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The SHOK-BUFF® prevents the slide from battering the frame during recoil by sandwiching a 1/10" thick poly fiber buffer between the slide and frame contact areas. When you are shooting high performance loads in your 1911 style pistol, you want the extra protection that the original SHOK-BUFF® provides.

  • Prevents the Slide from Battering the Frame During Recoil
  • Optimum Balance Between Shock Absorption and Longevity
  • Easily Replaceable
  • Absorbs Up to 1,000 Rounds of Repeated Firings
  • Slides Over the Recoil Spring Guide Between Guide and Spring
  • Original Injection Molded SHOK-BUFF®
  • Royal Blue and Bears the SHOK-BUFF® Name
  • Package of 6

The SHOK-BUFF® prevents the slide from battering the frame during recoil by sandwiching a 1/10" thick poly fiber buffer between the slide and frame contact areas. When you are shooting high performance loads in your 1911 style pistol, you want the extra protection that the original SHOK-BUFF® provides. One "Imitations" brand on the market claims they are better because their buffer lasts a little longer. The object of the frame to slide buffer is to protect the pistol from wear, if the buffer is not soft enough to take the damage instead of the pistol what have you accomplished? We feel the original SHOK-BUFF® is the optimum balance between shock absorption and longevity. Easily replaceable after absorbing up to 1,000 rounds of repeated firings, the SHOK-BUFF® slides over the recoil spring guide between guide and spring. Why take a chance on an inferior die stamped copy when you can have the original injection molded SHOK-BUFF®? With over 30 years of competition and street proven experience and hundreds of thousands sold, the original SHOK-BUFF® is still the best. Don't be fooled by imitation products, current production Wilson SHOK-BUFF® buffers are royal blue and bear the SHOK-BUFF® name.

NOTE: SHOK-BUFF® buffers are recommended for full-size (5" barrel) 1911's only. Due to space constraints, we do not recommend their use in compact (less than 5" barrel) 1911's. The SHOK-BUFF® is also recommend in the EDC X9 pistol.

