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Shok-Buff® Recoil System, Commander

Pkg. Includes: 1 416 Stainless One-Piece Guide Rod & Plug, 6 Shok-Buff* Buffers, 1 Extra-Power Firing Pin Spring, 1 Extra-Power Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring (EP), 1 Reduced Power Heavy-Duty Recoil Spring (RP) SHOK-BUFF® Recoil System.

  • This high-performance recoil system is manufactured from the finest components to provide the absolute last word in quality and is an instant accuracy/reliability tune-up.
  • The full-length guide rod controls the recoil spring to keep it from kinking, which means smoother, more reliable functioning and longer spring life.
  • The original SHOK-BUFF® recoil absorbing, poly fiber buffers prevent the slide from pounding the frame, giving longer gun life and softer recoil. The combined effect of the match grade Wilson springs together with the smooth functioning full-length guide rod, facilitates a more consistent barrel lock up, resulting in improved accuracy.


NOTE: We Recommend using our #22 or #22P Barrel Bushing Wrench with this product.

Due to varying recoil spring tunnel lengths on some brands of pistols ensure that your firearm is compatible with parts built for a 4.25" barrel Commander style handguns.


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Drop in fit on Colt Combat Commander
Amazing difference this kit did to the smoothness of the action and lock up.Could not recommend more.
Works great in Colt Commander Model 04691
I installed this Shok-Buff system in my Colt Series 1991 Commander steel frame. Its been out the range will full power factory and reloads and functions great. It seems to have tamed the recoil slightly. Very happy.
Drop-in perfect fit, 100% functional
Installed this system in my Sig 1911 45 Scorpion. Perfect fit, no flaws. Used the 20# recoil spring and WC firing pin spring as recommended. The slide is super smooth and tight. The pistol was 100% with the factory spring, and is still 100% with this WC product! I shot Winchester 230 gr FMJ round nose as well as Hornady Critical Defense.....the pistol is 100% reliable. Thank you for a great product!!
You can hear the difference this kit makes!
I just installed this kit in my Colt CCO, 4.25 barreled-stainless slide on an Officers aluminum frame gun. I was concerned about frame-battering with 230 gr. defensive loads. With the kit installed, there was no mechanical shock noise produced when the slide slams back against the frame. You can actually hear the slide hit the frame with the standard set-up! The guns original accuracy and already good reliability were maintained.
Best immediate upgrade to your 1911
Added this kit to my Ruger SR1911. Fantastic fit and easy to install. Instantly made the 1911 function much smoother and reduced recoil significantly. A must add upgrade for your Factory 1911.
Quality as expected
Just got the recoil system in the mail. Fits perfectly into my Para GI LTC. Install time about two minutes. Headed to the range asap to see performance difference.
The plug works after all in the SA TRP SS. Sorry!
The plug does fit after all. The tolerances are kind of tight, and you have to play with it a bit. From the looks of it, the inside walls are a bit tapered compared to the factory plug which is straight up. So I give it 5 starts! : Now I need to go and try this baby out.
Plug does not fit Springfield Armory TRP SS.
The plug does NOT work in a Springfield Armory TRP SS. It seems that the dimensions are right, but it needs to be a bit deeper for it to fit properly. Hoping to get this remedied. Everything else is perfect, and I am currently using the existing plug that came with the gun. I have read of other grinding it down, or using a case trimmer to make it fit???
Silky Smoothness
In a very non-scientific test i.e. my personal opinion I saw a significant change in how the pistol handled recoil. The piece of mind I get from knowing there is less wear on the frame is also comforting. Silky smooth operation compared to my standard guide rod. This system is now in all of my 1911’s.