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FOR ALL 1911 STYLE HANDGUNS-If you're looking for a magazine release that extends slightly further than your factory release, but you don't want a button or paddle, try our Tactical Magazine Release which extends only 1/16 of an inch further than your factory release. This magazine release provides extra length for positive magazine changes without being too long for carry.

Magazine Release lock and spring not included.

  • Slightly extended length is perfect for carry or competition
  • High quality, solid stainless steel construction
  • No fitting required in most firearms


NOTE: Catch lock & spring sold separately, see our "Factory Plus" Std. 1911 Replacement Parts

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Great part
Another Great part from Wilson Combat. Dropped right in no problem. I like having just that little more length.
Great upgrades from Wilson Combat.
Purchased Bullet Proof Tactical Magazine Release and Magazine Catch Lock Both in Stainless for my Colt series 80 Stainless Combat Commander. Both parts fit perfectly,Finish was Better than Colt OEM Parts.The Magazine Release is 1/16 of an inch taller Making it easyer to find in rapid fire Magazine changes.I found it nessary to change the Magazine Catch Spring to a reduced Power to get the feel correct.Springs where Purchased from Brownells in their Try pack, # 2 reduced Spring Gave me the function and feel I wanted.I also Purchased Full-Length Guide Rod in stainless for same weapon and again High Quality Parts No Modification nessary Note: This is not a Negative But I am using this with a Predator COMPENSATOR THAT REPLACES THE BARREL BUSHING.TO DISSASEMBLE THE SLIDE I USED A LETTER DRILL BIT X TO RELEASE THE COMPENSATOR, YOU CAN NOT USE A BARREL BUSHING WRENCH WITH THIS SET UP.GREAT PRODUCTCS FROM WILSON COMBAT. I WOULD RECOMMEND TO FRIENDS
Great product
I got this magazine release with the stainless magazine catch lock and spring to install on my Colt Officers model. The tab on the magazine catch lock extended slightly beyond the release tube which kept it from dropping right into place. A couple hits with a dremel tool took care of the problem and it works perfectly.
Another quality product.
I purchased this magazine release together with the magazine catch lock and spring. Perfect drop in fit. What more can I say.
Mag release
I have installed these on all my 1911s. Great product. I did buy one from another manufacturer and was extremely unhappy with it. I will continue to buy and use this product.

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