Star-Tac Titanium Framelock | Wilson Tactical® / Chris Reeve Knives

Star-Tac Titanium Framelock | Wilson Tactical® / Chris Reeve Knives
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Wilson Tactical® / Chris Reeve Knives - Star-Tac Titanium Framelock

The evolution of a 20 year quest to make the most rugged tactical folding knife, the Star-Tac is a new collaboration between Wilson Tactical® and the legendary knifemaking precision of Chris Reeve Knives.

  • Limited Edition Wilson Tactical® / Chris Reeve Knives Tactical Collaboration
  • Titanium Framelock Construction with Advanced Engineering for a Lifetime of Reliability
  • Signature Wilson Starburst Grip Design for Enhanced Traction
  • Ambidextrous Thumb Stud
  • Exclusive Lanyard with Engraved Titanium Bead

  • The Star-Tac combines the mechanics of the tried and tested Reeve Integral Framelock, machined from solid 6AL4V titanium billet and adds a tough, hair popping sharp S35VN stainless blade. Unique internal engineering features and an advanced blade pivot system ensure that your Star-Tac will operate smoothly and lock up with vault-like precision for many years to come.

    The Wilson signature machined Starburst grip pattern adds the perfect amount of handle traction for hard-use and visually identifies your knife as a Wilson limited edition. An exclusive lanyard with an engraved titanium bead adds a practical, finishing touch. Limited quantities are available of this truly exceptional tactical folder.

    Blade - CPM S35VN Stainless Steel
    Hardness - RC 58-59
    Blade Finish - Stonewash Polished
    Blade Length - 3.675"
    Blade Thickness - .140"
    Handle - 6AL4V Titanium Billet with Titanium Pocket Clip
    Handle Length - 4.77"
    Handle Thickness - .150"
    Overall Length - 8.45"
    Hardware - 303 Stainless Steel
    Weight - 5 oz.

