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Introducing the TACTICAL TRIGGER UNIT (TTU), an all-new modular trigger unit that can be easily installed in any AR pattern rifle by the end user in less than 1 minute without tools or even removing your selector.


  • Exclusive Wilson Combat® Engineering Has Created a Truly DROP-IN Trigger Unit With an Ultra-Crisp Trigger Pull That Does Not Require Any Fine Tuning or Adjustment By The End User.
  • Simple, 1 Minute Drop-In Installation
  • NO Adjustment Screws to Ever Shoot Loose
  • NO Loose Parts to Misplace, The TTU Is a Totally Self-Contained Trigger Module
  • All Components Are Precision CNC Machined and/or EDM Cut From Solid Bar Stock
  • Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Are Manufactured From Virtually Indestructible H13 Steel and Heat Treated For Maximum Wear Resistance
  • Hammer, Trigger and Disconnector Pivot on Hardened Steel Bushings So NO Wear or Stress Is Imparted on Your Receiver Pin Holes or Pins
  • Positive Trigger Reset Guarantees a Quick Follow Up Shot on Target
  • The Unique Hammer Geometry Enhances Reliable Ignition With Military and Surplus Ammunition of All Types
  • Wilson Combat® Exclusive 1911 Style Half-Cock Notch Makes The TTU The Safest AR Trigger on The Market and Allows The TTU to Meet or Exceed Military Specifications For Drop Safety
  • Bullet Proof® Design Is Engineered and Extensively Tested By Shooters For Shooters
  • The Tactical Trigger Unit Has Raised The Bar in AR Trigger Design and Function…

Based on feedback from competition and tactical shooters we have developed an exciting new variant of our Drop-In, Bullet-Proof AR Tactical Trigger Unit-The all-new TTU-3G (G-Gun).

Wilson Combat engineers have enhanced the TTU-3G trigger with a smooth, rolling, creep-free break that is ideal for shooting rapid double-taps on the move from your high-performance AR-15. 

The pull breaks with the extreme smoothness of finely tuned target-pistol trigger and has tactile feedback that gives a shooter the confidence to prep the trigger face during quick target transitions. The TTU-3G also has an enhanced, lightning-fast trigger reset that will make fast follow up shots a breeze and eliminate "trigger freeze" during the heat of competition or tactical shooting. 

Whether you are a tactical or competition oriented shooter looking for the latest advantage on the range, the smooth break and the fast reset of the TTU-3G will definitely impress you with its feel and construction.

Drop-one in your AR-15 today and immediately improve your shooting.

Wilson Combat AR-15 Tactical Trigger units will reliably function in any standard USGI style AR style lower receiver with standard GI trigger pins of .154” diameter regardless of caliber, including 7.62/.308 length AR receivers.  
  • Colt brand rifles made for commercial use between 1991 and 2009 will generally have a proprietary trigger pin size of .169” and are not compatible with any Wilson TTU.  
  • Colt rifles produced with pinned-in sear blocks are not compatible with any Wilson TTU.
  • Wilson Combat TTU is not compatible with the Bushmaster ACR.
  • The MR556 and any other AR style rifle with a firing pin safety mechanism in the bolt carrier is only compatible with the TTU 3G (TR-TTU-3G)or Two Stage Models (TR-TTU-M2).
  • With .22 LR AR conversions or complete .22LR caliber  AR-pattern rifles it is recommended that the standard single stage TTU (TR-TTU) or two stage TTU (TR-TTU-M2) trigger be used along with high or hyper-velocity ammunition for best reliability.
  • The TTU is compatible with the S&W MP-10 .308 AR but the rifle's ambidextrous bolt catch must first be removed to install the trigger unit.


Because of the short, fast reset of the TTU, always use a firm grip and solid hold when shooting from the bench or prone to ensure that bump firing does not occur.

 TTU Single Stage 3-Gun - Installation Instructions

"I have put your single stage AR trigger on all of my private rifles and several of the school's rifles. These include Bushmaster 9mm, S&W 15-22 and several other AR-15 / M-4 clones. The triggers work flawlessly."

