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The Ultralight Match Trigger is used by the Wilson Custom Shop to produce some of the world's finest 1911 Autos.

  • Used by the Wilson Custom Shop
  • Weighs just over 90 grains
  • Pad is machined from aircraft grade aluminum
  • Wilson CombatŪ three-hole skeletonized design
  • Matte silver finish on pad
  • Bow is hardened stainless steel
  • Polished bow to reduce bow to frame friction
  • Adjustable over travel screw for precision adjustment
  • Minor fitting required


Weighing in at a little over 90 grains, the Ultralight trigger is an absolute necessity for a light yet safe competition trigger job or to produce the ultra-crisp trigger pull that Wilson "Tactical" pistols are noted for. The pad is machined from aircraft grade aluminum with a serrated front and our trademark three-hole skeletonized design. It is then given a low luster silver matte finish. The bow is hardened stainless steel which has been polished to reduce bow to frame friction. It features an adjustable over travel screw for precision over travel adjustment. This is our finest long adjustable match trigger. Minor fitting required.

NOTE: Wilson CombatŪ triggers are skeletonized to reduce "trigger bounce" which is rough on a fine trigger job and downright dangerous with a very light trigger pull. Using our triggers, a competent pistolsmith can adjust the trigger pull to safely meet your shooting needs. For carry or competition, you can't beat Wilson CombatŪ triggers.


 Pad Length  .480"
 Pad Height  .920"
 Pad Width  .245"
 Weight  94.8 gr.


