Suppressor Interface, Quell K-Mount, 16" Barrel, Black Nitride SS

Suppressor Interface, Quell K-Mount, 16
Item Number: SP-KMB16
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Detailed Description


K-Mount Muzzle Device


The QUELL “K-Mount” muzzle interface is easily user-installed without shimming or indexing-the only tool needed for installation is a commonly available 7/8”, 12-point socket wrench. With the suppressor removed, the black nitride finished “K-Mount” will reduce muzzle flash comparable to an M16A1 flash hider.

The K-Mount Interface is for use with the Wilson Combat Quell Suppressor and is available in these thread pitches.

  • 1/2" x 28 Thread (.223 Caliber)
  • 5/8" x 24 Thread (6.8 SPC / .30 Caliber)
  • 11/16”-24 Thread (.458 SOCOM)
  • Black nitride finished
  • Install using 7/8”, 12-point socket wrench

K-Mount Muzzle Device Installation

With your rifle unloaded and its barrel supported from twisting in a vise or with an installation tool, install the appropriate K-Mount with finger pressure only to make sure it will smoothly thread on.  If the K-Mount screws on smoothly by hand, you can now install to 20 foot-pounds MAX using a 7/8" 12-point socket attachment on a calibrated torque wrench inserted in the muzzle end.  For a semi-permanent installation that is also heat-resistant, apply Rocksett on the barrel threads prior to installation.


The QUELL is a “sealed” suppressor and does not require regular cleaning other than an occasional soak in the bore solvent or carbon cleaner of your choice followed by compressed or canned air.  Because the QUELL is completely sealed, we do not recommend lead projectiles be fired in the QUELL.