There have been numerous variations of the famous Bruce Nelson designed summer special style holster over the years, many are excellent and some leave something to be desired. Due to consumer demand, we have crafted what we think is an optimized variation of this famous design.

  • Optimized Variation Of The Famous Bruce Nelson Summer Special Design

  • Designed For Maximum Concealability

  • Features A Stitched-In Sight Track For A Smooth Draw And Clean Sight Picture

  • Made With Premium Cowhide "Rough Side" Out To Help Stabilize The Holster For A Consistent Draw

  • Double Hard Action Snap Loops Allow You To Quickly Attach Or Remove The Holster

  • Re-Enforced Top Provides Easy One Handed Re-Holstering

  • Custom Formed Backpiece Locks The Thumb Safety In The "Safe" Position And Protects Your Pistol From Body Perspiration

  • Meets I.D.P.A. Holster Criteria

Summer Companion