Slide Release, .45 ACP, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Slide Release, .45 ACP, Bullet Proof®, Blue
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  • Fits: All Codes in .45 ACP
  • Pkg. Includes: Slide Stop


The slide stop takes an unbelievable pounding in a 1911 Auto making it vulnerable to breakage & wear. Bullet Proof® Slide Stops are fully machined from solid bar stock with extra metal left in critical areas for added durability. But the real key to a Bullet Proof® Slide Stop is the material. After considerable research and field testing, we have found what we believe to be the finest slide stop steel possible which when properly heat treated produces a truly Bullet Proof® Slide Stop. As if this wasn't enough, Bullet Proof® Slide Stops have a built in detent, serrated top and maximum tolerance shaft. This is a drop in part requiring no fitting in properly manufactured 1911 Autos.

In the world of high-performance handguns, Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts stand alone for performance, construction and value. All Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® parts are CNC machined from solid steel billets and precisely engineered for an absolutely perfect fit-no cheap castings or inferior, imported injection molded parts will ever wear the Bullet Proof® name.

Wilson Combat® Bullet Proof® Parts Have Been Engineered To Be The Highest Quality, Most User Friendly And Toughest 1911 Parts Available

Bullet Proof® Parts Are CNC Machined From Billets Of The Finest American Tool Steels To An Exacting Set Of Stringent Tolerances And Proprietary Specifications Like All 1911 Parts Were Intended To Be

All Bullet Proof® Parts Are Guaranteed From Defects Or Breakage Forever, The Best Parts With The Best Guarantee In The Industry

Choose from over fifty Bullet Proof® parts to complete your dream custom 1911.

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Looks, and Works Great!
After some minor fitting of the shaft, and breaking the sharp corners, My Kimber Ultra Carry II is happy, and so am I. Much better than the MIM part it came with. Took about a half hour and, bingo.
Happy again
My Para Pro Comp 40 started giving me fits. Sent it back twice. The first repair center actually made the malfunctions worse. I bought Wilsons mags and recoil spring but the ftfs continued. Sent it back again and the only problem was the slide locking back with rounds still in the magazines. The gunsmith at Wilson recommended this slide release and I ordered the plunger assembly too. So far it shoots any brand of ammo with no problems at all. I will continue to purchase parts from Wilson for all my 1911s.
Drop in fit for SIG Scorpion
Great quality part. First drop-in BulletProof part for my SIG Scorpion.
Perfect fit!
Another Grade A+ 1911 part. Great job Wilson Combat.
No more issues.
Sig Extreme 1911, slide was not locking back on empty mag. A little fitting with the Wilson Combat slide release and weapon runs has no issues. If your not using Wilson Combat parts, on your 1911, your wasting your time and money.
slide release, bullet proof.
Worked great easy fit, my stock colt release was looking a little thrashed. This will be a great addition to my .45
Fits like a glove
Just received it today for my Sig XO and it looks like it came from the factory, perfect match and fit. Great work Wilson!
works perfectly on my s&w pro series 3 in. no mods at all.
Mixed review
This part works exactly as advertised. It is very functional, and pragmatic. Unfortunately, I thought the part would be a high polish blue finish to match my Colt....It is very flat matte finished, and quite noticable on my pistol. I may return to the factory part for asthetic reasons.
Excelltn Fit and Finish
This slide stop installed with absolutely no modification to my Springfield 1911. These parts are obviously made with pride.
I purchased one for my Para P13. The OEM slide release kept popping off after every shot. My P13 is a P.O.S to begin with straight from the company. My local gunsmith suggested one of these and it works great and smooth. And after 500 rounds,this thing still works great; better than the original Para Ordnance slide release. I like it very much and so will you.
Outstanding part
Purchased this slide release as part of a huge upgrade on my Sig Sauer 1911 XO. Im updating all of the MIM parts to Wilson Bullet-Proof parts due to the high quality and longevity. This slide release was a better than perfect drop-in replacement for the slide release in the Sig 1911. This slide releases pin measured in at a perfect 0.200 with my calipers. It was slightly bigger than the stock XO slide release and, therefore, provided a superior fit once installed. Incredibly happy with this part ... and obviously better quality than the MIM sig part both visually, and via measurements.
Best Slide Stop
Both of my Kimber Custom IIs have this slide stop, no more pre-mature lockbacks with reloads or factory ammo. Great job Wilson!!
Wilson Combat is second to none.
Replaced the slide stop on my Kimber Ultra Carry because I didnt like the look and feel of the angled pad. The Wilson Combat slide stop was a direct swap.
Works Beautifully
Replaced the stock slide release on my Kimber Pro Covert with the 414B. After shooting 400+ rounds through the handgun, it is still working flawlessly. I highly recommend Wilson Combat parts to anyone thinking of upgrading their 1911.
Nice replacement for MIM parts
Bought one of these for my Para P14, a little bit of fitting to get it in but it was simple enough and works perfectly. Putting this slide stop back in after cleaning is much easier than the original Para slide stop/release due to the beveled edge machined into it to engage the slide stop plunger.
BARSTOCK Goodness!
I bought this part to replace the crappy MIM slide stop in my Kimber when the Kimber part BROKE. The Wilson BULLET PROOF part dropped right in, and gives sooo much more confidence to know that the Bullet Proof part is real barstock steel, not injection molded pot metal like the Kimber part!