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Custom-Tune Spring Kits contain the finest gun springs available, made from high tensile spring wire for reliable function, smooth operation, consistency and long life.

Smith & Wesson K, L & N Frame Revolver "Custom-Tune" Spring Kit Includes:

  • Reduced Power Hammer Spring
  • 12 lb. Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring
  • 13 lb. Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring
  • 14 lb. Reduced Power Rebound Trigger Spring

Custom-Tune Spring Kits are designed to easily and inexpensively improve your revolver's action and functionality. These quality spring kits feature the finest gun springs available, made from high tensile spring wire for the finest possible action tuning jobs. Kits include the various springs necessary to assure reliable function, smooth operation, consistency and long life. When only the best will do, Wilson Combat® "Custom-Tune" spring kits are the only choice. Revolver "Custom-Tune" Spring Kits lighten the trigger pull on single action revolvers and improve the single and double action trigger pull on double action revolvers. Double action kits contain assorted trigger rebound springs, allowing the selection of the lightest spring that will provide proper trigger return with your particular pistol. If you've never tried one of these kits, you won't believe the difference.

Not for use in rimfire.

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

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Good outcome but it took some work
I bought this kit for my 2 3/4" Model 69 that had a horribly heavy and stacky DA trigger from the factory. Out of the box there was a nasty burr on the spring hooks where they engage the hammer stirrup. I was able to clean it up with a file and polish it out, but it never should have left the factory like that. Thankfully they included 3 rebound springs, as anything less than the 14lb yielded a very mushy trigger return, but the 14lb was acceptable. Once I got the kit installed, I started experiencing light primer strikes about 10-15% of the time. I resolved this by shimming the strain screw by placing a spent large pistol primer between it's tip and the spring (I had to file the primer cup down a bit for proper fit). It's 100% now, and the trigger pull is fantastic...possibly the best of all of my S&W Revolvers. IMO it's a decent product, but they should have used a slightly heavier hammer spring to ensure reliable ignition (there's a lot of room to work with between the factory spring and this one), and more detail could have been paid to final finish and quality control.
Perfect Upgrade for Mod 29
Upgraded my new 29-10 revolver with this kit using the 14# return spring. Absolutely incredible upgrade! Pull weights went from 12/4.5 to 10/3 and feels incredibly smooth. DA pulls are controllable with one-hand now and the new mainspring doesn't have that 'snap' feel when the hammer drops. Upgrade installs in less than 30 minutes.
Significant Upgrade
My Smith and Wesson 686 plus came stock with a smooth but heavy trigger. Swapping out the main spring and the trigger return spring took all of 15 minutes and 15 dollars. The trigger pull in DA is now 7 pounds and SA is at exactly 3 pounds. The difference is significant and makes what already was a fine firearm exponentially superior to anything straight off the factory line. Hammer still drops hard enough for 100% of factory ammunition primer ignition.
Superior product
I installed this kit on a 66-8 and it dropped SA pull from a 5 lb to a 3 lb pull. I didnt measure DA pull but it is much lighter and smoother. Best money I’ve spent on upgrades. Don’t hesitate about doing this. Great product
Model 66-6
Had a great experience installing the Spring Kit in my Model 66-6. I had zero failure to fire even with the frame mounted firing pin. I bought 3 more to go on my Model 10-5, 29-3, and model 686 Plus. Only possible issues I am expecting is on the Model 29-3 perhaps. The grip frame is a tad longer than K and L frames, it might have less leverage if the Wilson is shorter than the factory mainspring . But so far what a great way to improve trigger without permanent alteration or damage to the clock work.
686 with Apex Evolution IV Hammer
I was unhappy with the two rebound springs that came with the Evolution IV DAO hammer. I tried a variety of combinations of rebound springs (factory, Apex competition, Apex duty, Wilson 14#, 13#, 12#) and mainsprings (either factory or the Wilson reduced). I came to the conclusion after many assembly and disassemblies that the most reliable setup was with the 14# rebound spring Wilson and the Wilson reduced mainspring. No slop in the trigger return and consistent ignition without misfire - and of course - a very nice trigger pull. I have not made any other mods to this 686 (no polishing of rebound slide) and it fires beautifully. Shoots like the Sig P250 (one of the best DAO pistols out there, though not a wheelgun).
Just what my Smith needed!
I had stayed away from newer Smith revolvers because of their horrendous trigger pull. When I came into possession of a model 64-8, I heard about these spring sets in a YouTube video by MrGunsAndGear. I put these in and went to the range today. Im blown away at how much lighter and smoother the double action trigger pull is! I cant recommend these highly enough!
586-2 results
