Tactical Trigger Unit, Single Stage, Semi-Auto

Tactical Trigger Unit, Single Stage, Semi-Auto
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Introducing the TACTICAL TRIGGER UNIT (TTU), an all-new modular trigger unit that can be easily installed in any AR pattern rifle by the end user in less than 1 minute without tools or even removing your selector.

  • Exclusive Wilson Combat® Engineering Has Created a Truly DROP-IN Trigger Unit With an Ultra-Crisp 4# Trigger Pull That Does Not Require Any Fine Tuning or Adjustment By The End User.
  • Simple, 1 Minute Drop-In Installation
  • NO Adjustment Screws to Ever Shoot Loose
  • NO Loose Parts to Misplace, The TTU Is a Totally Self-Contained Trigger Module
  • All Components Are Precision CNC Machined and/or EDM Cut From Solid Bar Stock
  • Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Are Manufactured From Virtually Indestructible H13 Steel and Heat Treated For Maximum Wear Resistance
  • Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Pivot on Hardened Steel Bushings So NO Wear or Stress Is Imparted on Your Receiver Pin Holes or Pins
  • Positive Trigger Reset Guarantees a Quick Follow Up Shot on Target
  • The Unique Hammer Geometry Enhances Reliable Ignition With Military and Surplus Ammunition of All Types
  • Wilson Combat® Exclusive 1911 Style Half-Cock Notch Makes The TTU The Safest AR Trigger on The Market and Allows The TTU to Meet or Exceed Military Specifications For Drop Safety
  • Bullet Proof® Design Is Engineered and Extensively Tested By Shooters For Shooters
  • The Tactical Trigger Unit Has Raised The Bar in AR Trigger Design and Function…


Introducing the TTU, an all-new single-stage trigger unit that is easily user installed in any AR pattern rifle in less than 1 minute. Exclusive Wilson Combat engineering enables a durable, 4 lb., ultra-crisp trigger pull without any fine tuning or adjustment. Reduced, positive trigger reset guarantees a quick follow up shot on target. The unique hammer geometry enhances reliable ignition with military and surplus ammunition of all types while a 1911 style half-cock notch allows the TTU to meet or exceed military specifications for drop safety. Pre-assembled, CNC machined trigger housing contains H13 heat-treated trigger, hammer, sear and a stainless steel spring for trouble-free installation. Bullet Proof designed and extensively tested by shooters for shooters, the new Tactical Trigger Unit has raised the bar for drop-in AR triggers.

Wilson Combat AR-15 Tactical Trigger units will reliably function in any standard USGI style AR style lower receiver with standard GI trigger pins of .154” diameter regardless of caliber, including 7.62/.308 length AR receivers.  
  • Colt brand rifles made for commercial use between 1991 and 2009 will generally have a proprietary trigger pin size of .169” and are not compatible with any Wilson TTU.  
  • Colt rifles produced with pinned-in sear blocks are not compatible with any Wilson TTU.
  • Wilson Combat TTU is not compatible with the Bushmaster ACR.
  • The MR556 and any other AR style rifle with a firing pin safety mechanism in the bolt carrier is only compatible with the TTU 3G (TR-TTU-3G)or Two Stage Models (TR-TTU-M2).
  • With .22 LR AR conversions or complete .22LR caliber  AR-pattern rifles it is recommended that the standard single stage TTU (TR-TTU) or two stage TTU (TR-TTU-M2) trigger be used along with high or hyper-velocity ammunition for best reliability.
  • The TTU is compatible with the S&W MP-10 .308 AR but the rifle's ambidextrous bolt catch must first be removed to install the trigger unit.

Because of the short, fast reset of the TTU, always use a firm grip and solid hold when shooting from the bench or prone to ensure that bump firing does not occur.

 TTU Single Stage - Installation Instructions


"I have put your single stage AR trigger on all of my private rifles and several of the school's rifles. These include Bushmaster 9mm, S&W 15-22 and several other AR-15 / M-4 clones. The triggers work flawlessly."

Bill Rogers, Rogers Shooting School



Article on Wilson Combat TTU 

Courtesy of InterMedia Outdoors.