    StarTac Folder by Steven Dick

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    Very impressed, as always, with WCs renditions of respected knives 4/8/2016
    This is already a very nice knife from Chris Reeve Knives but the touches that Wilson Combat adds are very appreciated and can make it a better knife in some ways. The Starburst treatment on the handles is awesome, as always, and the low-profile WC Eagle engraving on the clip is a nice touch. One thing about this knife that I did not pick up on in the pictures is that the pocket clip rests squarely on the frame lock which adds to its weight when unlocking the knife. It can cause some irritation or pain if you are opening and closing knife a lot but it is easy for me to get over this. This knife definitely requires a certain technique to open quickly and efficiently but it is not too crazy. One thing is that with the pocket clip resting on the lock, you may have to adjust your grip slightly to get positive opening every time. At least I did. I bought the right-hand version even though I am left-handed I always do and I find it easier to open it with my left hand every time than my right hand. Still a fantastic knife all-around.
    - Fred Wales, ME
    If you could only have 1 knife, this is it. 3/15/2014
    I have carried this knife every day for about a year now and I think you would have to search for a long long time to find a better all around useful knife. I love the design of the umnumzaan. It has everything that you need and nothing you dont in a all around knife. At first I thought the harpoon style blade was a little silly, but that little swedge on the front of the blade is extremely useful for cutting things and scraping things that would damage your main edge. The handle is very comfortable and extremely easy to clean. I have used this knife for everything from opening letters to skinning and processing deer and other game. The blade holds an excellent edge and the cutting geometry is second to none. I love the open design of the handle and the simplicity of the lock. Even when covered in blood and whatnot it is very easy to clean out and the lock never becomes gunked up because there is space all around it for the stuff to exit. I also love the starburst machining on the handle. It adds a just the right amount of texture to the handle to be able to hold onto it when its wet or bloody but does not tear up your pocket edges or hands. The glass breaker works as advertised as well. Its a very useful addition to an EDC knife as we commonly spend much of our day in and around automobiles. I have used the breaker to break out the windows in a couple of cars which would not break with repeated strikes of a metal baton. A single slight tap of the umnumzaans glass breaker shatters them instantly. I also love the design of the clip. The second little notch in the clip retains the knife very well in a jeans pocket by clipping onto that folded over seam in your pocket and securely holding the knife in place. The only small negative about this knife that I could think of is the little nub on the lockbar can be sharp on your thumb if you try to unlock the blade with the tip of your thumb. If you use the meaty part of your finger instead it works very positively and comfortably. This in no way detracts from the knife, it is simply a different way of unlocking a liner lock style knife.
    - Mike, SD
    A Gentlemans Folder 2/21/2013
    Beautiful knife. Slightly thicker than the Eagle, but beefier and more comfortable to grasp. The Eagle fills more of a tactical task, as this one is more of utility knife, but can be used for self defense if need be. The blade shape is definitely unique and has a perfect edge and finish on it. I like the eagle better, but the startac is prettier. Well worth every penny.
    - Hai Nguyen, LA
    First Rate Knife 1/25/2013
    Love the knife. Amazing detail worth every penny. Ordered and with in two days on my door step. Waiting on CQB wish it was just two day wait.
    - G Jones, TN
    Just done right! 1/10/2013
    Its just done right, Wilson Combat/Chris Reeve nailed it. Top notch craftsmanship,. Highly recommend for EDC or collectors. Thanks for the great knife.
    - James, NC
    I have both old and new pivot 12/4/2012
    in one word - flawless. smooth mechanism, built like a tank, well its a Chris Reeve. I have both old and the new pivots, nothing different other than aesthetics. And since CRK Umnumzaans dont have inserts, you can have one w a Wilson Combat logo in the Star-Tac :
    Uncle Nic
    Star Tac Review - Impressive Folder 11/25/2012
    After carrying a WC Starbenza for the last year I didnt think that I would like the Star Tac as much as I do. Pros - All the benefits of the Starbenza with an impressive blade shape. The harpoon blade tip coupled with the scalloped spine gives more flexibility for EDC use. Add the glass breaker and the lock bar stabilizer and you have some good enhancements. Cons - Only thing I might change would be the thumbstuds. I personally dont have much of a problem opening the knife but others have had some problems. The smooth face on the thumbstud coupled with the shallow cutout on the handle makes opening the knife a little different than most folders. However, a little practice opening the knife will remedy any problems. I really recommend this knife to anyone looking for a great quality folder. All the features of this knife and the WC modifications make this a good investment. Beautiful EDC knife, great blade, and silky smooth action.
    - Joseph David, LA
    Star-Tac Titanium Umnumzaan 10/19/2012
    This Wilson Combat Chris Reeve Umnumzaan knife is a work of Art.It is worth every penny of the cost and Im very proud to own such a creation.Thanks Everyone Involved.