I very, very seldom post reviews but this product deserves one. The revolver, as stated in the title is a 586-2. I purchased used so the history is unknown. Some holster wear but appears to have been shot very little. I replaced the mainspring and the rebound spring with the 13 lb spring from Wilson. In addition, I polished the rebound block with an India stone. No work done to any of the other internals as Im a rank amateur at this. I dont have a trigger scale, but the difference is absolutely night and day with these simple mods. It took all of 30 minutes, most of that time spent polishing the rebound block. Do yourself a favor and buy it, its like a totally different gun now.
686 Plus now Smooth
Polished all internal surfaces first, several good YouTube videos for instruction. Went with the 13lb trigger return spring and the hammer spring. Fired 100 rounds at the range Federal Hydra-Shok 110gr. Low recoil, Perfecta 38sp. 158gr FMJ, HPR 38sp. 125gr TMJ, Hornady Critical Defense, Fiocchi 357 125gr SJSP with zero misfires. Trigger pull light and smooth with better groups using double action. This is a new gun so it wasnt smooth before polishing.
Works Great after minor hiccup
I initially had a problem with the hammer spring fitting/functioning in my very old 5-screw K-frame. Wilson Combat support quickly diagnosed my problem and shipped me a spring that they modified slightly to work in my revolver. The very slight straightening of the spring near the hook end resulted in a perfect fit in my old Victory model and gave me a lighter action. I combined it with the middle weight trigger return spring & couldnt be happier with the result. Great product and SUPERB customer support!!
M66-8 Results
Installed mainspring and #13 return: SA trigger pull @ 3.25 lbs. Changed to #14 return spring: SA trigger pull @ 3.75 lbs. The gun is stock otherwise.
IN my 617 .22
love it , it made a BIG improvement IMO .
Hugh Difference
I got my gun back from the gunsmith today after he installed one of these kits. I have only dry fired so far, but what a difference in the trigger pull. I would have to assume that it is going to help with accuracy.
My trust in Wilson continues to be well-founded
I looked at three spring kits for S&W revolvers: Wilsons, Wolffs and Miculicks. The Wolff mainspring has a groove in it which has caused some folks difficulties with regard to where the strain screw contacts it. I wanted to avoid buying another strain screw or filing it down... A strain screw should be down tight & checked from time to time. The Miculick kit included just one rebound spring and, knowing that Jerry prefers a stronger pull to match his ability to cycle a revolver, I wasnt sure that his kit would offer a light enough spring {consistent with reliable ignition}. [Jerry often uses strong rebound springs because his issue is cycle time, not a lighter pull which is easier to keep on target.] The Wilson kit seemed like the best choice. I installed the reduced power mainspring and the 13 lb. rebound spring in my Model 625 -luckily, it was a good choice. The pull is much lighter and its still reliable - even with CCI primers. I also had my original 1974 S&W Model 67 which Id never modified and wondered what it might do with using the 12 lb. rebound spring with its original mainspring - that worked out well also. FYI - the Model 67 factory D-A pull was much lighter than the Model 625 made 35+ years later. So, I got two econo-action jobs for the price of one kit from Wilson.
Smith and Wesson 28-2 Spring kit
I installed this spring kit using the 13# rebound slide spring in my 28-2 Highway Patrolman. I did a trigger action job on it at the same time. Single action trigger pull is under 1#, and double action is about 4#. I filed about 1/8 inch off of the main spring tensioning screw. I love it. I highly recommend this spring kit.
Good Springs
I have installed this kit in a K frame Model 10 with no failures to fire. For a defensive handgun I find that the lighter rebound springs do not offer aggressive enough trigger return, I have used the 14# spring with good results. In an N frame Model 325 using the reduced power hammer spring I had frequent misfires. I still gave this product 5 stars because I believe with this firearm any reduced power hammer spring would require tuning and depending on how light you wanted to go also tuning the ammunition. I would suggest replacing the strain screw and if you have a newer revolver, slightly reducing the diameter of the firing pin return spring.
Nice trigger pull, but...
This kit gave a very nice trigger pull on my S&W 617, but in double action it caused light hammer strikes 60% misfire. Single action was not as bad; only 5-10% misfire. If you want to use this with a rimfire model, you will probably need to get a longer mainspring set screw for it to work properly. At the very least, WC should make people aware of the issue. The other big gunspring company that sells kits like this has a disclaimer and does sell a standard power mainspring for more reliable firing.
Just what the doctor ordered!
This spring kit was just what the doctor ordered for my S&W 329 NightGuard! The lightened trigger pull and feel is outstanding! I enjoy the double action pull, as it is a 1000x times better than stock! I have recommended this kit to all my friends, and will order a kit for all of my 13 plus revolvers!
Have an old 28-2 highway patrolman, realllly bad trigger. First changed out the main spring, then learned the recoil makes a big difference too. Used the 12# with about 2-3 coils cut off it. Works great, now I just need an india stone.

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