"Thanos" by Kyle Gahagan | Custom Alliance #34

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For over a decade, WILSON TACTICAL® the knife and tool division of WILSON COMBAT® has brought the finest in quality edged tactical tools to our discriminating clientele. For 2016 we are raising the bar and will be offering a limited collection of handmade knives by some of today's premier tactical knife makers without the long wait typically associated with special ordering a custom edged masterpiece.

These newly designed knives featured in the new CUSTOM ALLIANCE will be few in number, and will quickly become a valued centerpiece of your collection. These offerings will typify the WILSON standards of extraordinary quality, classic design and unmatched value.

"Thanos Adventurer's Bowie" by Kyle Gahagan

If you are familiar with the Marvel Universe, Thanos is a gigantic Mad Titan who is a melancholy, powerful and brooding beast consumed with the concept of death and destruction.  This name suits this knife perfectly.

These amazing knives are among the largest custom alliance pieces we have ever offered and are truly a sight to behold.  The massive, .330” thick,  10.5” long blades are hand forged of 1075 carbon steel and then shaped by hand with heat, hammer, files and stones to achieve the maker’s unique vision of what an all purpose knife befitting an adventurer should be.  This modern day “Iron Mistress” will be the epicenter of your fixed blade collection.

The large, sweeping clip blade is big enough to fell a small tree but has a razor edge that is fine enough for detail work.  The hand satin finished blade exhibits tell-tale marks of hand forging from the timeless process that crafts these blades under intense heat and hand hammering.  A traditional “hamon” or temper line shows the demarcation between a soft blade and hard edge-absolutely crucial on a hard use knife.  The mild steel guard is hand shaped to provide protection and comfort.

A hand-shaped and contoured handle of burl American Claro Walnut has an almost ideal shape for extended use.  Whether you are a martial artist, adventurer or just a hardcore collector of sharp things-this beast of a knife will appeal to you.

A handmade, hand tooled leather sheath is provided.

The Thanos is limited to ten serial-numbered pieces, limit one knife per customer. This item is not returnable.

NOTE-The guard and blade are uncoated carbon steel-to prevent rust or staining oil or wax after use.


 Blade Steel  1075 Carbon Steel
 Blade Length  10.5"
 Blade Thickness  .330"
 Handle Material  Burl American Claro Walnut
 Handle Length  5.75"
 Overall Length  16.25"
 Hardware  Mild Steel
 Weight  1.4 lbs.

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Kyle Gahagan:

At the age of 20, Kyle Gahagan joined the United States Army and served with the 1st Ranger Battalion.  Kyle served two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq where he was a light infantry team leader and participated in many notable combat operations as well as the rescue effort surrounding Pvt. Jessica Lynch.

Kyle also founded Resilience Forge-a military veteran intervention program that teaches traditional forging and knifemaking to veterans and helps them learn valuable forging,  knifemaking and related skills and techniques after their release from the service.

Gahagan’s experiences as a soldier and outdoorsman have greatly impacted his knife designs.  Kyle also has two doctorate degrees in education from Liberty University and currently works full time in the education field.

Kyle received his ABS Journeyman Smith rating at the 2015 Blade show In Atlanta GA and recently passed his Mastersmith blade performance testing with Bladesmith Jason Knight-the first step to achieving the coveted ABS Master Bladesmith title.

Learn more at www.gahaganknives.com