Tactical Trigger Unit Comparison Chart

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TTU 7/25/2019
The quality of the TTU is superior, took me less than a minute to install in my wife's 300 Black Out. She tried it out and said "I should have done this for her a long time ago". I am looking forward to purchasing more for our other ARs. Great Job Wilson Combat.
Steven Porter
Can I Give This 10 Stars? 5/30/2018
The fit and finish is top notch. I love the way it is assembled and put together. The trigger breaks like glass, there is no over travel, and an incredibly short reset. It is truly an impressive piece of work. I put it in a 300 blk pistol and it is a perfect application for this gun.
- Travis John, WA
More like 10 star rating 6/28/2017
A few years ago I bought a Remington R-15. Worst trigger ever. Felt crunchy like a rusty bolt. I had my local gunsmith fix it and it became so quick to reset that I could not stop it from bump firing. It scared me and some of my LE friends, so I tried a Wilson Combat TR-TTU trigger. Simple installation and WOW... what a difference. I now have a true tack driver. When I built my next AR in 308 I did not hesitate to order a new TR-TTU for it. Sweet, smooth and accurate.
Fantastic Trigger 9/28/2016
I dropped this trigger into my Ruger AR-556 and it is a night and day difference. However, it was not a complete drop in for the Ruger. I had to remove the safety to remove the original trigger.
- Randall, AR
Best of the Best 3/23/2016
I loved Timneys for years, but they always loosened up and started doubling, tripling. One time my pins even fell out during a match. Wilson has solved those problems with this trigger. The Wilson also has the correct length reset so you wont get doubles even after it wears a little.
- Chris Henry, FL
Doesnt get any better than this. 9/5/2015
I put this trigger, originally, into a Stag Arms AR, what difference from the Mil-Spec trigger. Loved it so much I used in a second custom build, using a Wilson Combat billet lower. Spectacular is all I can say.
- Christopher Badgley, VA
Great Upgrade 6/2/2015
I put this trigger in my Ruger AR556. The factory trigger measured 9-10 pounds. Wow, what a difference, and a true drop-in install. Im completely new to ARs, and I installed this in five minutes. Another great WC product that delivers on its promise.
- Dave Krhovsky, MI
As good a trigger as you can get 4/9/2015
What a great trigger. Purchased the TR-TTU for my 6.8 AR. Ive used many triggers over the years from my duty military trigger to Geissele and this is hands down my favorite. Wilson Combat also afforded me a military discount. Great product from a great company.
- Sam G, FL
Awesome trigger! 12/19/2014
All I can say is WOW! Installed a TTU single stage trigger on my M&P AR and what a diference. I will enjoy shooting it much more now.
Gary Stolp
5 STAR TRIGGER 12/12/2014
TR-TTU Install 10/17/2014
I installed a TR-TTU in a DPMS Recon 5.56 lower and was not disappointed. The stock trigger was gritty and less predictable. The TTU provides a crisp break and fast reset for tight groups and fast follow-up. I plan to get one for my LR .308 Recon as well.
- Alan C, MD
best upgrade ever 10/12/2014
ease of installation, smooth as silk, takes shooting an AR to a new level. very highly recommmended
- walter, TX
Wilson Combat TTU Review 7/21/2014
I think the Wilson Combat TTU singlestage sets the bar for AR15 triggers. Simple to install in a few moments and they perform exactly like a great AR15 trigger should with no creep, clean break and instant and positive reset. My first trigger is 5 years old and has had thousands and thousands of rounds fired and it feels just like the new one I get recently. I get to test a lot of triggers... Guess what stays in my 3 primary ARs? Charles- TacticalGunReview.com
- Charles coker, TX
Wow! 7/19/2014
This is the single best upgrade Ive done to my M4. Not too heavy, not too light; and seamless operation. I recommend this trigger unit to anyone with an AR. Wilson Combat has outdone themselves with this one!
Top notch trigger! 5/22/2014
Now that Ive had this trigger a while, Im spoiled. Its the first upgrade I make and suggest anyone makes to their AR platform. Its not blingy like other triggers, but its all about function. Stock triggers feel horrible now when I pick up anyone elses rifle.
Never cared for the two stage triggers. All of my weapons have a 3-4# trigger pull single stage. This trigger runs great! 2500 rds so far and all without a burp. Built like Wilson builds everything. LIKE A TANK! U pay for what you get.
- Charlie Fiscella, KY
BLOWN AWAY! 2/25/2014
