Sear Spring, Colt

Sear Spring, Colt
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This sear spring is the same one we use in our custom 1911 handguns. Manufactured to the strictest standards for the best possible trigger pull. Reduced tension makes tuning easy.

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Colt Sear Spring 10/30/2018
My RIA 1911 in 9mm really didnt need no add on. Its a great shooter. But for IDPA I wanted to squeeze every last drop. Adding WC Sear, Disconnector, Colt Sear Spring and a tweak on the trigger; man my eyes pop when I see those close holes on the targets. I kid you not WC parts are the best.
- Marcelino Maldonado, FL
good factory replacement part. 1/7/2015
when I ordered this they were out of the bullet proof main spring. I dropped it in my ria 1911 to replace the factory spring. it still works great with all the other bullet proff internal parts I put in the pistol. the only thing ria now is the trigger blade and trigger bow and the barrel. this gun is now my go to 1911. I purchased it as a beater pistol so I wouldnt have to beat and bag my colts or my springfield around. I now like the ria better than the others after this build.
- derek casey, KY
Wow. This R29C is Nice 1/2/2014
No wonder it is used on their custom pistols.
- Jerry, FL