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Bill Wilson’s SCORABLE Steel Target System

This all-new, patent-pending pistol target system from WILSON COMBAT allows you to easily, visually score your training progress at the range without using paint rings or other temporary fixes.

These portable, easy scoring steel targets have laser-cut scoring rings to give you immediate, visual feedback when your shots fall out of the head or torso scoring rings. Scoring circles are 7” with a 4” circle in the head box of the silhouette targets.

Our Scorable Steel Targets are made in the USA from 3/8" thick AR500 armor plate steel for extreme service and excellent long-term impact resistance.  The target frame is heavy-duty and once the simple assembly has been done, they can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools at the range. The target plates are mounted with ˝” grade 8 hardened bolts for a long service life. The entire system breaks down to 3 components (target head, upright post and base) in seconds without tools and will fit in the trunk of a compact car.

When it is time to take a steel target to the range or when setting up your personal steel target training array, Wilson Combat has the ideal scorable steel option for you.

Two good ways to score the targets for training are:

  1. IDPA Vickers count system (raw time + points down) scoring the targets +0 for hits inside the circles, +1 second for hits outside the circles, but on the plate and +3 seconds for a complete miss.
  2. PAR time with a shot inside the circles worth 5 points, 4 points outside the circles but on the plate and no points for a complete miss.



NOTE: Recommended minimum shooting distance from the targets for your safety is 10 yards for handgun and 60 yards for rifle.

NOTE: Color of Paint used on the Steel Targets is Satin Almond, Color of Paint used on the Target Stand is Brown Leather.

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Held up perfectly in class
I bought these in order to host a Symtac shotgun class and they performed perfectly all weekend. Each target took almost 1000 shells of birdshot, 50 buckshot, and pistol over those two days and aside from the lead splatter were like new. And I got less shot splashback off these targets than I have from other steel in the past. They'll get a lot more use in classes at this range in the future.
Nice Upgrade!
Easy to assemble & disassemble at the range. This is much better for a windy or rainy day, when compared to a paper target.
Amazing. Fast Shipping, Easy Setup, Smart Design!
This was the best design I've seen and the price is extremely fair. Easy to set up and take down. It's nice to buy something and not be disappointed when it arrives! I bought two of these and they are worth every penny. Extremely well thought out and materials are quality. Love the scorable laser outlines. Just awesome. Very impressed with Wilson Combat for the care in packaging this and how quickly they shipped. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
Super handy.
Big and sturdy. One thing I would like is if they would sell some different hight posts for the stand. I would buy them.
Expected Wilson High Quality
Just took this to the range yesterday and was impressed. Easy setup and take-down. Very high quality all the way. Be sure to really tighten down the two bolts holding the silhouette or they will work loose. 5 stars all the way for quality engineering and quality build. Highly recommended.
Scorable Silhouette
These are great targets! The scoring rings give you the opportunity to focus more on precision than other steel targets. They are super strong and withstand lots of shooting! Simple set up. Low maintenance.