After using high end two stage triggers on several recent builds, I realized I really wanted to try a quality single stage trigger. Enter the TR-TTU; All I can say is WOW! There is no doubting the quality of construction of the unit. The break is like glass and compares favorably against some of the nicest single stage triggers I have shot. The hammer has less spring tension than anticipated but I expect it to ignite all but the hardest of primers.
Excellent Stag Model 8 Trigger 2/21/2014
Swapped the mil-spec trigger in my Stag Model 8 for the TTU and am extremely satisfied. Went from 1.5-2 inch groups at 100 yards down to sub one inch groups at a 100 yards. Very crisp, solid trigger pull; just right. Very easy to install.
Awesome Trigger! 1/19/2014
Purchased the TR-TTU for my AR and couldnt be happier. The drop-in installation took all of 5 minutes and it works perfect. Its smooth, no slack or creep, and makes it much easier to shoot quicker with more accuracy. I highly recommend it and would buy another in a heartbeat!
- Bruce W, AZ
Best AR trigger? Yes! 1/7/2014
Ive had this in my AR for over a year and having tried all the others they are very good. This is the best. No creep, smooth as ice, pull...bang!
- John, MD
5 star triggers!! 12/10/2013
Both the single stage 4# and 3 gun TTU triggers are amazing. They feel and look super solid in the hand, the easiest and fastest install/removal you can have with a trigger group. Its worth the money and I wouldnt hesitate to buy another. WCs description is on point. The 3 gun has a noticeably lighter pull with a smooth roll through the break. As for the single stage 4# it has ZERO creep and a very nice crisp break and NO over travel. Cant go wrong with either. Great product WC and great customer service.
- A S, CA
Super trigger 10/8/2013
AR-15, Sig 516 piston, with reload match grade ammo and Im grouping within 1moa, on bi-pod, versus 3-4moa with stock SIG trigger. The TTU helps a bunch to pull off consistent shots without moving rifle while squeezing trigger.
Exceptional Trigger for my AR 9/27/2013
This trigger was the finishing touch on my AR build, and I can recommend it highly. Well built, and breaks perfect every time. Facilitates accuracy at those long distances. If I had another AR I would buy another one.
- Michael Little, CA
my screw up 7/19/2013
I have been wanting the TTU Single stage trigger ever since it came out, but I was afraid to spend the money. I put the JP lighter trigger springs on my 6.8 spc and used a EZ pull assist for the trigger. That has gotten old. I took all that stuff out and finally ordered a TTU. That by far is the best money I could have and probably have spent on anything hunting. The trigger is probably the best trigger on any rifle in my gun safe. Definitely the worse screw up I have ever done was not buying this trigger earlier.
- R Naquin, LA
Wish I had more $ 7/3/2013
I like my SSA-E triggers but the TTU is definitely my favorite. I almost feel like Im cheating when I fire the BCM I put it in and dont take the other carbines out as much now.
- Mike, TX
TR-TTU In S&W M&P 15-22 6/10/2013
I installed the TR-TTU in my Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 and, boy, what a difference! The drop-in installation could not have been any easier and literally took all of 5 minutes, and that included watching the installation video on YouTube to make sure I followed the recommendations verbatim. While some folks may say the Wilson trigger is too expensive of a trigger to install in a M&P 15-22, let me tell you, if you are a serious M&P 15-22 shooter like I am who wants the best performance possible from this excellent rifle you owe it to yourself to step up to a Wilson Combat trigger. It is one of the best upgrades and investments I have made and has taken my M&P 15-22 to a whole new level of fun! I wholeheartedly recommend it.
- John Wright, UT
Kick Ass ride for all your ARs 5/22/2013
I now have the WC trigger group in ALL my ARs and now shooting less than half MOA at 100-150yds with 5.56, 7.62x39mm & 300AAC blackout. I reccomend these as a required upgrade for any AR rifle!
- Spanky Dixie Triggers, GA
Installed in one, Customers want more 5/3/2013
Great trigger, best and simplest Ive installed so far. Customer is very satisfied. I need you to keep in stock-GREAT JOB
Great trigger gorup 4/24/2013
Just installed my new TR-TTU trigger in a ruger sr556 and it went in very easy. The stock triggrer was very gritty with a long difficult pull, making it hard to shoot tight groups. The new trigger broke very smooth and easy. Highly recomend to anyone looking to improve their rifle.
Bill Wilson
Wilson TTU / Ruger SR 556 2/26/2013
Replaced the factory trigger in my new Ruger 556 with the TTU 4 Lb. Followed the instructions from the video and literally within 5 mins had the gun put back together doing a safety check. Huge difference! Thank You Wilson Combat.
