Slide Release, .38 Super/9mm, Bullet Proof®, Blue

Slide Release, .38 Super/9mm, Bullet Proof®, Blue
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Fits: All Codes in 38 Super/9MM

Pkg. Includes: Slide Stop

The slide stop takes an unbelievable pounding in a 1911 Auto making it vulnerable to breakage & wear. Bullet Proof® Slide Stops are fully machined from solid bar stock with extra metal left in critical areas for added durability. But the real key to a Bullet Proof® Slide Stop is the material. After considerable research and field testing, we have found what we believe to be the finest slide stop steel possible which when properly heat treated produces a truly Bullet Proof® Slide Stop. As if this wasn't enough, Bullet Proof® Slide Stops have a built in detent, serrated top and maximum tolerance shaft. This is a drop in part requiring no fitting in properly manufactured 1911 Autos.


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A perfectly crafted drop-in part 6/29/2019
This slide release dropped right in to my Dan Wesson Silverback (9mm). It fixed two problems. It eliminated failures of the slide to lock back on certain magazines. Now it locks backs on every mag every time (Wilson ETM, Tripp Cobra, OEM, Mec-Gar). It also fixed some feeding issues. I even tried it on a Fusion 1911 that would not feed properly. It has an unramped barrel and every other round would hit the bottom of the barrel. After I installed the Wilson slide release, I noticed that it raised the height of the magazine to perfectly align with the barrel. No more feeding issues. The OEM slide release held the magazine slightly lower, and thus the feed issues. Wilson does it right, like no one else. A perfectly crafted drop-in part. I plan to retro-fit the Fusion with Wilson internals. The best parts for your 1911 that money can buy. One note, the Wilson part is blued, so it's not an exact match for guns coated black. Not a big deal for me.
- Paul S, AL
Great Quality 4/2/2018
Purchased Wilson Slide Stop to replace defective Colt part.
Perfect Fit! 5/23/2014
Replaced the original in my Colt 1911 with this one and it was a perfect fit. Gun runs PERFECT again.
Richard Rutherford