Package Includes: Trigger, 6-32 x 5/16" Set Screw, 1/16" Allen Wrench

Wilson Combat Trigger Adjustment

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Quality Trigger
Fit and finish is excellent. After being fitted to my gun, it smoothed the trigger pull and shortened the take-up.
The best that you can get
This trigger is made right! The only thing that you have to do is take a little material off the top and bottom surface and then adjust your pre and over travel. Job well done Wilson Combat!
The only trigger!
Ive used this trigger for many of my rebuilds or just too upgrade. They work well and are worth the buy. The bow is nicely polished for a smooth pull. Depending on your frame, a little sanding on the top and bottom will make your 1911 function the way it should.
Perfect upgrade for my S&W 1911PD
I purchased this trigger to replace the loose and sloppy stock trigger in my Smith & Wesson 1911PD. The new trigger dropped right in, and got rid of all the excess slop that I was experiencing. Thanks again
Smooth and crisp
I run a TRP and replaced the stock trigger with this. Required some minor filing on the top portion of the pad and some adjustment to the tabs. Most 1911 parts will require a level of adjustment so this comes as no surprise and is clearly indicated on the product description. Great trigger, nice even pull, little to no horizontal movement and zero vertical movement. Nice clean break. Very happy.
Great product as usual! Only way Wilson makes stuff!!
This trigger fit perfectly in my Rock Island 1911. Has absolutely no slop in it and it is a lot smoother than stock trigger and very nice pull
Simple Installation
I spent about 10 minutes removing a bit off the top and bottom of this very well made Wilson Combat 190 trigger. And, I adjusted the wings to remove unwanted free play. My Sig Sauer 1911 XO looks and feels better than ever. Im no gunsmith. If I can do this, anyone can.
Super-easy fit!
A few dozen strokes on sandpaper to top and bottom and it slide perfectly into my Norinco. Perfect function with no further adjustment and fantastic improvement: trigger now has same feel as my other 1911s.
Sharp look
The finish is really nice. Cant wait to get it installed on my Colt/Walther 1911 22 lr. Thanks for the affordable parts that will set my gun apart from others like it!
Replaced Factory Remington R1 trigger
Bought a Remington R1 Enhanced and the factory trigger had a lot of play both up and down and side to side. Bought this trigger and it dropped right in! A hundred times better fit right out of the package! Great piece.
Outstanding trigger
Bought this trigger along with the Wilson combat value line sear and wow my SAM 1911 feels like a top dollar 1911!!! They also dropped right in!! Thanks Wilson you havent let me down with any of the products I have purchased from you which is a lot.
New trigger for my Remington R1
The stock trigger on my Remington R1 Enhanced fit pretty sloppy in the frame, which bugged me because the trigger pull itself is very light and very crisp. So I bought this, and it totally fixed the problem. I didnt have to fit the trigger at all, other than pushing the tabs out a little to get the trigger to sit where I wanted it. Im really happy with this very high quality part.
trigger, sear and hammer...bullet proof
replaced these in new sig scorpion 4.25..unbelievable results...gave trigger a light polish and this is a different gun!!!! will repeat on all my .45s ...everyone should definitely WILSONIZEany brand ...this really works!!will never sell off another gun..ill just put wilson in them
Like butter
Replaced a worn out old norinco trigger with this bad boy. Like night and day. I did a small amount of stoning and now fits like a glove. Super smooth. Thanks guys for making a such a great part.
awesome parts, great service
I ordered this trigger along with numerous other parts for my Springfield, all parts were shipped fast and are bulit to the highest standard. Also tech help was awesome. Great job Wilson
Great trigger!!
this tigger installed perfectly in my remington r1s. looks so much beeter than the factory short trigger, and the quality is great.
Great part!
Bought to replace the solid trigger in a desert warrior. Not a drop in part by any means, but worth the work.
The Best Early taurus PT 1911 require fitting later models drop n play. Simply the best thing i have ever done to a firearm Wilson Springs, Trigger, Sear, Dis connector and firing pin.
Great product !!!!
Great product love the way it works and looks also. Makes any gun better.
did i get lucky or are they all this good
installed in minutes,no modifications required,great feel and break,no creap and the overtravel was adjusted out of the box.
Truely a drop in trigger
Perfect fit and function on the first try. No fitting necessary. Looks great and opperates smoothly.
Trigger was actually drop-in like stated. Made my Remington R1 look extremely fierce. A little bit of spacing between the bottom of the frame and top of the trigger but it functions great. Will buy more from Wilsons.
Its fixed!
After trying different sears and hammers, the creep was still there. Thats when it dawned on me: theres more to a trigger job than just upgrading the sear and hammer. It felt like the creep was in the trigger somewhere and I was right. I did have to remove some material to get it to fit into my Taurus PT 1911 and I stoned and polished all the contact points. The creep is gone - now the hammer falls nice and smooth. Wilson parts are the best!
paraUSA gi expert SS
100% drop-in no problems. tossed the black cheap looking trigger. the skeletonized holes and silver color add a very aggresive look. nice tight fit w/ no play. purchased with a beaver-tail safety grip...
Ultralight match trigger
Dropped right in on my RIA 2011 tactical. No slop at all. Perfect fit!!. Far superior to the stock trigger. Also weights almost nothing in comparison to the stock RIA trigger. Shots like a dream. Thanks Wilson Combat
The best 1911 trigger!
I have used this trigger exclusively in all 1911 builds. Feels great, eliminates pretravel and overtravel. Thanks WC!
Sweet triger , just installed it the other day. Easy install, feels great and less triger creep. WC the cream of the crop!! have ordered more parts, will keep you up on prodject.
Wow. What a difference.
This was the first upgrade that I did on my Sig 1911 XO. The stock Sig aluminum trigger was floppy and loose. The Wilson Combat trigger was not a 100% drop-in ... and, honestly, thats what made this modification so nice. I had to slightly fit the trigger through some light sanding. That allowed me to get a superior fit that doesnt flop around. The trigger bows are highly polished and thin, providing for less friction and a smoother pull. The adjustment tabs are there to get your takeup just right. Overall, this trigger is hard to beat. The difference between the Sig trigger and this one after fitting was almost night and day. Im positive that I will be picking up another one for my next 1911.
Best word to decribe... WOW!!
So I opened my package, and took this trigger out of the bag it came in.... first thing I noticed was the weight.. I couldnt even feel it in my hand. It came pre-polished on the bow so no further cleaning was needed. Set the pull length and bingo it was perfect. I now have a lighter trigger and a smoother pull. Thanks again WC!!!
Amazing Trigger
Just dropped into my Magnum Research 1911G with very little fitment required. Took care of almost all vertically play I had with the old trigger and no more trigger creep.
Awesome Quality Trigger
Just installed this trigger in my Para GI Expert. Dropped right in, no problems at all. Essential part if you want to make for an awesome trigger job.
Trigger Job and installation
I recently purchased t his trigger along with a value line hammer and sear and beavertail safety to bring new life back into a friends 1911. Every Wilson part required me to do some fitting but not so much to make the job too hard. The end result was a super clean 3.5# break , a trigger that looked and felt good and a functional and good looking grip safety. Wilson components changed the way the pistol looked and felt and my friend could not be happier. I have built, repaired, and customized MANY pistols in the past and I use Wilson parts almost exclusively. I am not a professional gunsmith just a well trusted hobbyist. David Rocklin, Ca
Best trigger money can buy
Outstanding quality, fit, and finish. Fitted to my Springfield along with other Wilson fire control parts. The parts are highly polished on the mating surfaces, and professionally finished throughout. I couldnt be happier. Wilson just keeps providing outstanding parts, and I keep using em! Wilson will also support you from beginning to end. Excellent company.
great trigger
improved my colt good feel and easy install minor fitting nothing real hard and worth the extra couple minutes fine tuning
Fantastic Up-grade
I had an Ultralight Match trigger installed in my Colt and I love the end result. The factory trigger left a lot to be desired. Now the pull has been reduced, the creep eliminated, and it just plain looks great. I never realized how far short of perfect my factory Colt trigger fell until I had the Wilson trigger installed. Once you go Wilson you will see and feel the difference. Quality with a capital WC.
Great trigger
This is a great trigger that greatly improved the feel of my Springfield A1. It did require a considerable amount of fitting, but is definitely worth the time once its fine-tuned.