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This unique part, designed by Wilson Combat engineers replaces the small and hard to reach factory P320 lo-profile slide catch levers.

Stamped from high quality ordnance steel, the deeply grooved and extended Wilson Combat SIG P320 extended slide release is uniquely shaped to improve your reloads under stress without interfering with your grip.

This part is precision stamped of ordnance steel and has a black nitride finish.  It uses the factory installed slide release spring and post.


  • Compatible with all Generation of P320 models and variants in 9/357/40 calibers only
  • Stamped from ordnance grade steel
  • Black nitride finish
  • Drop in fit
  • .040" Wider than factory slide release


Click Here for Slide Release Post & Spring Kit

Wilson Combat Slide Release, WCP320, Extended Installation


1. Ensure the pistol is unloaded and safe.  Please read your current Sig SauerŪ P320 Owner's Manual prior to performing the following procedure.
2. Remove the frame assembly per Sig SauerŪ P320 Owner's Manual.
3. Remove the slide catch release pin from the left side of the frame.
4. Lift the slide release, slide release spring and post from the frame assembly.


1. Set the new slide release upside down on a flat surface.
2. Insert the post into the slide release and set the spring on top of the post.
3. Set the frame assembly over the slide release and lift up the slide release and frame assembly.
4. While holding the assembly, re-insert the slide release pin back through the frame.
5. Refer to your Sig SauerŪ P320 Owner's Manual and re-assemble the pistol.


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The factory p320 slide release from Sig leaves much the be desired. The way that the factory slide release is made means that in order to drop the slide, i have to put a large amount of pressure in towards the gun to get enough friction to actually pull it down. The new wilson combat slide stop that I installed is more like a small shelf that i can simply press down. I no longer need to press in as well. This has made my reloads much faster and smoother, and if you are a serious shooter, this is a must-have addition to your Sig Sauer P320
Almost perfect!
When compared to the stock catch/release it is by far leaps and bounds over the stock configuration. As a guy with smaller hands it has made it so much easier to manipulate. The only thing I wish it had was a tail that angled down extending past the stock length. Wider made it great! Longer with a downward slope would make it perfect in my opinion because of better ergonomics.
Jubilant Old Lefty
Almost immediately after purchasing my Sig P320 Compact, I found it near impossible to lock or release the slide using my left thumb. Since there are no pistols, that I'm aware of, made for leftys, we have to make do. That was my intent, until my training at Front Sight introduced me to the Type 3 Malfunction, Feedway Stoppage. There just wasn't enough release surface to provide sufficient leverage to manipulate the slide release. I searched for months, looking for a slide release, until finally giving up. This past week, I thought I'd try one more time, before getting rid of my Sig and moving to an HK or Walther. Low and behold, I found Wilson Combat's Extended Slide Release! It arrived today. Simple installation to install it, and I am blown away with the improvement. I don't have to use two thumbs to engage or release it. It can be manipulated effectively with the firing side thumb! For me, it gives new life to my P320. Thank you, Wilson Combat, for hearing shooters. Sig's slide release, at least for an old lefty, is a joke. Wilson Combat's works like a charm. I highly recommend it.
I have had all three sig P320 slide stop/release levers and this one is leaps and bounds better !! Not only does it make releasing the slide effortless, it also makes manually locking back the slide exponentially better.
Definite Improvement over OEM Part
I ordered the Extended Slide Release for my WCP320 and was concerned it would protrude too much. It works perfectly and is an improvement over the stock SIG part. It would be especially beneficial for the SIG OEM Grip Modules.
Actually useful
Before purchasing this, the slide stop on my P320 was just for aesthetics. I was unable to operate it without fumbling with the gun. After installing, I could immediately tell the difference in operation. It brought the slide stop out of the way of my thumb, so no more rubbing. Secondly and more importantly, I could operate the slide stop with ease. After running a few reload drills, I could tell the time difference in function. This simply part made a huge impact on functionality of my P320.