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Our 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Attachment is designed to keep your slung rifle close to you instead of canting outward away from your body.

  • Mounts QD Sling Swivel In The 10 Or 2 o'Clock Position
  • Keeps Your Slung Rifle Close To You Instead Of Canting Outward Away From Your Body
  • Accepts The Heavy Duty Push Button Quick Detach Sling Swivel
  • Can Be Mounted On The Side Or Top Rails For More Versatility
  • Machined From Steel For Maximum Durability
  • Hard Coat Finish Resists Corrosion


Our Quick Detach Swivel Attachment is designed to allow you to mount the popular push button QD sling swivel anywhere on your picatinny rail system. The 10 or 2 o'clock positions allow the rifle to hang naturally close to you instead of canting away from your body. It can be mounted on the side or top rails for more versatility.

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Perfect lower profile QD mount
Needed a QD mount for my MK18 and too many options are bulky and make the QD sling attachment stick out far from the rail, as well as being aluminum. This was perfect as it is angled, low profile on the rail, all steel construction and best of all the latest versions are indeed rotation limited.
QD rail mount attachment TR-102SM
A really nice piece. A QD adapter seems like a really simple thing until you use one that is this well thought out and designed. I have used a lot of others but this one will replace almost all of them.
Almost Perfect
Is about as low profile as you can possibly make it. Very strong and robust. Would have given it 5 stars, but the swivel is not rotation limited as most new QD swivels are nowadays. Still, this is a keeper on my AR. I just wish Wilson Combat will update the design to include rotation limiting in the very near future.
Simple, Robust and Effective
I was looking for a QD sling mount that wasnt bulky and allowed the rifle to hang in a more natural position against my body. The 10-2 Sling Mount was reccomended to me by a friend, I was not dissappointed when it arrived. The mount does exactly what it says it will do. It is a very good design, good finish and all corners and edges have been beveled. The mount will not snag on your gear and is not any bigger than it needs to be. Excellent product. Thanks Wilson Combat!
QD Swivel Attachment
I had just purchased one of the box shaped swivel QDs and when I saw this model and how unobtrusive it was I immediately ordered it. As described, it installs in seconds and cants the weapon into my body instead of having to deal with the weight of the weapon,scope + magazine pulling down and away from me.
Well built piece for a solid sling mount
I bought this sling mount after a lot of research trying to find the perfect sling setup for my rifle. It mounts up solid with no slop at all, even in the socket when using a Troy QD adapter. It is extremely low profile with rounded edges snag free. The rifle itself hangs perfectly keeping close in to the body but still enough room to maneuver it around with a scope attached. I have a large latch BCM charging handle and have had a hard time finding a setup that doesnt gouge into my back, but the 10/2 positioning allows for comfortable carry. If you are on the fence about getting one of these, save yourself the buyers remorse from getting a different mount and buy the Wilson Combat! You wont be disappointed!
I put it on the top rail....
I have this mounted on the top rail of my handguard. It allows me to still use a sling but doesnt tie up my 3, 6, and 9 oclock rails. Mount it under your scopes objective lens and its totally out of the way but still very functional. This is the best QD Attachment I have tried.

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