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The Ultralight Match Trigger is used by the Wilson Custom Shop to produce some of the world's finest 1911 Autos.

  • Used by the Wilson Custom Shop
  • Weighs just over 80 grains
  • Pad is machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Matte silver finish on pad
  • Bow is hardened stainless steel
  • Polished bow to reduce bow to frame friction
  • Adjustable over travel screw for precision adjustment
  • Minor fitting required


Weighing in at a little over 80 grains, the Ultralight trigger is an absolute necessity for a light yet safe competition trigger job or to produce the ultra-crisp trigger pull that Wilson "Tactical" pistols are noted for. The pad is machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a serrated front. It is then given a low luster silver matte finish. The bow is hardened stainless steel which has been polished to reduce bow to frame friction. It features an adjustable over travel screw for precision over travel adjustment. This is our finest long adjustable match trigger. Minor fitting required.

NOTE: Wilson Combat® triggers are skeletonized to reduce "trigger bounce" which is rough on a fine trigger job and downright dangerous with a very light trigger pull. Using our triggers, a competent pistolsmith can adjust the trigger pull to safely meet your shooting needs. For carry or competition, you can't beat Wilson Combat® triggers.


 Pad Length  .310"
 Pad Height  .920"
 Pad Width  .245"
 Weight  82.4 gr.


Package Includes: Trigger, 6-32 x 5/16" Set Screw, 1/16" Allen Wrench

Wilson Combat Trigger Adjustment

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Defender Drop-in
2014 Colt Defender: Drop in part. No up and down, but no drag. Bend the bow wings a touch and set that overtravel screw. Done. I trust Wilson parts.
Trigger modification
I used this trigger and Wilsons disconnector and sear to upgrade the trigger on my ATI Military 1911. It breaks clean and light. No fitting necessary.
Short pad trigger
I too took my Wilson Combat short pad trigger to Clint at Coyote Creek in Rochester MN. He took my pistol and changed out the trigger right there while I was waiting! It went right in after a minor trigger height adjustment. Having smaller hands presents a real challenge gripping a 1911 correctly, but with the short trigger pad, I can now grip the pistol and get excellent trigger contact without canting the pistol. Im ordering more for my other 1911s now !!!
Smooth and perfect fit.
I replaced all my trigger components in my S&W with Bullet Proof parts and set the trigger to 3.25 lbs. Factory pull was about 4.75 and had a clean break. I was speechless after I got my gun back from my local gunsmith Clint at Coyote Creek in Rochester MN. These parts are amazing! I had a knowledgeable customer next to me give it a few pulls and he said “Wow, now that’s an amazing trigger. . . WOW”. I had a little left to right and up and down movement in my factory trigger. More than I liked. This cleared it right up. Perfect fit! Great parts!
This trigger is top notch and the short pad is excellent for my style. I had to shave some off the top of my trigger to fit my pistol. Used in my Kimber Ultra CDP II the Kimber trigger well is rounded at the top while this trigger is square. I used the file from my Gerber multi tool to file a little down to fit. I have zero vertical or horizontal play in my trigger. Its simple to fit this trigger just strip your pistol and look inside to see where the trigger is catching. Remember less is more. Do 2-3 swipes with the file and fit it.
Great Trigger
I bought this trigger and installed it in my Colt Government series 80 and the trigger pull is so short now. 0 Creep in the pull. Great trigger.