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The ultimate thumb safety for your carry gun, the Wilson Combat Tactical Bullet Proof® thumb safety is perfectly shaped for everyday use and precision machined from a solid block of hardened billet steel.  The safety shaft is cut to maximum dimensions for a snug fit in even the most oversize 1911.

Minimal fitting to the safety lug is required. 

Polished blue finish.

In the world of high-performance handguns, Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts stand alone for performance, construction and value. All Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts are CNC machined from solid steel billets and precisely engineered for an absolutely perfect fit-no cheap castings or inferior, imported injection molded parts will ever wear the Bullet Proof® name.

Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® Parts Have Been Engineered To Be The Highest Quality, Most User Friendly And Toughest 1911 Parts Available

Bullet Proof® Parts Are CNC Machined From Billets Of The Finest American Tool Steels To An Exacting Set Of Stringent Tolerances And Proprietary Specifications Like All 1911 Parts Were Intended To Be

All Bullet Proof® Parts Are Guaranteed From Defects Or Breakage Forever, The Best Parts With The Best Guarantee In The Industry

Choose from over fifty Bullet Proof® parts to complete your dream custom 1911.

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I've used these for all of my builds and any factory 1911 I modified. I generally use all Wilson Parts for the trigger components but one should always assume there will be some fitting required for a Thumb Safety regardless of the Make/Model/Parts Manufacturer. This recent purchase was actually to replace the unblended thumb safety on my Dan Wesson ECO and to my surprise, it dropped right in. I did a few file strokes on the flat face to get it right and am very satisfied. Most of all, it's blended with the frame so the pistol won't attempt to eat the webbing of my hand anymore!
Great safety
I purchased tis safety to replace the ambi one on my Taurus. It was not drop in and I did not expect it to be. After a few passes with a fine file I got it to fit well. Combined with the bullet proof safety plunger it gives a very positive on/off and is exactly what I was hoping for. This is a quality product and I recommend it for anyone looking to improve their safety. I installed one on my Colt government model with the same results. The safety and plunger are terrific.
Thumb Safety Tactical Lever Bullet Proof
I put this Safety on my ATI Military 1911. I put this on without any fitting required! Works great!
Not a match
ordered a tactical thumb safety and slide release both in blue. The slide release came flat blue and the thumb safety came shiny blue. Looks like crap on my Colt Defender. Very pleased with quality of both parts and all of the other Wilson parts I purchased for this build just hate they can't keep bluing consistent.
Looks, and Works Great!
It took a little fitting, slight reduction of shaft diameter, and 2 thousandths worth of filing, and presto, the fit is perfect in my Kimber Ultra Carry II. The MIM Kimber safety was biting into my thumb, as it was too thick, but now problem solved. Nice precise click on and off, and it looks great!
Love the profile
Installed by my gunsmith along with a bunch of other Bullet Proof parts. Really like the profile of the thumb safety itself. Easy to click on/off and a nice upgrade to my 2017 Colt Combat Commander 9mm. The positive click sound it makes is beautiful!
Amazing quality and fit
Have a Colt Wiley Clapp CCO. Solid pistol, but the thumb safety is small and mine was very gritty when placing it in the safe position. Gave up on smoothing it out and decided to go with this Wison product. The quality of this thumb safety was what I have grown to expect from WC. Color matched the pistol very well. The safety dropped in with no fitment needed, and the grittiness was gone immediately!
Excellent Quality, Finish and Fit
I did not care for the ambi-safety on my new Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Loaded pistol. Since I have always had good luck with Wilson Combat parts, I ordered a Bullet Proof Tactical Thumb safety. The quality of the machining is outstanding. I got my small files together ready for any necessary fitting, but as I followed the instructions in the Wilson Combat YouTube video regarding installing a new thumb safety I found that the part dropped right in with a perfect fit. It passed all the tests, including the click test. All that said, I should note that the color of the part I recieved is a deep rich satin plum rather than blue. Now that does not bother me at all but it might others. Frankly, I like it. The bottom line is the quality and beauty of the part is undeniable.
Outstanding product
This thumb safety dropped right into my Springfield Range Officer with no fitting required. This was a first and quite a pleasant surprise. Excellent quality from Wilson as always.
Easy Install for Rookie!
I recently bought a Colt Wiley Clapp Government 1911. I shot it the first time the other day and the stock small thumb safety gave me a big blood blister from its back edge on my first thumb knuckle. In addition, the slide release had a little bite to it also. I like to rest my left thumb on it and the serations give a little thumb bite. I recently ordered the Wilson Combat thumb safety and slide release. I read on the the internet that the thumb release on a 1911 typically requires fitting and if you are a rookie like me you should have a gunsmith do it. I also saw that a lot of people got lucky and just dropped this part in. I talked to my local gun dealer about fitting a safety and did not get a warm feeling. I decided to take a chance and read up on how to do it myself. I bought some Nicholson files and some Starret punches and got ready for battle. My parts arrived today, way sooner than I expected. The blue finish on the thumb safety is wonderful and matches the bluing on my 1911, I was really happy about that. When I removed my stock safety, I noticed that Colt had done a lot of filing on it. Also, it looked a lot different than the one from Wilson Combat since the Wilson Combat one is machined instead of cast. I tried to drop in the new Wilson Combat one and it did not fit. I took out my needle file and gave the proper spot about 2 swipes and the thing dropped right in! I was amazed! I gave it a few more swipes so it would move a little more freely. I never even removed any other parts on the gun! Within 5 minutes, I had the new one fitted and functioning perfect. It is way smoother than the stock one and feels awesome in my hand. Plus, I can now ride the thumb safety. The new slide release also works better for my left hand thumb, it is lower profile and allows more clearance with nice rounded edges. Thanks Wilson Combat!
Bullet Proof Thumb Safety
Dear Wilson Combat, Just received my Wilson Combat Bullet Proof Thumb Safety. Installed with ease and works with beautifully on my Springfield Armory Mil Spec 1911. Nice job Wilson Combat! Works 100% better than the original that came with the weapon.
Perfect fit.
No fitting required on my Mil Spec Spring Field. Larger thumb tab then the original and a really nice blue polished finish.
Bullet Proof Tactical Thumb Safety
Great product. Super nice finish and feels very sturdy. Should last a life time. Installed in on my Colt Wiley Clapp 1911 and feels perfect and works great.
Bullet Proof = Best Parts
I replaced the thumb safety on my Kimber UC after the factory Kimber MIM part broke. Im now confident my Wilson Combat BP thumb safety will outlast my Kimber.
Bullet Proof Thumb Safety is a Work of Art!
The Bullet Proof Tactical Thumb Safety is truly a work of art. As an mechanical engineer I look for well designed and perfectly machined parts for my 1911s. The entire line of Bullet Proof parts are some of the best work Ive seen in 30 years. The fit and finish are superb and the parts work perfectly, every time!
Fantastic Quality
I had my gunsmith install one of Wilsons Bullet Proof Tactical Safetys on my Colt Commander and it works fantastic. The fit and finish are perfect and it functions as advertized. The fact that is made from solid bar stock is icing on the cake. I should never have any problems with it and should something come up I can depend on Wilson Combat to stand behind all of their products.
After breaking the pad off my CAST Ed Brown thumb safety, I had my smith install your BulletProof safety. The quality difference is obvious. Your part is machined from solid barstock steel, not from a porous cast part like the Ed Brown. Top notch product!