Bill Rogers, Rogers Shooting School



Article on Wilson Combat TTU

Courtesy of InterMedia Outdoors

Tactical Trigger Unit Comparison Chart

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Amazing trigger!!!
I have several AR’s with TR-TTU-M2 and 1 AR with a TR-TTU-H2. Wanted to try the TR-TTU-3G and it is amazing. Perfect for target rifle. I will be ordering a couple more of these.
Crisp clean trigger pull
I have most of the more common high end triggers on the market. Many $300+ triggers and this trigger is as good or better. I was skeptical since it's half the price of many high end triggers but gave it a shot since Wilson Combat makes it. I was not disappointed and will buy this trigger again!
Finally! A drop in trigger for HK MR556 that ROCKS!
I have been looking for a quality trigger for my HK MR556 AR-15 other than the “big GA” (which I was not impressed with at all!!) for years. Somehow I overlooked the Wilson Combat TTU’s. I really wanted the 3G model, but was under the impression this model was a 2-stage trigger. I really wanted a single stage, but decided to give the TTU 3G model a go. To my surprise, the trigger unit is single stage and is an incredible trigger that breaks at 3 lbs 7 oz. and the reset is the best I have ever seen. On top of a great single stage trigger that can be fired rapidly and precisely, it took me literally 30 seconds to install. Great product WC, keep ‘em comin!!
Great trigger!
Love this trigger in my DDM4v7. Crisp and light and the reset is phenomenal. You will definitely want to practice using this trigger if youre coming from a Mil-spec one. On the bench, it is quite easy to bump-fire. Installation couldnt be easier - it takes two minutes if you go slowly. Highly recommended.
Wilson, very disappointed. You said install would take 2 mintes. Took me 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Lol. Wow guys. Great product. Cant wait to shoot it. Went right into my Sig M400. Wilson rocks! Great trigger. Plan to buy 2 more. TY!
Super Trigger
Just purchased this trigger. 5 minute install. The fit and finish were outstanding. The trigger breaks like a Wilson 1911, crisp and clean. Very happy with it
Absolutly Love my 3 gun Trigger
Very crisp Smooth No Gritty feeling Fast Reset
Most amazing trigger reset!
Installed this trigger into my BCM M4 and could not believe how amazing it was! Once I mastered the trigger reset it was very close to sounding like 3 round burst! Quick and Crisp! The trigger was my only weak spot on this rifle and now thanks to WC it has been solved. Only wish I had this rifle when I was in Iraq!
Best AR trigger on the market!
This trigger is smooth as glass, with a perfect break! I ordered the 3G a while back and just ordered my second. Bar none the best trigger I have seen. Fast shooting, slow shooting. Its pure Wilson Perfection!
Excellent trigger
Installed the 3Gun on my CQB AR and love it. Crisp fast and controllable for rapid fire yet clean, crisp break for long shots. I Highly recommend this trigger.
One of the best Ive got.
I have different aftermarket triggers, and this is a great one. No creep, crisp snap, and definitive reset. Thanks Wilson Combat.
TR TTU 3G Trigger
Outstanding trigger that performed exactly as advertised. Huge improvement over the standard mil-spec trigger - definitely worth the money. Much easier to install than I expected.
Competition ready right out of the box.
Installation in my M&P carbine took 10 minutes. The trigger has a positive break at 3.5 lbs with no creep. Its a nice combination of control while engaging on the move, while providing the exacting release we need for long/precision shots. I plan to buy more for my other ARs.
Just Perfect
Sir, The 3-Gun trigger was exactly what I needed to complete the up-grade. Easy installation with your video. The paper instructions were also necessary as I had to remove the safe/fire switch to complete the original trigger disassembly. Thanks for offering a sweet operating trigger!
1911 trigger in a ar
used most of the other triggers, this is the best trigger out there, just like there 1911s worth the money!!
Love this trigger
I have been running one of these triggers since last year. I like it so much and have gotten so many great comments from others that I just got another one.
Best Trigger ever
Replaced another aftermarket trigger with this one and its like a new gun. Crisp, clean break. I could have saved the money I spent on the first trigger. There was no comparison.
Great drop in unit, much improved trigger
The trigger is light and reset is lightning fast. Much better than Colts 6920 stock trigger. Easy enough to drop in, the hammer spring was a little out-of-whack so I had to push it with my hands back in to fit into the lower, other than that exactly how described and easy to install.
Simply the best!
I love this trigger! Quality is top-notch. Installed it in my SIG 516 in minutes and it worked flawlessly. Clean, crisp, predictable break. My groups are much tighter now. Thank you Wilson Combat!
Best Trigger Ever?
Got my trigger today and have to say it is awesome. It is super light and crisp. I had to remove the safety to install but only because it fits perfectly. It is the best trigger I have ever used, a hundred times better then a stock one. I will be buying it for all of my future builds. The only downside is that it is pricey but in my opinion worth it. The quality of this product is amazing!
