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Custom-Tune Spring Kits contain the finest gun springs available, made from high tensile spring wire for reliable function, smooth operation, consistency and long life.

Full-Size / Government .45 ACP "Custom-Tune" Spring Kit Includes:

  • 10 lb. Reduced Power Recoil Spring - Lighter Spring For Light Practice Rounds, Heavy-Duty For Longer Life
  • 18 1/2 lb. Extra Power Recoil Spring - Increases Feeding Reliability When Shooting Factory Loads, Heavy-Duty For Longer Life
  • Reduced Power Mainspring (Hammer Spring) - Reduced Hammer Tension, Resulting In Easier Cycling And Up To 25% Reduced Trigger Pull
  • Extra Power Firing Pin Spring - Increased Firing Pin Tension For Longer Life And Enhanced Safety Should The Pistol Be Dropped


A properly tuned 1911 Auto is unquestionably the finest combat pistol in the world. The first step when tuning your pistol is replacing the stock springs with Wilson "Custom-Tune" Springs. These springs are produced from the finest high tensile spring steel, assuring a consistently smooth action, positive ignition, and proper timing. Once installed, your pistol will be "Custom-Tuned" for maximum reliability.

Cautions and Installation Test Procedure

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Great but bear in mind:
Colt Gold Cup: The sear spring needed some bending to make the grip safety work properly The 18.5 lb spring is very heavy, people with weak hands can barely work the slide The "weaker" mainspring didn't seem to affect trigger pull much, not that I was really expecting it to Reliability is excellent, I've had no trouble with lighter target hand loads or standard hardball, have not tried 185gr projectiles
Works great.
Bought one of these kits for my american classic , man is it really spot on now.i have the heavy recoil spring fitted because i dont use light loads. It really made a difference in trigger and hammer. American classics have a fairly decent trigger out of the box but now it feels like it had a trigger job also racking is smoother with more authority. Would recommend it to anyone.
Excellent tune kit
Easy way to upgrade your 1911. Better quality than stock springs, and allows you to run basically anything from light target loads to most standard ammo reliably. Wilson Combat parts are the way to go for reliabilty.
Tuned my duty gun
Great upgrade for my duty gun the extra power recoil spring loads everything. I installed tuning spring kit and bulletproof firing pin together great upgrade for less then 50 bucks
Love this upgrade to my Para GI Expert! My gun now eats up light target loads and the feel is so smooth and you will love this upgrade. Buy it NOW! You want be sorry.!
I received these springs today and they dropped right into my Colt Government series 80. I havent shot it yet but Im sure it will perform flawlessly.
made my SA loaded a new gun. if you are on the fence with this get it you will be happy. easy install. thanks wilson!
Without a doubt the best simple money ive spent to upgrade my Para G.I Expert. Excellent lock up time, and added an overall smoothness to my pistol.
Easy replacement for my taurus. dropped it in, adjusted my trigger, couldnt be more happier with the new springs. Even bought a second set and dropped it in my wifes Kimber.
Review for Custom Tune® Spring Kit, 1911 Full-Size
This went on a Kimber custom TLE/RL II that I have been using for USPSA Limited 10. This is easily the best all in one kit Ive used, and I plan to buy additional to put in the emergency kit of my range bag. If you can clean your weapon, you can install these parts. I look forward to the next matches running with these springs.
Over all happy
I ordered this tune kit for my 1911 A1, You would think that a tune kit would come with a sear spring to complete the tune up, I was disapointed that it did not but I am over all happy. The trigger spring feels great and the 18# recoil spring makes for tight groups when coupled with my wilson full length guide rod. as I said a sear spring would have left me extatic about the kit but I am still happy.
great improvement over factory
I purchaced this Kit when I noticed my factory firing pin spring in my 1991 Springfield GI was starting to break apart and figured all the springs deserved an upgrade. So far Ive only tested the 18lb recoil spring, Firing pin spring, and mainspring with some full power FMJs and noticed a huge improvement in recoil reduction as well as feeding. I also found a big improvement in speed speed shooting. Overall really great product and will continue to use Wilson Combat for all my other 1911 parts.
This is a great kit for any 1911
I purchased this kit to update the springs in my 1911, and all fit very easily and have performed admirably. I use the 18# spring for my full power loads, and the 10# spring for my lighter SD loads. The firing pin and mainspring easily fit into my Norinco 1911.
what a great product
this is a amazing kit.. it made my 1911 feel so much better.. it really is awesome. the only problem i had is the new firing pin spring was just to long for my gun/firing pin.. i have a RIA full size and the firing pin spring when fully depressed would not allow the firing pin far enough for the stop to go back on let alone to actually let the firing pin do its job.. i tried it with both my factory firing pin and my wilson combat titanium firing pin.. but the kit is still great and worth the money..
Strong Springs
I bought this spring kit over five years ago. All of the springs are still great. I use the 18-1/2# recoil spring, and it is a very strong spring for sure. It makes a big difference in the way the pistol feels when firing. I would recommend this to anyone.