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NSN - 1005013737868

Recommended Use: Full-Size 5" .45 ACP shooting 230 gr. hardball equivalent or standard pressure JHP self-defense ammunition or 10mm shooting target ammunition with a power factor of 175,000 to 195,000 ( Velocity x Bullet Weight = Power Factor )

This is a balanced kit containing two SHOK-BUFF® buffers and one heavy duty recoil spring. The SHOK-BUFF® should be changed out every 1,000 rounds and the recoil spring every 2,000 rounds. When the SHOK-BUFF® buffers are gone, it's time for a new kit. It's a great way to remember your recoil spring changes.

NOTE: Our recoil springs (18.5 Lb.) have a closed coil on one end to help them seat firmly on the guide rod. The closed coil end can be identified by its two close windings and narrow inside diameter. For proper installation, slide the closed coil end over the guide rod stem, this will leave the open end of the spring against the recoil spring plug. Improper recoil spring installation can lead to erratic cycling and possible guide rod damage.


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Amazing spring
I had been thinking about getting a stronger spring to replace the factory weight spring in my Kimber. I handload some very hot loads for it and destroy recoil springs quickly, so I bought this set to try out and boy does it make a difference. At the range I was shooting more accurately and enjoying how quickly the action cycled. A buddy was there with his Dan Wesson 1911 and we compared side by side how well They handled and my buddy was just as impressed with the difference of the spring and ordered this set for all of his 1911s. Great item
Best Springs !
A half pound does not seem like much, but the 18.5# Springs in this kit from Wilson Combat are simply the best springs for your 1911 platform.
Nice kit from Wilson. I bought for my Para USA 1911 and its better than the original spring. Way to go!
I dropped this kit in my 1911, and could feel an instant difference. Took the rattle out and made my shots 80% more precise. Wilson Combat For the Win!!!
great buy
smooth recoil, great replacement spring. all around great buy
Reduces Recoil
I installed the new spring and shok-buff on my Springfield TRP, and what a difference. The 18.5 lb spring is stronger than the stock spring, and was a nice upgrade. My accuracy improved tremendously with these. I was able to fire 50 rounds into the 10 ring at 7 yards! I definitely recommend this kit.
Keeps getting better...
I purchased this kit along with a Wilson Combat full length guide rod. After installing the kit and guide rod i noticed a TREMENDOUS difference in the feel of the 1911. My S.A Range Officer feels more solid, and shoots more accurately. This is by far the best upgrade ive done so far to it. The Shok-Buff is added insurance and the spring and guide rod make me a better shooter. Cheap to own, and worth it 100%. BUY A FEW KITS NOW! Stop thinking about it.
Yet again pleased
I didnt know how worn out my stock spring was until I bought this, to be completely honest this is high quality spring that restored my 1911 to that new out of the box feel. I also loved the way the shock buff and spring fit really tightly over the guide rod. I had a heckuva time getting the barrel bushing in with the new spring, overall, I was very impressed, yet another great product from wilson combat
Great fit
Shok buff fit tightly over full length guiderod. Nice quality spring though the one I have in my Springfield Range Officer is practically new 200 rounds.
I was amazed at how simple yet affective the shok-buffs are. i was also impressed at how well they fit on the 25G full length guide rod i bought from wilson. the only one issue i had was that the spring was so stong i almost couldnt get the guide plug in! thanks again wilson combat!
I purchased this spring and shockbuff system for my Auto Ordinance 1911 because the stock spring was getting worn out and I was pleasantly surprised, it felt much more crisp and had a even better feel than when I shot my 1911 for the first time. I truely believe that this is a must have for all 1911s. Thanks Wilson, another product that doesnt disappoint.
Quality Springs
When I received my recoil spring I realized just how bad it needed to be replaced. When compaired to my origional the new spring was a half inch longer. It restored the crispness that I had been missing. I have used many different brand springs, Wilsons are the best in my book.