Package Includes: 6 Shok-Buff® Buffers


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My 1911 in 45acp came without a shock buff. It sure make a world of difference and comfort with these. I will never go without again.
Great Product and Inexpensive
The original Shok Buff makes me more confident I'm doing all I can to keep my full-size 1911s running smoothly with less wear and tear. Now I just need Shok Buffs that'll fit between my C3-C4, and C4-C5
Awesome product
i have the ver first 45 custom kimber when it first came out. i installed the shok buff it works superb. I used to compete in IPSC in Hawaii and shot 1000s of rounds. i recommend inspecting the shop buff every gun cleaning. it should last about 500 rds.. I now reside in Ca,
Dropped in my RIA and Para Ordnance Perfectly Wih No Issues
I have a Rock Island Full Size and a Para Ordnance Commander. The Shock Buff fit perfect in both of my .45 ACPs with no slide lock issues. I can, both, rack the slide to go into battery or use the slide lock. I did notice that the added girth of the shock buff to the guide-rod does put a little bit more pressure to the recoil spring.
Installed a Shok-Buff in my new STI Lawman and was extremely impressed with the how something so simple could change the recoil of my 1911.. Ill have to buy a few more for the rest of my 1911s.
Shok-Buffs in a Commander length slide
had to give the shok-buffs a try. even though it was mentioned that they will not work in a commander model pistol. I received mine tonight and installed one in my Sig Sauer 1911 c3 pistol. the slide will come back to release the slide lock. so far I am happy with them. will try them out tomorrow at the local IDPA match.
1911 SIG .45
Does exactly what it is says it does. Works perfect with my 1911 SIG .45
Shok-buffs and bumper pads
I have used thease two items in the past and have them boath to perform better than anything else I have found on the market to date. cudos on quality and value
great product but not for me
It cussions the recoil amazingly but it make the slide not go back far enough to disengage the slide release which i do when i change magazines. If the thickness of these would be a millimeter smaller it would be perfect.
Now I believe!!!
Great product that does exactly what it says it does. The recoil has been reduced and my TRP is smooth as silk.
Awesome and Simple
just cut it off and slide it on for instant protection. I changed out my plastic guiderod on my Colt delta because I didnt like the not having metal components. But it is plastic to protect the slide under heavy 10mm loads Shok-Buff gives me the metal feel I like and protects my gun A++ get these just as a safe gaurd for your 1911 even if it doesnt need them $6 to protect your slide
cheap insurance for protecting your pistols frame!
Ive been shooting my CQB for about 15 years, using shok-buffs and the nylon recoil spring guide that came with the pistol. The only sign of wear and tear that shows so far is to the finish! The only down side is that the ONLY way you can close the action from slide-lock is to depress the slide-stop. Not a problem for competition/recreation, but maybe a consideration on a carry gun.
A better Shok-Buff
I just bought a Kimber Raptor II and was given a non-Wilson recoil buffer along with installation instructions and recommendation to buy a supply of Wilson Shok-Buffs for regular use thereafter. The original was cut through after about 300 rounds of standard .45, 185 grain target ammo, but the Shok-Buff replacement still looks near-new after more than twice that much use. Ill continue to purchase Shok-Buffs, accessory upgrades and my next 1911 will likely be a Wilson. Thanks...
Great buffers, but does not work well with a Kimber.
I havent shoot my firearms yet with these new parts, but fits great with my Colt 1911 Government and my Springfield LW Operator, but does not work well with my Kimber Custom Stainless II. With the buffer in my Kimber, theres just not enough slide space to rack the slide to disengage the slide stop. You can manually disengage the slide stop, but reloading is a pain to do.
A must for any alloy frame 1911
Wilson Combat Shok-Buff buffers are a great way to smooth out the felt recoil in your 1911. As a gunsmith at a shop in CT, I highly recommend running these in your government or commander sized 1911. Alloy frames especially, since it eliminates the slide to frame contact giving your frame much better longevity. Cheapest/best investment to protect your beloved 1911!
Shok-Buff is the way to go...
Just received my 25G FLGR and installed Shok-Buff in a REM R1, then in the rest of my 1911s; quick & easy installations; high quality product as usual from Wilson Combat.
Sig 1911 Scorpion
Didnt allow my slide to cycle fully and would not let the mag catch on last round. Just too much space taken up I suppose. Works great on my DE 1911 though.
do your self a favor
Buy these, and try them. You will be amazed of the amount of shock that is absorbed by the Shok-Buff. Its a cheap investment to ensure your fame does not suffer.
Works on my Sig Sauer
I do not know which Sig 1911 model the guy below has but these buffs work on my Sig 1911 TACOPS without any problems. Excellent product too.
great product
I installed a shok-buff kit on my springfield loaded and it has a noticeable difference, great product !! side note though, they will not work on Sig Sauer 1911s because of the tight tolerances. After the slide locks back you cannot return it to battery because the shok-buff will not let the slide come back far enough to release it.
thanks Wilson Combat 4 saving my pistol
Shooting 1911 taurus 38super now I can shoot +p loads, I also got the a heavy recoil spring 2 top it all off shoot +p+ but just 8round they 4 home defence only!!!
Shok-Buff Amazingness
What a difference! Greatest invention ever to reduce wear on the slide and frame. Great value for the price.
Noticably better
It comes down to the fact that these are about $1.70 each. I did not expect much for only spending about $7.00. WOW!!! I got a very pleasant suprise. After 300 rounds, I am still on my first one and they definatley reduce the recoil. The best thing is that they save your weapon from a great deal of wear that comes from just firing it. This is the best money spent on this entire website.
Bang for the buck
Cheap and reliable protection for your 1911, keeps things protected even when firing hot or +P rounds
It Really works!
I dicided to give it a try in my S&W Performance Center 1911; It has a noticeable difference in recoil and has no function issues. Works great!
These, along with Wilson Combats full length one piece guide rod, made my Springfield Loaded operate flawlessly. Excellent product!
Shock Buff
Quality product, great price
shok buffs in my para 1911 GI
put these in my para gi 1911 definately leveled out the recoil some great product to add to any 1911
Shock-Buffs will keep your 1911 shooting smoothly for life
I purchased a used 1911 several years ago, and it came with a few spare black plastic buffers for the full length guide rod that was installed. I am not sure who made them, but after about 100 rounds or so, the black buffer was totally flat, and after about 200 rounds, the original buffer disintegrated inside the pistol, causing quite a mess. I replaced the old buffers with Wilson Combat Shock-Buffs, and now the recoil is much less than before. I can feel that the slide is not slamming to the rear as hard as it was before. I know that this simple addition to my pistol will help it last for many years to come. I guess sometimes the little things can make a big difference.
Its No Shock That These Are The Best Shock Buffers!
Ive used Wilson Shok-Buffs ever since he started producing them, and its my belief that there are none better anywhere at any price. Shok-Buffs protect your Govt and Commander size frames from the harsh pounding that large calibers dish out. Wilsons Buffs are not just nice, they are a necessity that will add years of life to your 1911. Forget about the other buffers on the market. There is no substitute for the real thing.
I have used a few brands of recoil buffers in my 1911 and the Wilson Combat Shok-Buff® recoil buffers are the best, period.
Rob Roberts
I love these buffers, I had a cheap rubber one installed when I did my uspsa match, the rubber one couldnt handle it and fragmented all inside my 1911, thus giving me problems. I installed the Wilson Combat Shok-Buff recoil buffers with a new spring and havent looked back.
Cheap insurance
I put a lot of rounds down range every week, upwards of 2000. Mixed in with this ammunition is hot factory +P loads. My 1911 really can take a beating with all of this tactical practice. When you spend good money on your 1911, you want to insure that you take every step to protect your firearm from the punishment that these loads can produce. Wilson Combat Shok-Buff Recoil Buffers are the cheapest insurance you can buy, and are among the best on the market. You get a package of 6, enough for 6000 rounds of ammunition. If you want the best protection, insist on the original and best made. Insist on Wilson Combat Shok-Buff Recoil Buffers, you will not be sorry!

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