- Joe Wampler, OR
Great Trigger Easy Install 2/14/2013
Watched the video twice trigger was in and functioning in less than 2 minutes. Amazing product get them while you can!
- Mike, MD
Easy install, crisp trigger 1/17/2013
I bought 2, for my two Stag Model 8 piston carbines left and right versions. 1st one took me 10 minutes, being very careful. 2nd one about 2 minutes. Fired about 1K rounds in each since. Flawless in either slow or rapid fire. Absolutely no creep. A quality piece of work!
- Jack Bates, CT
Wish I had these before!!! 1/7/2013
Ive built close to 20 ARs and I never used a mil-spec trigger after the first few. Ive used Timney, Giselle, JP and a few of the cheaper adjustables out there and I can honestly say Ive never been happier with a trigger. It took all of a minute to install, had no locking screws to fuss with, no adjustments to fiddle with and feels absolutely phenomenal when done. Now Ive got to sell three Timneys so I can buy more of these!
- Joe Hutton, NM
Now my Rock River Arms AR REALLY Rocks 12/21/2012
Installed the trigger assembly in my Rock River Arms AR. I had to remove the safety to get it in, but that was no big deal and particular to the Rock River upper configuration I believe. This possibility was described in instructions. Even with this it took less than 5 minutes. The trigger is absolutely fantastic in every respect. Recommending to all my AR owning friends.
- Steve Brown, IN
Tactical Trigger Unit instal 10/30/2012
This trigger is worth every penny! The machining is exact and absolutely perfect. Crisp with zero creep as advertised. You will not be disapointed.
- Peter Konigsberg, MI
Wilson Combats TACTICAL TRIGGER UNIT TTU 10/23/2012
Very nice, no slack and thank goodness, no creep.
Crisp is an understatement. 9/10/2012
The difference in the factory Bushmaster & Wilson Combat triggers is hard to believe. I never saw the muzzle flash with the stock trigger, now I do.
- Buddy Willis, MS
High Quality 8/3/2012
What quality and engineering, but what else would you expect from Wilson. Easy to install and lives up to expectations. A vast improvement from standard triggers with a chrisp break. Would buy again and highly recommended for friends.
- Bud, SC
Wilson Combat Single Stage Drop In Trigger Assembly 6/25/2012
What a QUALITY piece of machine work . Smooth and crisp feel !!! Too easy to install , for real . Works real good with my 22LR Varmit Upper as well as my custom Benny Hill Upper . Cant go wrong with this trigger assembly , worth every penny !!!
- Eric Wynne, TX
Nice trigger, but beware on some applications. 6/19/2012
I just received my Wilson Combat TTU and was impressed with the design and build. However, when I tried to install it on my older Colt AR-15 A2, I discovered the receiver had a block just behind the trigger area that prevented the TTU from being installed. I took the lower receiver to a gunsmith who was able to remove it, but at a cost of $100. If your rifle doesnt have this trigger block, installation of the TTU is fast and easy. The extra $100 was an unwelcome surprise, but the new trigger is nice.
- Mike, VA
Great Trigger 3/14/2012
Dropped right in, no creep or play, and a crisp break every time!
- James, AR
Wilson Single Stage TTU 1/26/2012
Bought this trigger replacement a couple of months ago...awesome product!!! Cut my overall shot groups in half on my Bushmaster ORC rifle. Went coyote hunting...was spot on everytime. I am recommending your product to everyone who I know that has an AR rifle. Thanks again Wilson Combat for making a superior product!
very easy to install 9/19/2011
This is my first rifle build and I have had no previous experience working on guns. I had it installed in a matter of minutes. Works great and feels solid.
- Brandon Atiz, WA
the new standard 8/30/2011
this has set the bar for what i expect in a trigger i have been shooting AR variants for the last 6 years or so.And just come to accept that an ARs trigger is going to be gritty or if its a match trigger it isnt going to last, and settled for the run of the mill mil-spec triggers. i tried this trigger knowing that this was going to be the last match trigger i would ever buy, and im glad i didnt give up on my search this is worth every penny, trigger is solid reset is short and positive and it breaks clean every time thank you wilson combat.this will be the trigger of choice for every ar i build from now on
- John Buckley, NV
Just Installed My Second TTU 6/28/2011
You can read my review about the first TTU I installed in my Colt SP-1 Ar-15. Based on the quality of the trigger assembly and ease of installation, I ordered and installed a second TTU in my new Ruger SR556. Again, it was a snap and functions perfectly. My shooting buddy has a stock Stag AR-15 with a typically horrid stock trigger assembly. Ten pounds of ugly creep. Needless to say, after shooting my Ruger with the TTU, he headed for his computer to place an order with Wilson Combat. You folks are truly awesome. GVH
