in just short of the bottom in case I want to remove them at some point. Did this on my Wilson gripped EDC P365 XL Romeo. This set up now for me is the best gun I’ve ever held and shot. Hope this helps someone else!
Securing rod’s
I followed the suggestion for heat shrink tubing and it works Perfectly! Not one rattle!!
Washy tape for the win!
I used washy tape instead of painters tape since I couldn’t find it quickly. Worked perfectly to stop the rattling. On YouTube lots of videos showed people having a red and white spot on the smaller weights with directions to put them in specific slots. Mine didn’t have any color so I hope they’re ok.
Tungsten Weight kit
The balance of my 365XL with these weights is next level, really nice upgrade to go with the combat grip. Noticeable difference. Thanks for the tip on the Painter's tape, worked really well.
the painter's tape install trick
Frank Dawkins's suggestion, below, to use painter's tape around the weights to keep them from rattling worked great! I did do something a little different, though. I had two inch tape on hand, so I cut pieces that went pretty much the entire length of the weights, one layer deep. I pushed the wrapped weights into the channels with my thumbnail, and stopped just shy of bottoming them out. That way if (for whatever reason) I wanted to remove them, I could fit a curved pick underneath the weights to push them out.
great addition for sig p320 with Wilson X-compact grip module
DON’T buy the Wilson XCompact grip module without getting these weights -very easy install -use the painter tape tip seen below to secure - REALLY improves shoot-ability and reduces muzzle flip
Excellent for adding a bit of "heft" to the grip module
I utilized blue painter's tape to wrap one end of each of the three tungsten weights before installing them in their respective channels inside the handle of the grip module. I put the open end of each weight in its channel first, then pushed down on the other end with the painter's tape wrapped tightly around the weight with the tip of a punch until each weight was all the way into its channel. There is no rattling, and you do not need to use grease or silicone to do this. And all you need is roughly one wrap around one end of each of the weights with a standard 3/4" roll of Scotch Blue Original painter's tape which can be purchased at most painting supply or home improvement stores. Again, leave one end unwrapped so it is easier to push down each weight fully into its channel all the way. Super easy!
These are great. As other reviewers have commented, they definitely won’t stay seated without some help. I found the perfect (non messy) solution. 1/4 heat shrink tubing for the large weight and 1/8 heat shrink tubing for the 2 smaller ones. I only put it on the upper half of each pin because I think the molding in the frame gets tighter towards the bottom. Fits snugly once shrunk around the tungsten weights! Perfect fit!
Tungsten weights for P365
Along with changing to the Wilson grip model for my P365 XL, these tungsten weights have changed this pistol so much for the better. Not only for feel, but for recoil control enhancement as well. Highly recommended. BTW I read, and followed someone else’s advise to use a single wrap on blue painters masking tape instead of glue, or silicon. Fits very snuggly and I have not heard or felt a single movement.
Will the weights work with the P3 65 XL
Great Weight
Put these on my 365xl and makes a big difference. I used the recommended silicone in the non groove rear end and then one drop of crazy glue per slot. My concern was recoil might shake them loose.
Excellent. Grease em up good.
Excellent addition to the grip module. Make sure to use plenty of grease on the rods to keep them in place.
Great for my compact
I bought the p320 compact module along with these weights. The two smaller weights fit snug beside the holes in the module are conical. The center one does not. I used some permatex 81158 black rtv and it worked great. Just coat the weights generously, push them in with a punch and clean up the excess and let it dry. The two side weights take some pressure to seat all the way as they’re an interference fit towards the bottom. The center weight does not take any pressure.
Exactly as described but needlessly loose
These are 3 tungsten rods that add 1.5 ounces of weight. Exactly as advertised. But I do not understand why the fit is so loose. It seems like it would have been easy to design these to fit snugly in the holes. Or size the holes in the 365 grip to fit these rods. I wasn't sure if I wanted to permanently install these and don't like the idea of grease getting close to ammo in a magazine. So instead of using grease I wrapped a few layers of blue masking tape around these so they fit snugly.
Installed in WC P365 Grip Module
Exactly as described and they do feel great once installed, very happy with the overall weight and balance of the pistol now. Only issue is that they fit very loosely in the WC P365 Grip Module. If you simply drop them in and go, you'll find that they move around and make noise while sliding around in their slots. Simply fix was a quick application of clear silicone which locked them in place while eliminating any possible noise and also is easy enough to remove and clean out later if you ever decide to. Overall, worth the price and happy with the purchase
Great addition to a great grip module
These weights took about 30 seconds to install. Pressed into place firmly they fit snuggly and do not rattle. I did not use any adhesive. With the Wilson grip module and tungsten weights the P320 now feels much more substantial and has better balance in the hand. A joy to shoot!
Great but needs adhesive
these work great and fit but will flop around if not secured by a glue or silicon. I used silicone caulk to seal these weights in place
Awesome upgrade
These add just enough weight to the grip module! My XCompact feels much better in hand and has less perceived recoil after installing these. The kit does NOT come with silicone but it is advertised as not coming with it. It's available everywhere, and I actually had some laying around. The installation was a breeze. Be sure to have Silicone, cotton swabs, rags or towels, and a punch ready. Those things make for a quick and proper install.
Almost perfect
Very satisfied overall, good feel in the hand, but like others I would be happy to pay an extra couple of $$ and not have to make an extra journey for silicone to finish the job.
Good, but not perfect
Yes they add weight, which gives the gun better balance. All three rods are way shorter than they need to be, missing the opportunity to add yet a few more grams of weight. The smaller two slots in the WC Grip Module are tapered, so the two smaller rods can be pushed in so that they are secure, the larger rod however is so loose that it literally flops around in the middle slot. I don’t know how using grease would prevent this? I used hot glue and then forced the rod all the way to the bottom which worked.
Additional supplies needed
Weight kit does Not come with the silicone needed to complete the installation.
Tungsten Grip Weight Kit w/SIG P320 X-Compact Grip Module
I installed the Tungsten Grip Weight Kit in my SIG P320 X-Compact grip module and the three rods fit perfectly and went in without any issues. I put a small amount of silicone on each rod prior to insertion to make sure they will not come out or rattle in the future. The extra weight in the grip module makes a difference when I have the 3.9" barrel and slide from my X-Carry installed on the P320 X-Compact grip module and now that configuration makes for a very balanced EDC pistol setup. Even with the standard 3.6" barrel and slide on my P320 X-Compact grip module, the extra 1.5 oz. provided by the Tungsten Grip Weight Kit seems to make a positive difference in the way the pistol feels in my hand. Nice job as usual, Wilson Combat!