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Shok-Buff® Recoil System, Full-Size

Pkg. Includes: 1 416 Stainless One-Piece Guide Rod & Plug 6 Shok-Buff* Buffers 1 Extra-Power Firing Pin Spring 1 Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring (EP) 1 Reduced Power Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring (RP) SHOK-BUFF® Recoil System.

  • This high-performance recoil system is manufactured from the finest components to provide the absolute last word in quality and is an instant accuracy/reliability tune-up.
  • If you demand the very best, insist on the original SHOK-BUFF® Recoil System. The SHOK-BUFF® Recoil System is a great value for the improved performance it gives your 1911 style Auto. The full length guide rod controls the recoil spring to keep it from kinking, which means smoother, more reliable functioning and longer spring life.
  • The original SHOK-BUFF® recoil absorbing, poly fiber buffers prevent the slide from pounding the frame, giving longer gun life and softer recoil. The combined effect of the match grade Wilson springs together with the smooth functioning full-length guide rod, facilitates a more consistent barrel lock up, resulting in improved accuracy.

The original WILSON COMBAT® Recoil System is competition proven and the choice of champions!

NOTE: We Recommend using our #22 or #22P Barrel Bushing Wrench with this product.


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It Just Works
I installed the kit in my Colt Government Model in about 5 minutes and went to the range. I started with the included 18# spring with 230gr ball. No malfunctions and the slide lock functioned properly. The shok buff did it's job and the slide cycled nicely. Next I tried a Wilson 16# spring with 200gr swc, and this is where the magic happens. Smooth shootin' as can be. I think the full length guide rod is a good addition for recoil spring control if you don't mind the extra gram (or whatever) of weight up front. The shok buff will definitely extend the life of your frame and the guide rod will help your springs last longer. At this time I have put about 2000 rounds of various types of ammo through the gun with this kit. The only malfunctions I've had is 2 failures to slide lock using Wilson Combat GI mags (out of 200+ mag changes.) Not bad at all imo. To speak for accuracy improvement in the gun, there was none that I could see. However, the gun is easier to keep on target and easier to control when rapid firing, and that will make YOU more accurate. A bushing wrench makes installing the 18# spring easier but you don't NEED it. If you're a man with average hand strength, you can still easily assemble and disassemble in an emergency situation with one hand, while desperately holding on to your sandwich with the other.
Works in my Springfield 1911 Govt Models
I have had this Shok-Buff system in my old SA 1911-A1 since 1996. It has always worked great. I recently purchased a SA Mil-Spec 1911 and installed the same system a few weeks ago. It works great in the new pistol, too. Satisfied customer!
SB Recoil System
Installed the one-piece recoil guide rod, 18# recoil spring, and Shok Buff buffer in SA GI 1911-A1. Quick and easy install. The slide action feels a lot smoother. I cant wait to get to the range!
Amazingly smooth action
Immediately installed this product into my Para Expert 1911 hoping to smooth out the action, I previously hand lapped the slide to frame and polished it but the standard shorter guide rod allowed the spring to bind slightly causing friction in the action. This product dropped straight in and made it amazingly smooth while damping recoil and muzzle climb.
Shok-Buff Recoil System quick and easy upgrade with big results!
Just installed on my SA Loaded and SIG Nightmare Carry 1911s. Remarkable differences, softens recoil and improves performance. If you can field strip and clean your 1911, you can install with no problems. Highly recommended.
Very pleased
I installed the Shok-buff system in my Sig Sauer 1911 T45 TME last week and just returned from the range after firing a mixed lot of 230 grain fmj,jhp,and wadcutters.After 350 rounds all i can say is WOW!! The Sig digested everything without a single failure.There is a definate difference in smoothness,recoil,and accuracy with this system.The Sig was already a beautifully made and tight weapon before the addition and its only better now.Well done Wilson!!
Simply Amazing
reduced recoil more time on the bullseye. Added with a wilson trigger job and firing pin. I have a whole new un matched gun my buddies are jealous and drool.
Great buy!
Just got this for my Springfield 1911 Mil-Spec, wow is all i can say. Instalation was quick and easy. Was trying to figure out the difference between the commander and full size other than the spring pounds.
mike biggun 1911
this works good in my springfield loaded 1911 pistol everything i was looking for easy to install thank you WILSON COMBAT
Great product for the value
I bought this for my SR1911 and it dropped right in. I took it to the range and noticed an immediate difference in accuracy and I didnt feel the recoil as intensely. I will be purchasing the commander kit for my SR1911 commander also. Thanks Wilson Combat!