George Hartmann
Fastest Trigger Job Ever! 5/17/2011
In a world where drop-in parts never are - the Wilson TTU went into my original Colt SP-1 AR-15 small pin in less than five minutes from removal to completion of safety and function checks. Instead of the creeping twelve pound trigger the gun came with, the TTU has a perfect 4# creepless glass-rod break. Amazing. Just amazing. Im good at trigger jobs on 1911s - but if Wilson ever figures out how to make a drop-in hammer, sear and disconnector that drops-in as well as the TTU did in my AR-15 and works as well, my trigger-smith days are over.
- George Hartmann, TX
Killer Trigger with Drop-in Ease!! 4/7/2011
I bought a High Standard AR-15 about year ago and I wanted a crisp, faster trigger. Had this recommended to me without the celebrity endorsement by some friends of mine who use their AR professionally. Well, I couldnt be happier. Smooth as silk reset and breaks like glass! Drop in installation in about 1 minute. Not a better one made. Period. I recommend this to anyone, either for recreational or professional use.
- Bruce Despommier, KS
Perfect Fix 3/27/2011
My Ruger SR556 came with a terrible trigger. It shot two inch groups and wasnt getting it done. Swapped in the TTU and cut .75 inch off my groups with a five minute job. Cant be beat. Would use nothing else in any AR.
- Dave, GA
High Expectations Exceeded 3/21/2011
The Wilson Combat reputation strongly influenced my purchase of the TTU. The video and instructions provided flawlessly easy installation into my DPMS 308. Thanks Bill and crew!
- Venice Jack, FL
Great Trigger 2/2/2011
I am very impressed with this trigger, it is as good or better than any trigger I have in any of my bolt action rifles factory remington, Timney,or Canjar. I do wish there was a large pin so I had one for my Colt.
Ar 10 trigger 1/24/2011
Put this in my DPMS .308 and there is no comparison to the stock trigger! Smooth, crisp and no over travel. Perfect!
wilson combat 2 stage wow 11/12/2010
best trigger i have in any of my ars.clean,crisp,and easy install...
- mike bixel, PA
Best trigger..period 8/19/2010
Ive had a variety of triggers, Timneys, Jewells, etc and none of them come close to the near razor like break of the TTU. The break is set right where you want it to be on a run and gun AR. Great fit and finish and dropped right in with minimal effort. Great trigger for a work gun but even better for someone looking to do a bit of everything.
- Kyle H, CT
Blackice616 8/18/2010
This is a great trigger, installed on my highpower rifle. Now they have to make a large pin model so I can install it on my duty gun. How about it Wilson, alot of us have the Colts with large pin and want this awsome trigger.
Wicked Nice! 8/14/2010
... but your friends are gonna wonder why youre grinning like an idiot!
Sweet Trigger 8/12/2010
I bought this trigger and put it in my DPMS Panther .308 AP-4. It works great. Probably the best trigger I have ever used, especially on a black gun. A lot easier to install than a factory trigger group.
- Rob Harden, MI
best trigger i have in any AR i own 8/3/2010
it took longer to watch the video than it did to install the trigger. dave did a great job with instructions on install. wish everything came with easy to understand instructions like this. great trigger, im happy i changed to a wilson combat trigger.
- brad davis, MO
The TTU is well designed and constructed 7/31/2010
The trigger action is just as advertised-- light,smooth with a crisp break and reset. The installation video on your website and the provided printed instructions made for a quick install and function test.
- Del, OH
The TTU is the best AR trigger on the market 6/25/2010
I have had them all, JP, Gieselle, Rock River NM, etc.. The TTU is PERFECT. ZERO creep, ZERO overtravel, INSTANT reset. Perfectly clean break. Ignites milspec primers with 100% reliability. I have this in my WC 6.8 18, its a perfect setup for hunting.
- Charles Coker, TX
Great Trigger and easy installation 6/14/2010
It took longer to take the old two stage trigger out of my AR than it did to put this one in. It drops right in. The pull is nice and smooth, not too light and the reset on it is amazing. I have nothing but good things to say about this trigger.
- Jason, SC
A true Match grade but tough drop in trigger 5/7/2010
Amazing trigger pull and true 5 minute installation. This trigger has replaced all others in my AR type rifles.
- A L, SC

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