Silicone Cleaning Cloth, Gray, Wilson Combat Logo

Silicone Cleaning Cloth, Gray, Wilson Combat Logo
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A must for every shooter, these soft cotton flannel polishing cloths are impregnated with silicone. Completely removes rust producing fingerprints and is ideal for use on the range after gun handling. The cloths are gray and feature the Wilson Combat Eagle Logo. They make great gifts for any gun owner.

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Silicone Cleaning Cloth 3/29/2018
Just got done purchasing three 3 more of these superb cleaning cloths for my firearms. These do a great job of keeping your firearm from ever having any rusting issues and really shines up the blue and SS on my pistols. I never have to worry about how they look or how they are protected. Great product Wilson!!
- Gary White, MO
My Go-To silicone rag 6/24/2014
Ive used all the major silicone towels, this one is my favorite. High quality and the least expensive. Buy 2 or 3 of these! I love em. I use them for all of my firearms after I put my fingerprints on them. They will not rust if you take care of them with Ultima-Lube II products and wipe down with this cloth.
- Sam, TX
Happily Suprised 7/3/2013
when I took the rag out of the package the rag did not feel oily at all.i was amazed at how well it worked. it really worked well and did not leave a oily finish
- robert holley, TX
Silicone Rag 6/16/2013
this is a pretty good rag.does not feel oily but works great.worth the money.guy on ebay is selling this same rag for $8.95
- r. holley, TX
Best Cloth Ever 10/17/2012
I have 6 of these, ones in the truck and each range bag and tackle box. Great product keeps on doing its job year after year.
- Bobby Slone, KY
A must have for any gun owner! 5/1/2012
Inexpensive way to keep your firearm rust free after cleaning. I have used these for years, and have never had any blued gun have a spot of rust. Makes S.S. look factory new. A great value! Thank you WC.
- Mike Dee, CA
Very nice cleaning cloth 3/5/2012
Ive had cleaning cloths similar to this before and this one is by far better. Loaded with protective silicone that will last a long time. A must have
- Adam F, VA
Get on the rag! 9/28/2011
Superb cleaning cloth that lasts forever! Great for my guns as well as my high carbon steel blades as well. Keeps my blades from developing those ugly rust spots that are sure to pop up when you least expect them on HC type knives and swords. As always WC has done it again with this inexpensive product. Buy a few and you will be wondering why you waited so long. Great job, and thanks WC. :
DONNIE Montgomery
Every Gun Bag Should Have This Rag! 8/28/2011
What a great little cleaning/finishing cloth. You can buy this premium cloth that will last you many, many cleanings, or you can settle for the competitions that will fall apart on you after a couple of uses. Buy a few and make your maintenance a little more easy.
- Mike, FL
Who in the World thought of this! 4/25/2011
Talk about the whole KISS system. Keep it simple stupid or however you say it, this cloth should be one of the 7 man made wonders of the world. A no nonsense wipe your gun and go. Great for Bug out Bag in case of emergencies and now time to detail. A+++++++++++
- Justin Ross, TX
Great for all firearms and knives! 4/5/2011
This is the best for keeping your firearm or knife rust free after cleaning. Leaves a slight film on and so simple to use a caveman could do it! It smells good too! I love it!
Donnie Montgomery
Does just what you would expect 1/18/2011
Picked up the silicone cloth for my bag and couldnt be happier. Does just what you would expect, gives a nice polish and takes all the junk off your pistol when your not at home.
- Joseph Fagnoni, TX
Great Cleaning Cloth!!! 10/5/2010
I bought two of these, for wiping down my handguns at the range. My Colts stainless steel slide never looked so good after throwing 100 rounds down range. Powder, and dirt cleans right up, and for the price you cant go wrong.
- Bob, PA

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