Thumb Safety, Tactical Lever, Blue

Thumb Safety, Tactical Lever, Blue
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Safety, Thumb, Tactical, Blue. Fits: A thru O Pkg. Includes: Safety

Pistols that are used for concealed carry and tactical use must have a narrow profile thumb safety to keep them from being accidentally disengaged and snagging on clothing when drawn. Yet once out of the holster they must be quickly manipulated without failure. Our Tactical Thumb Safeties are made just for that purpose. The extended lever is serrated to provide ample control under stress conditions without the interference that is inherent with a wide safety. This is without a doubt one of the finest concealed combat safeties.

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I purchase Two for Springfield Armory GI and Mil-Spec Model 5/16/2018
I like both on , my Two 1911s Springfield Models . right Narrow length for my thumb push on / off .... Thank You Wilson Combat ........
- Kenneth Myers, OH
Tactical safety 1/5/2014
Ordered one for a cheap Rock Island officer model build. Works great, looks great. Only issue was it required a ton of fitting and filing. Worth the work though, WC parts are the best.
- Adam, AZ
Blued tactical thumb safety 8/4/2012
I ordered this part to replace the ambidextrous extended safety on my carry gun. I needed a safety lever big enough for my thumb. I did not need to land an F18 on it. I was hoping for a GI WWII style safety, which are very hard to find. Wilsons tactical is as close as it gets. High quality, no casting lines visible, well formed, and easy to install with minimal fitting to the cross pin and sear block surface. I am quite satisfied.
- Andrew, IN
Wilson comes through again! 6/17/2012
Got this as a replacement for a Kimber and was very impressed with how tough this part was. It took a while of filing to fit it perfectly but it was worth the time. Its a solid piece and makes my gun feel that much better in terms of quality.
John C
Excellent for tactical application and concealed carry 5/21/2011
I replaced the ambidextrous thumb safety on my Springfield Loaded M1911-A1 with this Tactical thumb safety, and It is a big difference! especially when carrying it concealed. big enough for a fast and positive disengagement when drawing the weapon from holster but narrow enough for concealed carry. this is the best thumb safety for a carry 1911 in my opinion. good for tactical application and concealed carry weapon. Requires some fitting, it took me about 4 hours to get this installed properly but thats just me taking my sweet time and using sand paper only. but it is well worth the time.. Highly recommended
- Aron Monta, OR
quality wilson part as usual 4/7/2011
bought this to replace that god aweful ambi safety in my taurus pt 1911, minor sanding was required on the main post so it would slide smoothly into my gun, filing was also required to fit an aftermarket sear, not required with the stock sear, all in all minor fitting is to be expected and wilson matched the quality ive come to expect.
- joe heaton, WI
A Big Improvement! 9/4/2010
This required very slight modifications to fit in my early-90s Springfield Compact, but the result was a safety that was much easier to access and activate.
- Tim, WA