    Great knife with a Wilson Combat Twist! 10/2/2012
    I have a couple top tier custom tactical folders and a Chris Reeve Pacific fixed blade, but Ive really wanted to add a Chris Reeve folder to my collection. The Startac was EXACTLY what I wanted! I really like narrow profile and handle design. All of my other folders will be collecting dust for now. Because of the narrow profile, it is very easy to wear comfortably in dress slacks! Pick one of these up while you can and you wont regret it!
    Unsurpassed quality 9/26/2011
    I count on this tool daily its American craftsmanship at it best.
    - Chris, NV
    New Startac CRK Umnumzaan 9/15/2011
    Just gotta say thank you for the speedy service and a great folder! The Chris Reeve Umnumzaan is a great knife to begin with and to me an even better one in the Wilson Combat version. It will be my CQBs constant companion for years to come!
    WOW! 9/14/2011
    Believe the hype. This knife is exactly what you would expect from Wilson and then some. If you can afford it, buy it.
    StarTacs Arrival 11/9/2010
    Always liked Chris Reeve Products. Haven t owned one in a while but I recently seen the Wilson Collaboration and it tripped my trigger. I am a symmetrical type of person and having Wilsons Star pattern on both sides of the knife really made the knife look nice. When it arrived here today I was impressed. I am pretty particular and can usually find things on a knife or little areas that have a defect, scratch mark or something thats off. This knife I received I couldnt find anything wrong at all. That says a lot of both of the companies that brought this knife to the public. I have to say I have never owned a stone washed blade before. Never liked the look of it. So before I ordered this knife I emailed Wilson and Also Chris Reeve knives to ask if there was a polished blade option. They both told me it only comes with the one finish. When I seen the Blade today in person I was very impressed. Even though its stone washed it is also high polished and done in very good taste. The knife is extremely sharp and has a nice deep Hollow grind on it. Only slight thing I can say that I dont like is the lock bar is very hard to undo/release. Its hard to get to the lock bar due to not much relief cut for your thumb to disengage it. Plus is so stiff it hurts the thumb to release it. I did already buy a take down kit and will re-adjust the lock bar to make it easier to disengage. All in all its a top notch knife for a great price! If your on the fence looking at this model I would go for it, you wont be disappointed.
    - Jim Smyth, IL
    StarTac - On the Fence 10/7/2010
    Lucky for me, I received the last StarTac that was in stock for this round,only took two days to deliver, GREAT, now Ive been fortunate to have purchased many a nice knife and have been looking at the Chris Reeve knives for some time now, anyway on to my quick review, very nice knife, a little larger than most of my knives, but fits the hand real good, fit/finish is just what it should be, very very nice, blade is SUPER SHARP, really sharp. Put it in my right pocket as all my knives are users, the extry length was no problem. Now, I watched a YouTube review of the Umnumzaam, and how smooth it opened with one hand, thats improtant to me, the StarTAC Umnumzaam I received is very diffcult to open, not very smooth, no snap -- Im sad -- but Ill keep it an add a little knife oil, maybe that will help, so Im On the Fence right now, time will tell the true worth of this knife.
    - Darryl Godwin, FL
    Pretty good knife 10/5/2010
    The Umnumzaam is one of the best folders around and the customized grip by Wilson seems pretty effective to me and looks very good too. Knife fit and finish is flawless, blade perfectly centered and very sharp, perfect lock. My clip had a very little vertical play even tightening the screw - no issue for me since I remove the clips. It would be nice if the pivot toolkit was included with an extra fee to avoid buying it separately from CRK.
    - Erminio, AZ
    Absolute piece of artwork.... 9/24/2010
    Just received the knife and it is awesome. The attention to detail is amazing, and it just looks awesome. Sharp as a razor. And comes with a great cloth to wipe it down with as well.
    - David M, CT
    A Truly Amazing Knife 8/16/2010
    The Reeve knives have a tremendous reputation, but when you couple it with the Wilson starburst grip, it takes excellence to a whole new level. I have owned lots of good folders over the years, but this one tops them all... A perfect compliment to my Wilson Combat 1911.
    - Jason Y, SC
    Possibly One Of The Best Collaborations In The Knife Industry 7/16/2010
    I just received my new StarTac 1 hour ago. Fit, Finish, & Quality is second to none as are all Wilson & Chris Reeves products. It opens as smooth as silk & locks up like a bank vault. I have been collecting Chris Reeve knives for 20 years and have owned 2 other umnumzaans since they came out. But the StarTac takes the prize hands down. Thank you Chris Reeves & Wilson Combat for introducing this product. I just may have to have a second one. Anthony Rick Sposato 7-16-2010
    - Anthony Sposato, IL
    Not really intended as a review but this is an easy communication 6/21/2010
    Ive had Chris Reeve Knives, Sebenza and one piece fixed blades, for many years and he is without doubt the best. I purchased this Umnumzaan -Sir/Boss etc from you because it had your superb Starburst Grip. I purchased this grip for my CQB Compact from Greg Gimenez, hes as good as it gets, shortly after purchasing my CQB Compact earlier this year. And yes Ive owned Wilson 1911s since the mid 90s. With the Reeve knife and your grip I have the best of both worlds!!!
    - Dan Boone, NV

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