No brainer!!! Buy one now.
Its an amazing feeling having a high quality 1911 trigger in your AR15. Accuracy at longer than CQB distance is so much better and double taps are extremely pleasant to shoot with the short reset. Installation took about 3 minutes which it took more time to remove my old mil-spec trigger than in installing the 3G.
Great trigger
This trigger installs with ease. It has a nice crisp let off and quick reset. I would definitely recommend this trigger.
Very high Quality
The unit installed very easy and works perfect breaks with no creep and just the right weight for a AR.
3 gun trigger is perfect for me.
I purchased a new DPMS 308 recon which is a very good performer. However like most stock AR pattern rifles the trigger left quite a bit to be desired. On good days it felt like I was dragging a boat anchor across gravel. Installing the 3 gun trigger was easy and now it is a pleasure to take my 308 to the range. I took off my 3.5 power ACOG and just replaced it with a Vortex pst 6-24x50. I feel confident that this trigger will allow me to shoot 400 + with much better accuracy.
Best Trigger Money Can BUY!!
I have tried most everything on the market,this far exceeds anything out there!! Very easy to install. Couldnt be happier!
very happy w/ 3-gun trigger
I am a repeat customer because I am pleased w/ Wilsons products. The 3-G trigger exceeds my expectations by a long shot; quick & easy install, superb pull and release when shot.
3G Bliss
I have struggled with accuracy and speed in close quarter combat training using a stock trigger. The instructor suggested changing to Wilson Combat TR-TTU-3G. Did some research, chatted with a few people, and decided to order one. Trigger arrived within a week. The trigger was easy to install just as promised. Went to the training range to test it out and wondered why it took me so long to buy one. Shot grouping was tighter with a faster time. The STR is a fantastic feature. Now my buddies have ‘trigger envy’. Great product plus I was able to get it on sale.
super easy installation.Definitely crisp and much cleaner break then the factory stock trigger.
Best AR trigger Ive used
I grew up helping my father, a gunsmith. I have learned many tricks and still practice his work in my spare time. Im very used to instant-break 1911 triggers and have modified stock AR striggers to perform well, but the Wilson Combat TTU has the perfect amount of roll and the right pull weight for a tactical gun. I bought the first one for my wifes rifle which is now done, and Ive ordered a second trigger for my second AR. Probably order a third before too long. Great work, guys.
Installed the TTU-3G in my S&W M&P in about 10 minutes. The video was half of that. Inserting the trigger pin requires a little more finesse than the video demonstrates, but not much. Spent the afternoon shooting 100 rounds off a bench. The torquing seen in my scope with my factory trigger 7 lb, 1 oz. has virtually disappeared. My Lyman trigger pull gauge showed a range of 3 lbs, 15 ozs. to 4 lbs, 1 oz. for ten trigger pulls with the Wilson 3G trigger. Great trigger and about as easy to install as you could hope for.
Super Product,,Super Easy Install !
I have a couple of ARs, one of which has a Timney single stage,,Great Product also. I purchased the Wilson for a recent Carbine build, specifically for 3 gun competition. I was amazed at the simplicity of the install,literally, a few minutes. THe pull of the trigger is perfect ! No creep, just a great, clean break !
Great trigger!
Ordered one of these a couple of weeks ago and delivery was like lightning. It was just as advertised - very quick and simple installation, and very crisp, clean single stage break. You do have to hold it firmly at the bench, because it will double with a loose grip. Once I figured that out, it was flawless at the bench and in an all-day tactics class. I consider it exellent value and quality.
Instantly improve accuracy
This trigger is awesome. My groups really tightened up and the trigger pull is 10x better than the stock mil spec unit. Installation was a breeze and took less than 5 minutes from start to finish. Also I have a slide stock on my AR and the stock trigger just couldnt keep up but with the Wilson trigger it emptys the clip flawlessly!
tr ttu 3g
Got lucky and caught this trigger on black friday sale. Rcvd unit within 5 days of ordering and installed in colt le6920 within 5 minutes.This trigger is amazing compared to the stock unit. Will be trying accuracy improvments later today, If it helps like think it will I think it is worth every penny spent on it Ryan, my nephew is Tim Hatman and he and his father turned me on to the Wilson Combat products and I have used several of your products and consider them top of the line. Thanks for the great products and service.
If you only buy one part for your AR this is the one
I recently purchased my first AR. I have shot Handguns for 30 years and was in early on the sport of IPSC. I have had some great guns, some were with Bill Wilsons quality work. This trigger is a great example of the pride in workmanship and quality work they do. The trigger was very easy to install maybe 5 minutes was and it breaks clean and crisp. The difference between Wilson Combats trigger and the factory is night and day!
