Thumb Safety, Tactical Lever, Stainless

Thumb Safety, Tactical Lever, Stainless
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  • Safety, Thumb, Tactical, Stainless Steel
  • Fits: A thru O
  • Pkg. Includes: Safety


Pistols that are used for concealed carry and tactical use must have a narrow profile thumb safety to keep them from being accidentally disengaged and snagging on clothing when drawn. Yet once out of the holster they must be quickly manipulated without failure. Our Tactical Thumb Safeties are made just for that purpose.

The extended lever is serrated to provide ample control under stress conditions without the interference that is inherent with a wide safety. This is without a doubt one of the finest concealed combat safeties.

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On A Rock Island Armory M1911 A1-FS
Fitting is required, which is what you want for a thumb safety to work safely. I had to fit the pin that goes in through the grip safety, the frame clearance notch and of course the sear engagement area. If you do your homework and research you should be fine. I am very happy with how smooth it feels on all thumb touching areas. Way better than stock. No modification needed on the grip area.
Much better than factory mim
I broke the factory kimber thumb safety. Purchased this Wilson combat piece from my local gun shop and its much better already. Took the most time to fit the through pin of the safety. But it makes for a much more firm better fitted part. Approx. 2 hours of filing and sanding and its working like a charm. Great Wilson product per the norm.
Great part
It took a bit of fitting before I got to the point of filing the lobe for the sear but it was fun to fit my first part. I really like having the single sided safety and love Wilson Combat parts.
Colt M1991 A1 Commander
For me this safety makes it a lot easier to engage/disengage the safety. It did require material to be removed from the entire post shaft for it to even match the diameter of the safety hole. It also required some more material to be removed from where the safety actually engages the internals of the gun. I used my old safety as a pattern and filed away a small amount and tried the fit multiple times being careful not to remove to much at any one time. With a little patience it was actually pretty easy and it adds to the functionality and looks of my gun once finished.
Great new safety for my Springfield Loaded!
I converted the ambi-safety on my Springfield to this lower profile, single sided safety. I love how it gives my 1911 a slimmer profile for concealed carry, but is still very easy to manipulate. Looks great, too! Minor fitting required. Overall, I love it!
Awsome peice
Very little material needs too be removed. Made this a very snug and reliable safety.Have too love hand fitted parts
Great product. Requires fitting.
I got this safety to install on my Colt Officer .45. The pin was too large to fit into the frame so I had do some filing and sanding. The latch on the inside didnt catch just right but after comparing it to the stock safety and a little more filing and sanding it works perfectly. I am definitely not a gunsmith but it was easy enough for an amateur like me.
Colt Gold Cup Trophy - Government
Very good product. Had to file down some of the piece, but it wasnt to hard after I looked at the original piece. Works good.
A little off the top
Had to sand down pin, a little filing. Threw test fitting and a little pressure back and forth. Showed where to file inner piece. After very pleased with fit. Installed on Sig R.T.S.S full size, Also with Shok Buff full length guide rod, extended slide release, and Bullet Proof plunger tube. Everything else dropped right in.
Nice replacement for the sloppy factory ambi on my colt
The only thing I would have liked is some litiature on fitting. Did plenty of research and trial fits to compare with the factory colt part. A little more info from the pros at Wilson Combat would have been great.