Just purchased my FS Ruger SR1911 and loved the way it shot. I still thought it could use some improvement. I ordered the full length Shok-buff Recoil System and to my amazement it made a great introductory 1911 into an AWESOME protection piece. Accuracy improved ten fold. Thanks WC Im going to order this same kit for my SR1911 Commander now!
You can really feel the difference.
I just installed this is in my Sig Scorpion. Talk about nice... the reduced recoil was felt from on the very first pull of the trigger.
great deal
This is a great piece of kit installed in a few mins on my kimber TLE that ive had for a couple of years and it really tamed it down on those heavy loads absolute must buy
Installed shok-buff..value line hammer and sear..extended slide release and drop in beavertail into my ria. Now my perfered weapon of choice..awesome work Wilson....keep it up
Great product but I do think its better to have the group gripper guide rod then this one
Great Product, Poor Instructions
I suppose we are supposed to be mind readers to figure this kit out. I refer mostly to the spring set included in the kit. I had to call customer service for some help in installing the rod/spring in my Sig 1911 Match Elite. Originally I used the #18 spring and had no problem but when I tried the heavier spring I couldnt get it installed. The gentleman in customer was a great help in explaining how to get the heavier spring wasnt easy but definitely do-able with the right advice. Use your bushing tool to push the spring down that last few millimeters. You cant do it with your thumb unless you have unusually strong thumbs. I was also told that I was using the spring, #18, for a 9mm not a .45. No documentation to show this. Otherwise, great customer service helping me get the heavy spring installed and overall nice kit with great benefits. Wilson needs to keep the novices in mind and provide explicit instructions. This is serious stuff and must be done correctly. Now I need to learn how to change out the trigger spring....if its for a .45.
Must Have item for all 1911s.
If you own a 1911, you got to install this kit. I recently installed this kit on my new Taurus PT1911 AR. It tamed it right down. You just cant go wrong with Wilson Combat spring kit. They are in all my handguns.
Great for any 1911
Installed on my Para-USA GI Expert in a matter of minutes. Allows the weapon to get back on target very fast. Love it.
Put this in both my Springfield GI and loaded ,the 18 lbs spring , the difference is pretty unbelievable ,so much better than the original.
Great Product!!
This is a great product. Bought it for my GI 1911, with only one hiccup. The guide rod seemed be slightly long, enough to keep the barrel bushing from rotating, probably a flaw with my gun. Quick touch with a good file had it working perfect! Other than that...PERFECTION!
Awesome product
I bought this for my Springfield GI .45 and dropped it in. All I can say is WOW! This upgrade is worth every penny! Thanks WC!
Springfield Upgrade
Installed on my ancient SA and it operates perfectly! Thanks!
Added to my Rock Island Arms
Added this to my cheap RIA and what a difference to shoot! Shoots almost as good as my Smith & Wesson Performance Center 1911 which is a smooth shooter. The recoil was lighten enough to notice a big difference in muzzle climb and recoil, my friend was blown away with the difference as he was using the RIA mainly until his Kimber came in. Great add on, you will not be disappointed!
Incredible Value with Incredible Results!
Purchased this in a last-ditch attempt to decide my SA Loaded was worth keeping. Perceived recoil was harsh and muzzle flip was erratic. Installed it today and shot 100 rounds. Results were astounding. Felt recoil dramatically reduced and muzzle flip now minimal and consistent. Accuracy already improved with consistent movement getting back on target. The system performs as described and I would definitely recommend it. Any future 1911s I own will get this system installed immediately. Pros--see above for results, diy project, diy price with pro results Cons--instructions need to be clearer, perhaps a second pic showing system as installed
best add on for the 1911
I was reluctant at first about adding anything to my baby but after adding the shok buff system I dont know how i did with out it. She locks up better and faster, the felt recoil is alot less. My wife can handle the blow back now. the only complaint I have is the stock ejector cant handle the speed no big deal gonna replace it anyway. If your looking to speed up your 1911 I say this is the best system in the world. follow ups and getting back on target is twice s fast if not more. TOP NOTCH WILSON!!!!!!
Excellent addition to tactical readiness.
You may not need or use the reduced power recoil spring, but the 18# spring is always excellent, especially with the guide rod. The only downside to this system is the difficulty of install/uninstall but uninstallation is unnecessary for tactical readiness. The use of a guide rod does seem to smooth the action out a bit especially after firing a lot of rounds. I installed this in a SA Operator which has an excellent firing pin spring so as I cannot comment on the use of Wilsons firing pin spring but I suspect its excellence is parallel to Wilsons other products, especially their springs. The shok buff inserts are a nice touch and do keep heavy contact from happening but its effectiveness is a longterm issue. For the meantime, if you are looking into a guide rod system for your 1911, this is great value and superior Wilson quality.