Awesome trigger unit
Picked up the Wilson Tactical 2 Stage. Installed it while in my patrol car with the aid of a cuff key. 2 minutes! Incredible trigger feel. Shoots like a dream.
What a difference.....GREAT trigger unit!
So easy to install, it just dropped in with no problems and install the new pins. Very nice 3.5 lb pull with no creep. Vast improvement over mil-spec trigger. I know groups will tighten up next time I go to the range.
best feeling trigger...
not the most proficient w the AR style rifles but i put the 3-gun trigger in my S&W mp15 and it was very easy and the trigger breaks so clean and feels great. i love it and would buy another...
I dropped this into a S&W MP15 and it dramatically improved the trigger feel on the rifle. The trigger pull and reset are the shortest Ive ever felt on any trigger. It also fit really snug to the safety and completely eliminated trigger slop when the safety is engaged. WC was even kind enough to enclude new retention pins, in case yours are scarred up or getting loose. No creep and the pull weight is perfect.
Incredible Trigger
Built my own AR, nothing special. Cheap optics, Burris AR-332. Just stalled the 3G trigger. It took more than one minute to install. I could not remove the old trigger without first removing the Safety. This added a few minutes to the installation time. Total install time: less than 5 minutes. I just spent the last 2 days in a Combat Carbine class. There were a lot of nice guns, and people with a lot of experience shooting them. I was able to substanially out-shoot all of them. It wasnt my skills as a Marksman, it was this trigger. This trigger will substantially reduce the size of your groups.
Thank you Sir...may i have another?!
Worth every penny. The TTU3G trigger has a very predictable single-stage release. Can be installed one-handed in the dark, enough said. Looks and feels as great as it functions. I own three Wilson 3G triggers, and prefer them over my Guys-Lee trigger assemblies. Thanks Mr.Wilson!
Fantastic competition/tactical use trigger.
I installed the 3G trigger in my custom, home-built AR about two weeks ago and I now have 1,500 rounds on it. Perfect break every single time. Not once did it creak or feel uncertain. Not a hair-trigger by any means but it is fast for follow-up shots and shooting sub-MOA consistently as well. I am now comfortable with using my AR in any situation whether it be defensive or competitive in nature. I highly recommend this trigger to anyone looking to get the most out of their weapon.
My Favorite Part!!
I received my Wilson Tactical Hunter Lightweight 6.8 SPC a few weeks ago, and I have to say the trigger is my favorite part of the rifle. The fit and finish of the entire rifle is unbelievable, but the trigger is far and away the best Ive tried. Constant, light pressure, clean break - it surprises me every time. Perfect.
TTU 3-Gun trigger installed in an R-25 Remington
Installed your TTU 3-Gun trigger in a Remington R-25. The installation took about a minute. It was unbelievably easy to install. The trigger that came on this rifle was painful to try to shoot. It had about a 9 lb. trigger pull with about a mile of creep in it before it would shoot. Your trigger makes this gun a pleasure to shoot. Thanks for a great trigger.
TTU 3-G Top Notch
Let me start off by saying the only reason I gave the trigger 4 stars is because of the price of this Trigger. I believe if the trigger was thirty to forty dollars cheaper it would be a 5 star trigger all the way. I have been a long time fan of wilson combat products, having many of their after market parts on my 1911. For me, it was a no brainer when they introduced their TTU for the AR platform. The installation is a snap taking me about 3 minutes to install and do a functions check. Anyone looking for a hassle free trigger that is 100% better than any factory trigger out there needs to take a serious look at the Wilson TTU 3-G. Great Job to Wilson Combat on a fine product!
Make Your AR-15 Better Today
I dropped the TTU 3G into my S&W M&P-15 on Friday and ran our Carbine Course that weekend. 600+ flawless rounds later left me truly impressed. My AR trigger almost feels like a good 1911 trigger. My groupings and controlled pairs tightened noticeably. I will be converting my other weapons to this trigger. My partner is mad because he now has to purchase this trigger unit after test firing mine.
I have been testing one of the prototypes and it is really easy to install and has a really nice feel for a non-adjustable drop-in. Well made and thought out trigger for install into your rifle. Takes about 60 seconds to install. The trigger functions much like a two stage trigger, but without the long first stage. You feel the travel slightly, and the shot breaks. The total travel front to rear is longer than the original TTU, but its rolling stroke is lighter. ... The reset is longer and more positive. All of this means that you can hammer this trigger on close and midrange targets, but still make precision shots on the long range targets. It also functions and resets much like the traditional mil-spec parts, making it tough and able to take the abuse of rapid fire. The lack of adjustment means it will always be consistent and functional when you need it!

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