The Tactical Paddle holster is equally at home for special response or range use, yet is also ideal for concealed carry.

  • Paddle Backpiece Allows Quick And Easy Attachment Or Removal Of The Holster

  • If You Quickly Need Your Holster, Simply Slide The Body Contouring Paddle Into Your Waistband Until The Retaining Clip Snaps Over Your Belt

  • Thermolaminate - Impervious To Moisture

  • Wide Sight Channel Prevents Your Front Sight From Touching The Holster

  • Rear Sight And Thumb Safety Are Protected By Rigid Guards That Run Up Both Sides And To The Rear Of The Slide

  • Very Fast Holster With An Adjustable Tension Screw

  • Front Cut ╝" Below The Ejection Port To Clear Leather Well Below The Top Of The Belt

  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

Tactical Paddle